12 Watercolor Dandelions to Inspire Your Next Painting

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Get inspired by these watercolor dandelion paintings. With spring coming to an end and summer being just a couple of weeks away, this is the perfect time of year to get inspired by nature. That means painting beautiful flowers, trees, and more.

I think the dandelion flower gets a bad reputation. Mainly because most of us see it as being a stubborn weed that we can never seem to get rid of.

I’ve recently discovered that the dandelion actually has many health benefits, making it not so bad after all.

With my newfound appreciation of this flowering plant, I thought it would be fun to share a few beautiful dandelion watercolor paintings.


1. Dandelion Doodles

These doodles are perfect for learning how to paint the different parts of the dandelion. I also love the softness of the colors used for this painting.

The artist behind these doodles has an amazingly unique art style. I recommend checking out more of their work by visiting their Instagram account linked below.

dandelion doodles
Artist Credit: fifianilugito

2. Single Dandelion

This single dandelion painting shows the dandelion with its seeds blowing away. If you click on the link below, you can see how the artist used real dandelions as a reference for their painting.

single dandelion
Artist Credit: hej_s.t.i.n.e

3. Three Dandelions

I really like the look that the black watercolor paint gave this painting. The dandelion really is a beautiful flower if you stop to take a look at it.

three dandelions
Artist Credit: jannawiltonart

4. Dandelion Watercolor Painting

This painting really is wonderful. I love the addition of the green paint that’s been splattered on the paper.

dandelion watercolor painting
Artist Credit: jo.na_art

5. Black Dandelions

Here’s a painting that’s a bit more unique in that the dandelion itself is black. The green leaves add a wonderful contrast to the painting.

black dandelions
Artist Credit: lauccr

6. Flower in Rain Boots

I think that this painting would look great on a handmade card for a friend or loved one. Read the sweet story behind this painting.

dandelions in rain boots

7. Make a Wish

The different stages that this flower goes through make it quite fascinating. This painting shows us how it goes from a flower to a seed.

make a wish
Artist Credit: arion_kaiser_art

8. Yellow and White Dandelion

Here’s another beautiful painting that shows the dandelion at different stages. I recommend checking out the artist if you’d like to see more simple floral paintings.

yellow and white dandelion
Artist Credit: melian.acuarelas

9. Purple and Pink Watercolor Painting

This watercolor piece is just beautiful and really stands out with the purple ombre color palette.

purple and pink watercolor painting
Artist Credit: mycolourfulcraftroom

10. White Dandelions

I love the creativity of this dandelion painting. This would look beautiful as a canvas painting hanging on a wall in your home.

white dandelions
Artist Credit: sandra_rozbicka

11. Draw in a Journal

This creative watercolor design is a part of a perpetual journal. Please check out the artist to see more amazing paintings from their journal.

dandelion journal
Artist Credit: tipulida

12. Cute Little Mouse

This mouse standing on a dandelion is so cute. The artist behind this painting is clearly super talented. Please check out their Instagram account linked below for more beautiful wildlife and nature paintings.

mouse on flower
Artist Credit: aquamercedescr

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