Theme Customizer: Fonts

Below are instructions for changing the fonts in your theme.

1). In your wp-admin, go to Appearance >> Customize >> Fonts. Leave this page open.

2). Find the Google Fonts that you want to use, and click on the appropriate font box.

NOTE: You can select multiple fonts. Google fonts will store them all for you.

3). After doing this, click on the style(s) that you want to use on your blog.

NOTE: Again, you can choose multiple fonts and multiple styles. As you select them, they’ll automatically be added to the rest of your fonts.

4). Next, in the upper right-hand corner, click on the “View Your Selected Families” Box. This is where all of your fonts will appear.

You’ll be taken to an “Embed” tab where you’ll need to copy the “font link.” Only copy the part highlighted in blue. See examples below:,wght@0,100;1,100&display=swap

5). Go back to the theme customizer and paste the font link into the Insert Font Link box.

6). In the text box where you want the font changed (ex: Body Font Name) type the name of the font you just imported. For example, in the Body Font Name box, I would type Trirong.

To change the font size, type in your desired font size in the appropriate font size box.