15 Beautiful Unicorn Drawing Ideas

Unicorn lovers unite. These unicorn drawings will give you the inspiration you need for your next unicorn-themed drawing or painting.

The History of Unicorns

No one knows for sure when or where the unicorn legend began. Some say that the first unicorns were seen in Greece, while others believe they originated in China. One thing is for sure – unicorns have been around for centuries, and their popularity shows no signs of waning.

The Unicorn in Art

Unicorns have long been a popular subject matter for artists. In fact, some of the world’s most famous paintings such as “The Hunt of the Unicorn” feature these enigmatic creatures.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy to your artwork or you’re simply a fan of all things unicorn, these drawings are just what you’ve been looking for.

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Mermaid and Unicorn

Mermaid and Unicorn
Artist Credit: juliamannartreal

This drawing was done by the talented Julia Mann. It features a mermaid and unicorn. Be sure to visit Julia’s website if you would like to buy her art.

Unicorn in a Field of Flowers

Unicorn in a Field of flowers
Artist Credit: alina_kate_art

I love what the artist did here in making the unicorn look more closely related to a horse. This unicorn is standing in a field of lavender.

Black and White Unicorn

Black and White Unicorn

This black and white unicorn illustration can be used for cards, wall decor, or some other handmade gift. You can find this illustration at Magnolia Prints Shop.

Watercolor Unicorn

Watercolor Unicorn
Artist Credit: teddyfairyland

Watercolor artists will love this painting of a cute little unicorn and butterfly. The colors make this painting looks so fun and whimsical.

Cute Unicorn Drawing

Cute Unicorn Drawing
Artist Credit: cooldrawingidea

If you’re looking for a cute unicorn drawing that’s easy and beginner-friendly, this is a great reference for you. You can color in your work with colored pencils or markers.

Unicorn Face Drawing

Unicorn Face Drawing
Artist Credit: cooldrawingidea

If you’re interested in drawing the face of a unicorn, give this reference a try. This unicorn has a heart on the cheek and she’s holding a flower in her mouth.

Kawaii Unicorn

unicorn drawing for kids
Artist Credit: vaishnavi_crafty_house

Kawaii is definitely the right word to use for this unicorn drawing. If you want a quick and fun art project, you can draw your own cute (kawaii) unicorn.

Snow Fairy Illustration

snow fairy illustration
Artist Credit: art.tina_s2

This piece isn’t a drawing or painting, but an illustration. If you enjoy fairies and unicorns, I hope this art can inspire you.

Whimsical Watercolor Unicorn

whimsical watercolor unicorn
Artist Credit:

Be inspired by this whimsical watercolor unicorn. If you love this art print, it can be purchased from Olechka Design.

Adorable Unicorn

adorable unicorn crayons
Artist Credit: neoandthehook

This unicorn drawing is absolutely adorable. Beginners will love recreating their own version of this picture. The colors are so vibrant and go well together.

Easy Peasy Unicorn

Easy Peasy Unicorn
Artist Credit: jyotidrawing

This easy peasy unicorn is the perfect picture to recreate for a simple unicorn drawing session.

Dancing Unicorn

Dancing Unicorn
Artist Credit: cooldrawingidea

Have a little fun and get creative by drawing a dancing unicorn. Play around with different dance moves, colors, and more. This drawing would look great filled in with watercolor paint.

Dancing Unicorns

dancing unicorns drawing
Artist Credit: claire_b_creations

These dancing unicorns are so fun. I love how each of the tiny unicorns is doing a cool new dance move.

Legendary Unicorn

legendary unicorn
Artist Credit: artedilila

This drawing of a unicorn is definitely legendary. Not only has the artist done a great job with the drawing aspect, but they also did a great job with choosing a unique color palette for the uniforms hair.

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