Understanding Widgets in WordPress

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In WordPress, widgets are single blocks of content that perform specific tasks. Widgets are typically added to your blogs sidebar and footer area.

In this post, I’ll discuss how to use widgets in WordPress.

Accessing Widgets

To access widgets, in your dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets.


By default, WordPress makes a good amount of widgets available to you. However, different themes or plugins may add additional widgets to your blog.

Adding Widgets to Your Sidebar

To add widgets to your sidebar (or footer) area, just drag your desired widget from the Available Widgets area over to your sidebar or footer area. Once the widget is dragged to your sidebar, the widget will expand to allow you to edit the settings.

Removing a Widget

To remove a widget from your sidebar, you have two options. You can delete the widget (expand the widget by clicking on it, then select “Delete”). This will permanently remove the widget from your sidebar. You can also move the widget to the Inactive Widgets area. This allows you to save the widget for future use.



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