19 Sunflower Drawing Ideas for All Skill Levels

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Do you love drawing sunflowers? Drawing sunflowers is not only a great way to express yourself artistically, but it’s an excellent way to cultivate your drawing skills.

We’ll look at some creative and fun ways to practice your skills while having a bit of summertime-inspired fun. So grab your pencils and paper, and let’s explore some unique sunflower drawing ideas.

1. Simple Sunflower

Simple Sunflower Drawing
iStock/Lia Rey

Learn how to draw this simple sunflower with just a few easy steps. This drawing is perfect for beginners and can be completed pretty quickly.

2. Isolated Sunflower Drawing

Isolated Sunflower Drawing

This drawing features the isolated grain seed, stem, blossom, sunflower bud, leaf, and flower. Learn how to draw each element of the flower with this guide.

3. Heart-Shaped Sunflower

Heart-Shaped Sunflower Drawing
iStock/Vera Orlova

Sunflowers are associated with joy, energy, and happiness thanks to their bright yellow petals. Consider giving this lovely flower a heart-shaped center.

4. Flower Pot Sunflower

Flower Pot Sunflower

I adore this easy drawing of a sunflower that’s been planted in a flower pot. Add some color to give make your art pop and stand out.

5. Colorful Sunflower Doodle

Colorful Sunflower Doodle
iStock/Gulnar Akhmedova

If you love to doodle, here’s a fun drawing reference. This particular doodle is full of vivid colors that really make the flower come alive.

6. Easy Sunflower Drawing

Easy Sunflower Drawing
iStock/Oxy D

If you are just starting out in drawing, you’ll love recreating this easy sunflower. Start by sketching a circle for the center of the flower. Then add the petals, creating as few or as many as you’d like.

7. How to Draw a Cute Sunflower

How to Draw a Cute Sunflower

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to draw a cute flower in nine easy steps. You can create yours with or without the finishing colors.

8. Vintage Sunflower Drawing

Vintage Sunflower Drawing

If you want to capture a more vintage or retro look, add some detailed shading and stippling. You can also try drawing your sunflower using a brown marker or pencil.

9. Tall Sunflower Drawing

Tall Sunflower Drawing

For a more realistic sunflower drawing, try using graphite pencils to draw a full-length sunflower. Be sure to notice how the arrangement of the leaves gives this drawing great dimension.

10. Vibrant Sunflower

Vibrant Sunflower Drawing
iStock/Alyona Koval

With this sunflower, be sure to choose your favorite vibrant colors. Vary the intensity and shade of color to create more depth. You can also add a stem and green leaves for additional detail.

11. Detailed Sunflower Sketch

Detailed Sunflower Sketch

If you want to focus on the details of the flower, this sketch idea is challenging enough for advanced artists but can also be achieved by newbies.

12. Simple Black Outline Flower

Simple Black Outline Flower
iStock/Tatiana Kuklina

Simplicity is key with this doodle. Start at the center and work your way out with a black pen or marker. Sharpies are great for this type of drawing.

13. Sunflower Illustration

Sunflower Illustration
iStock/Anuwat Meereewee

If you want to take your sunflower drawing to the next level, try creating a digital illustration. Start by sketching out the flower with minimal details and then use software like Adobe Illustrator to bring your art to life.

14. Sunflower Sketch Using Pens

Sunflower Sketch Using Pens

If you’ve never tried sketching with drawing pens, I highly recommend it. I love how pens make crisp and bold lines. They are also great for getting you out of the habit of erasing too much.

15. Sunflower with Cross-Hatched Center

Sunflower with Cross-Hatched Center
iStock/Alexandra Baryshnikova

For those who want to get better at cross-hatching, this drawing makes a great guide. Cross-hatching is an interesting technique that’s great for adding texture to your artwork.

16. Sunflower with a Bee

Sunflower with a Bee
iStock/Natalia Varlamova

Sunflowers and bees are a natural pairing. The artist has let their creativity flow by also including a honeycomb pattern with the bee.

17. Smiling Sunflower

Smiling Sunflower

A cute smiling sunflower drawing is the perfect way to brighten up your day. If you want to create a drawing for a friend, be sure to give your flower a cheery smile.

18. Large Sunflower with Leaves

Large Sunflower with Leaves
iStock/Natalia Samoilova

This large sunflower will look great with or without color. As you can see, the center of the flower has an intricate design, perfect for anyone who wants a challenge.

19. Sunflowers from Different Angles

Sunflower from Different Angles
iStock/Kaori Adachi

This drawing allows you to explore the flower from different perspectives. It reveals the complexity that is unique to the sunflower.

With these sunflower drawing ideas, you have plenty to choose from when you’re looking for some cool flower references.

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