12 Knit Cardigan Patterns That Are Fun to Make

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It’s time to bust out your knitting needs and make a cool new knitted cardigan.

These knit cardigan patterns are fun to make, trendy, and timeless at the same time. You can make these for yourself, a friend, or a loved one.

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1. How To Knit A Cardigan – My Comfiest Knit Cardigan

How To Knit A Cardigan

This free knitting pattern from Mama in a Stitch will show you how to make your very own cardigan.

This is an easy, beginners pattern, that’s great for anyone knitting their first sweater. Get the pattern for this Comfiest Knit Cardigan.

2. Maja Cardigan

Maja Cardigan

This Maja sweater is a cropped yoke cardigan with a modern twist.

It is designed by Hélène Magnússon, an Icelandic/French designer and author who runs popular hiking and knitting tours in Iceland. Get the pattern for this Maja Cardigan.

3. Bulky Cable Cardigan

Bulky Cable Cardigan

If you’re looking for a cable cardigan, give this bulky cable cardigan a try. It’s a great pattern for anyone that’s new to cable knitting. Get the pattern from The Knitting Niche.

4. Beginners Oversized Cardigan

Beginners Oversized Cardigan

This beginners oversized cardigan from Daisy and Peace features bubble sleeves and a trendy crop look.

This cardigan is knitted on large needles, using chunky yarn and basic stitches. Get the pattern for this beginners oversized cardigan.

5. Let’s Boogie Raglan Cardigan

Let's Boogie Raglan Cardigan

If you’ve ever been intimidated by top-down knitting, you’ll want to make this raglan cardigan.

This pattern will walk you through how to make this garment and includes plenty of photos. Get the pattern for this Let’s Boogie Raglan Cardigan.

6. Crowsnest Cardi

Crowsnest Cardi

This cardigan is a seamless design that is worked from the top down. If you enjoy these types of garments, this is the pattern for you. Get the pattern from Bluebird Pine Shop.

7. Freya Cardigan

Freya Cardigan

The Freya Cardigan is knit with medium-weight yarn that has an easy level of difficulty. This cardigan will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Get the pattern from Lion Brand.

8. Jutka Cardigan

Jutka Cardigan

This cool cardigan is made with super bulky weight yarn and is great for beginner knitters. I just love how unique this piece looks. Get the pattern for this Jutka cardigan.

9. Back to Basics Knit Cardigan

Back to Basics Knit Cardigan

I love this back-to-basics knit cardigan. It’s oversized, warm, and super cozy. This sweater is made with super bulky weight yarn, and is great for beginners. Get the pattern from Lion Brand.

10. Remington Cardigan

Remington Cardigan

This beautiful sweater is an intermediate pattern. Be sure to keep that in mind if you would like to make this piece.

It’s knitted using a gorgeous medium-weight cotton yarn. Get the pattern for this Remington cardigan.

11. Le Pouf Cardigan

Le Pouf Cardigan

This simple top down stockinette cardigan will allow you to get creative with your yarns. You’re going to love how this cardigan looks once it’s complete. Get the pattern for the Le Pouf cardigan.

12. Openlands Cardigan

Openlands cardigan

You’re going to love making and wearing this openlands shawl collar cardigan. It’s a quicker project and is great for advanced beginner knitters. Get the pattern from Ashley Lillis on Ravelry.

Cast on and get started on one of these trendy knit cardigan patterns today.

You’ll love wearing your new knitted cardigan. For even more patterns, check out these awesome knit vest patterns. They’re so fun and creative.

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