Watercolor Rainbow Painting Ideas

Watercolor rainbows are simple to paint and look so cute. If you’re looking for watercolor rainbow painting ideas, you will love the paintings I’m sharing below.

Watercolor rainbow paintings make excellent wall art for your home, handmade greeting cards for loved ones, and even prints that you can sell. If you decide to sell your art, always be sure you are creating original pieces.

Nine Watercolor Rainbows

9 watercolor rainbow options
Credit: kreativakademie

I’m always amazed by the colors of a rainbow. Each one is so bright and distinct, and they all come together to create something so beautiful. When I see a rainbow, I can’t help but feel happy. That’s why I love painting rainbows.

Be Kind Painting

be kind rainbow
Credit: letteringirem

Create a painting that reminds you or others to be kind. This painting makes a great handmade holiday card for friends and family.

Rainbow Using Muted Colors

muted colors rainbow
Credit: letterleuchten

Muted colors are any colors that have been toned down or subdued. One way this can be accomplished is by adding gray to the color.

Four Rainbows

multiple rainbow paintings
Credit: mamafabrics

Practice painting rainbows using different watercolor palettes. These rainbows feature browns, purples, yellows, and blues.

Simple Rainbow

simple rainbow painting
Credit: milasframes

A rainbow is one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena. And while you can’t bottle up a rainbow to take home with you, you can create your own colorful version with just a few simple supplies.

Choose to Be Kind

choose to be kind
Credit: mrshandpainted

Here’s another rainbow-themed design that includes a positive message. This message says, “Choose to be kind,” and features a great handwritten font.

Red, Pink, and Orange Rainbow

three color rainbow
Credit: mrsmonkstudio

This beautiful painting features a rainbow of colors: red, pink, and orange. If you’re new to watercolor, simple paintings like this are a great place to start.

Rainbow with Clouds

dripping rainbow with clouds
Credit: ngmstyle

Here’s a rainbow design that has clouds on both ends of the rainbow. I love how the artist added a creative dripping effect to the painting.

Rainbow with Paint Splatters

rainbow with paint splatters
Credit: oliv_overtherainbow

A handmade rainbow painting is a great way to brighten up any room. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box by using nontraditional colors for your rainbow.

Blue Rainbow with Crown

blue rainbow with crown
Credit: oliv_overtherainbow

This blue rainbow with a crown includes a German quote that says, “Be cheeky (or naughty) and wild and wonderful.”

Purple Rainbow with Hearts

purple rainbow with hearts
Credit: oliv_overtherainbow

This painting features a purple rainbow of different shades and hearts scattered throughout the painting. I love how each arch has a different color and design.

Rainbow Notebook

blue and gold rainbow notebook
Credit: prettylittlecompany

This rainbow notebook makes an excellent painting reference. It includes a beautiful color palette and a trendy rainbow design.

Small Rainbows

small rainbows
Credit: satohom.39

Practice painting rainbows by creating smaller versions. Use different techniques and try adding different designs to each rainbow.

Pink and Gold Rainbows

small pink and gold rainbows
Credit: schoengeist_design

When painting rainbows, it’s always fun playing around with different color palettes. This palette features a beautiful pink and gold color palette.

Patterns on Arches

rainbow with patterns
Credit: semisart

Below, you can see how you can get creative by adding designs to the arches of your rainbow. This painting includes square designs and polka dots.

Blue and Gold Design

blue and gold rainbow watercolor
Credit: the_messy.ish.masterpiece

I love how this rainbow has a few added design elements to give it a fun and creative look. Think of different designs you can add to your rainbow, like stars, hearts, and more.

Imperfect Watercolor Painting

imperfect watercolor rainbow
Credit: vin.creates

The rainbows below have been done using more water than paint on some arches. This gives them an imperfect and creative appearance.

Large Rainbow

large rainbow says hello
Credit: withloveby_brooke

This rainbow takes up the entire paper and has the word “hello” written beautifully in the center. Feel free to write your favorite word or quote within your rainbow.

Bold Colors

somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue quote
Credit: abcdailydoodle

I love how the artist used bold and vibrant watercolors for this rainbow. The quote at the bottom of the painting says, “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue.”

Go Anywhere, Be Anything

go anywhere be anything rainbows
Credit: alittlelovecreative

This artist has featured various watercolor rainbows of different shapes and sizes. Decorate your wall with your lovely paintings.

Single Rainbow

single large rainbow watercolor
Credit: artlettersbykaye

Here’s a watercolor painting of a single rainbow. This rainbow has tall arches and features the classic colors of the rainbow.

Muted Colors

muted colors large rainbow
Credit: die_farbenmischerin

You don’t often see muted colors being used for rainbows. I love how the artist combined these colors to present a beautiful rainbow.

Large Rainbow with Greens and Blues

large rainbow using greens and blues
Credit: die_farbenmischerin

Here’s a beautiful rainbow that uses soft greens and blues to give the painting a unique look. Paint your own rainbow to match your room decor and hang it on your wall.

Rainbow Over Mountains

rainbow over mountains watercolor painting
Credit: jenpicicci

Take your art a step further by adding mountains and clouds to your rainbow scene. You can also change the scenery by painting a forest, lake, neighborhood, and more.

Rainbows and Circles

page filled with mini rainbows
Credit: kat.t.illustrations

This page is filled with beautiful rainbows and coordinating watercolor circles. I really love the colors that were chosen for the mini-rainbows.

Painting rainbows is a great way to bring some happiness and serenity into your day. I hope you’ve found some great watercolor rainbow paintings to inspire your next piece of art.

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