24 Watercolor Animal Painting Ideas

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If you’re looking for watercolor animal painting ideas and inspiration, I’ve got you covered. You’ll love these gorgeous watercolor animals.

Below, you’ll find an inspiring variety of animal watercolor paintings. From beginner-friendly to advanced, you’re sure to find a painting for your skill level.

I’m sharing rabbit references, chicken painting references, bird paintings, and more.

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, consider painting the animals you see around you. You can paint your family pet, the birds outside, and so much more.


Snake on a Hand

This creative painting features a hand with a snake wrapped around it. The color palette was a great choice for this art piece.

snake on hand painting

Credit: cvt.art


I love the art style used for this watercolor rabbit painting. The paint splatters help make this painting stand out.

rabbit watercolor painting

Credit: jimlagasse

Farm Animals

Practice your skills by drawing and painting small doodles like these. The more you practice, the better you will get.

chicken and other animals painting

Credit: sophie_little_eye

Rabbit Faces and Flowers

This painting shows a rabbit’s head drawn from different angles. This is a great way to improve your skills when painting realistic animals.

rabbit faces with purple flowers watercolor

Credit: yun.maorongrong

Watercolor Fox in Snow

If you’re looking for gift ideas, a handmade painting like this would make a great gift for friends and family.

watercolor fox in snow

Credit: eszillui

Watercolor Chicken

I love the watercolor style that was used to paint this chicken. Check out the artist to see more art pieces like this one.

watercolor chicken

Credit: koller_watercolor

Cute Finch

Here’s a simple and realistic painting of a bird. The texture of the birds feathers was done so well here.

watercolor finch

Credit: starlit.brushstrokes

Owl with Flowers

I love this cute owl painting. A design look this would look great on a handmade greeting card.

watercolor owl with flowers

Credit: doodleafterwork

Watercolor Hare

This painting uses the loose painting technique. A loose painting communicates visually with suggestions rather than trying to describe everything in precise detail.

watercolor hare

Credit: amandas.art.page

Chicken Doodles

If you’re looking for a reference you can paint while relaxing and not worrying too much about the details, these chicken doodles make a great reference.

watercolor chickens

Credit: kaye.h.shu

Mom and Baby Giraffe

This cute mother and baby giraffe painting would make a great gift for Mother’s Day when painted on canvas.

watercolor giraffes

Credit: compagocreative

Flower Power

Be inspired by these four animal paintings featuring a bunny rabbit, a duck, a mouse, and a cute cat wearing a floral crown.

watercolor animals

Credit: art_irisa

Monarch Butterfly

I love paintings that feature flowers and butterflies. If you do as well, I know you’ll love this painting.

watercolor butterfly on flower

Credit: jayashreepaints

Watercolor Whales

If you love watercolor art inspired by nature, make sure you check out more of Lauren’s work using the link below.

watercolor whales

Credit: cosmic_orca

Fox Painting

This fox painting makes a great reference for those who are new to watercolor. You can swap out the pink for your favorite color.

watercolor fox

Credit: cesar.et.mine

Cute Sailor Bear

If you love this bear painting, I highly recommend checking out the artist to see more. They have a fun and unique art style.

watercolor bear

Credit: treeebird

Rainforest Animals

This painting has a gorgeous rainforest theme. Not only is the drawing great, but the colors go perfectly together.

watercolor rainforest animals

Credit: lyndaeledge

Floral Hedgehog

This hedgehog is really strutting its stuff in this painting. I love how the artist used flowers for the body.

watercolor hedgehog with flowers

Credit: sarinah_96

Mouse with Flower Crown

This cute mouse painting looks amazing. I love the detail that was used here. Unfortunately, the artist’s Instagram account is no longer active, so I’m unable to share their page.

watercolor mouse with flower crown

Woodland Animals

Aren’t these woodland forest animals the cutest? Check out
BTL Art Studio to purchase stickers from the artist.

watercolor woodland animals

Credit: by_the_lakeside

How to Draw a Cat

The artist has created a four-step visual of how they went about painting this cute little kitty. They really did a great job with this.

watercolor cat painting tutorial

Credit: yasmin.garcia.art

Orange and Blue Snake

Seeing this painting up close shows you how simple it can be to paint snakes. The artist behind this painting has an Etsy shop I recommend checking out.

two watercolor snakes

Credit: tansymoore

How to Paint an Owl

Learn how to paint an owl with this simple step-by-step tutorial. Once you’ve learned how to paint the owl, you can add additional elements to your painting like flowers.

watercolor owl tutorial

Credit: magdalena.illustration

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