16 Watercolor Dessert Paintings So Good You’ll Want to Eat Them

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These watercolor dessert paintings are so stunning and inspiring. If you’re looking for dessert painting ideas or references, you’ll find some beautiful art below.

When I say that these paintings are so good you’ll want to eat them, I’m not kidding. I’m so impressed with how talented these watercolor artist are. These desserts look so delicious. So good in fact, that they may make you want to get in the kitchen and get your bake on.

If you’re looking for tutorials, there are a few watercolor dessert tutorials to help you along the way.

Gather Your Watercolor Supplies

blueberry cupcake painting

Artist Credit: artageous

coffee cupcake painting

Artist Credit: vfacemeow

strawberry cake painting

Artist Credit: camino91

Make Your Painting Your Own

As you can see below, this four step tutorial shows you how to draw and paint your own watercolor cream puff dessert. When using a painting like this for reference, I recommend changing things up a little bit to make it your own.

For example, when painting your cream puff, instead of topping it with a raspberry, you can paint a strawberry, orange slice, etc. Adding your own personal touch, even when you’re following a tutorial, will make your painting experience even more enjoyable.

cream puffs painting

Artist Credit: vfacemeow

purple dessert watercolor painting

Artist Credit: vfacemeow

blueberry cake painting

Artist Credit: camino91

Use Watercolor Paper for Best Results

I recommend using watercolor paper for your painting projects. This is because watercolor paper is a heavier paper that’s really good at absorbing water. If you’re using paper that is not watercolor paper, there’s a good chance that it will tear or pill.

Along with using watercolor paper, make sure you have paper towel on hand. You’ll use paper towels to clean and dab your brush. You may also need it to dab your paper as you work.

french toast painting

Artist Credit: eatteatime

three-layer cake painting

Artist Credit: jorisstudio

how to paint a cupcake

Artist Credit: vfacemeow

Try Using masking Tape

Have you ever seen those paintings with really straight and clean edges? That result happens when you use masking tape on your paper. Tape will prevent the water and paint from ruining your clean edges.

how to paint dessert

Artist Credit: vfacemeow

strawberry cream cupcake painting

Artist Credit: waimeijournal

watercolor ice cream painting

Artist Credit: vfacemeow

Follow Along to Tutorials

Following along to tutorials is an excellent way to improve your watercolor skills. Look at the donut tutorial below. See how it breaks down painting a donut into easy to digest steps? They also let you know if you should add the different colors on dry or wet paint. This is a super helpful tip for new watercolor artists.

I’ve included a great selection of photo tutorials in this post, however, if you prefer video, YouTube has some great tutorials as well. Here are some of my favorite watercolor video tutorials:

how to draw a donut

Artist Credit: siscawungu

beautiful cake watercolor

Artist Credit: siscawungu

small chocolate cake painting

Artist Credit: siscawungu

strawberry shortcake watercolor

Artist Credit: mel_de_blas

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