19 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Designs That You’ll Love

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to find some inspiration for your next set of Valentine’s Day themed nails. These designs are just perfect for the season of love.

Most of these nail designs are bursting with different shades of pink, glitter, and cute hearts. If that’s your thing, get excited about these feminine and sweet acrylic nail designs.

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Red Glitter French Tips

French tip nails don’t have to be white. Add a sassy twist to your nails with red glitter tips. These are long coffin shaped nails, but you can use the shape of your choice.

Red Glitter French Tips
Credit: evee_nails1

Pink Nails with White Hearts

If you’re in mood for something soft and feminine, this is the perfect look for you. I find the length of these nails to be just perfect too.

Pink Nails with WHite Hearts
Credit: chirilove_ewelina_chiril

Red Almond Nails with Hearts

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day like vibrant red nails with white hearts. Notice how some of the nails have a heart shaped tip design, which is just perfect.

red heart nails
Credit: chirilove_ewelina_chiril

Kawaii Care Bears

Fans of the Care Bears will love these colorful kawaii nails. The colors are so fun and really, these nails are perfect for any time of year, especially the summertime.

care bear nails
Credit: fabysnails

Simple Hearts

Keep things simple with these minimalist heart nails. This look can be achieved with both acrylic nails and your natural nails. Use different colors to fit the look you’re going for.

white heart nails
Credit: felicienailsalon_temecula

Queen of Hearts

These cool nails put a fun play on the queen of hearts playing card. Feel free to use whatever card you would like to represent your unique personality.

queen of hearts nails
Credit: gemma_pope_
shades of pink heart nails
Credit: annassnailss

Black Heart Tips

Even though these nails aren’t pink or red, I think they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day because the tips are actually black hearts. Of course, you can achieve this look with the color of your choice.

black heart nails
Credit: itsjojosnails
patchwork nails
Credit: wildzidenails

Small Red Hearts

If you want a fun and simple look, consider getting a look similar to these nails. They feature simple almond shaped acrylic nails and small red hearts.

pink nails with small red heart
Credit: nailartistrybykylie
negative space red nails
Credit: allnailss._

Graffiti Nails

I call these graffiti nails because the heart designs remind me of graffiti. I find these nails to be so creative, and perfect for anyone who wants nails that stand out.

heart graffiti nails
Credit: nailsandbri

Brown and White Valentine’s Day Nails

You don’t normally think about the color brown when you think of Valentine’s Day, but these nails just work. What I love about these nails is the the colors would look good on anyone.

brown and white nails
Credit: nailssxlarissa
heart dipped nails
Credit: treschicnailsbysonya

Chrome and Hearts

These nails look to have been done using chrome nail polish. They include some fun Valentine’s Day essentials such as hearts, roses and lips.

Valentine's chrome nails
Credit: paintedbycourtney

Add a Heart Shaped Ring

If you really want your nails to stand out, don’t forget to add cute rings to your fingers. This heart shaped ring is the perfect accessory to your look.

xoxo nails
Credit: paznokcie_malami

Hearts on Coffin Nails

If you love long coffin nails, this is the perfect look for you. These are just the nails you need for the month of February.

heart coffin nails
Credit: pinkdollynails
pink glitter nails
Credit: soomissthang

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day nail inspiration, then this post is just what you needed. Whether you want something simple and sweet or bold and glittery, there’s something on this list to suit your style.