22 Thanksgiving Tree Ideas for Fall

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If you’re thinking about decorating your first Thanksgiving tree this fall, you’re in luck. I’m sharing a beautiful collection of Thanksgiving tree ideas to inspire you.

I’m so happy that the fall season is here. Where I live, fall means the leaves on the trees are beautiful shades of orange and red. I can finally wear my warm sweaters and drink all the hot drinks my heart desires.

Thanksgiving trees make a great addition to your fall decor. And the cool thing is, you don’t have to stop there. You can decorate a Halloween tree, Easter tree, and more. Today though, let’s focus on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Tree Ideas That Will Inspire You

Enjoy browsing this collection of beautiful Thanksgiving trees for the fall season. Your guests will be so impressed when they enter your home and see a beautiful fall tree.

tree with sunflowers

Credit: jaytheeventstylist

tree with pumpkins

Credit: jenfit_82

tree with scarecrow

Credit: josiedemicilio76

tree with sunflowers

Credit: jasellsatl

What is a Thanksgiving Tree?

A Thanksgiving tree is similar to a Christmas tree. The only difference is that you put it up during the Thanksgiving holiday and decorate your tree with fall-themed ornaments.

tree with thankful banner

Credit: elkeestewarthome

tree with pumpkins and sunflowers

Credit: homewithholliday

tree with thanksgiving decoration

Credit: chelsea.thebeautylab702

thanksgiving tree with leaves

Credit: themcclaingroupre

Make a Thankful Tree

You can turn your Thanksgiving tree into a thankful tree by allowing friends and family members to write down what they’re grateful for on an ornament and hanging the ornament on the tree.

For thankful tree ideas, check out the article 12 Best DIY Thankful Tree Ideas to Give Gratitude on Thanksgiving.

tree with fall colored ornaments

Credit: theholidaydesignco

tree with scarecrow topper

Credit: russbguss

white thanksgiving tree

Credit: ericablakeliving

tree with leaf garland

Credit: angela__pettus

Go Large or Small

When choosing your Thanksgiving tree you can go all out with a large tree, or you can keep it super simple with a tabletop tree. You can also add as many or as few ornaments and lights as you’d like.

skinny thanksgiving tree

Credit: sweet.treats_and_more

thanksgiving tree with fall colors

Credit: jerzegl

fall tree with pumpkins and leaves

Credit: homewithholliday

tree filled with leaf garland

Credit: leeandratravels

Use Clear or Orange Lights

Because Thanksgiving and Halloween both occur in the fall, you’ll be able to easily find orange lights for your Thanksgiving tree.

Orange lights are usually marketed for the Halloween holiday, but they will look so good when paired with a leaf garland on your Thanksgiving tree. You can also use clear lights if you can’t find orange lights or don’t prefer them.

fluffy thanksgiving tree

Credit: carlagallinari

sunflowers and leaves on tree

Credit: foxandspice_fall

flowers and leaves tree

Credit: heartandsoulhome

simple thanksgiving tree with pumpkins

Credit: homewithholliday

thanksgiving tree sitting in basket

Credit: china_girl_89

thanksgiving tree with starbucks cups

Credit: ecargwonderwoman

These Thanksgiving trees are absolutely amazing. Not only will you love looking at your beautiful and festive tree, but your guests will be amazed too. You can make your tree even more special by making it a gratitude tree as I mentioned earlier in this post.

Most people have never even heard of a Thanksgiving tree, so you’re sure to get plenty of compliments on yours. And hopefully, you’ll inspire others to put up their very own tree once the holidays roll around.

I hope this post has inspired you and made you excited about decorating your tree.

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