20 Whale Drawings That Are Fin-Tastic

If you love drawing marine mammals, you’ll be inspired by these beautiful whale drawings. Drawing marine mammals can be a fun and rewarding experience. These drawings make great references for anyone that wants to take their skills to the next level.

Facts About Whales

Did you know that the blue whale is the largest animal on Earth, 400,000 pounds Speaking of animals, whales are actually mammals, not fish.

There are two types of whales- baleen and toothed. Baleen whales filter their food from the ocean using baleen plates, while toothed whales use their teeth to capture prey.

Some whale species are endangered due to hunting and pollution. You can help protect whales by supporting organizations that work to protect whales such as the Whale and Dolphin Conservation USA.

Whale with Seaweed

whale with seaweed
Artist Credit: _stephanieolart_

The whale with seaweed drawing is a beautiful and serene piece of artwork. The whale is shown floating peacefully in the water, above seaweed, corals, and more.

Whale Coffee Drawing

whale with coffee
Artist Credit: byapolosmom

This artist does a great job at incorporating coffee into their art. I had never seen this done before, so I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through their work.

Whale in the Clouds

whale in the clouds
Artist Credit: danastasch

This drawing of a whale in the clouds is so cute. It’s hard to believe that such majestic creatures exist, but they do, and they’re amazing. Whales are fascinating creatures, and this drawing captures their spirit perfectly.

Whale Fluke

whale fluke
Artist Credit: dh_design_heritage

What’s commonly called the whales tail is actually called a fluke. The fluke is used for propulsion and is often seen when whales are breaching (jumping out of the water). Flukes are very powerful and can be up to 16 feet wide.

Whale with Planets

whale with planets
Artist Credit: dinky_inksy

There’s something both mesmerizing and peaceful about this whale surrounded by the planets. This drawing would look pretty cool done as a watercolor art piece too.

Circle Whale Drawing

circle whale drawing
Artist Credit: emma.rtist

I really enjoy drawings that are done within a circle. This artist did something really creative and made the whale a part of the circle. The addition of the sun and waves looks awesome too.

Orca Whale Space Art

orca whale space art
Artist Credit: geijitsu

If you like incorporating space into your art, this orca whale space art is great. You can see that the moon has been turned into a balloon, giving this drawing a creative twist.

Whale Sketches

whale sketches
Artist Credit: helena.ruizmo

Whale sketches are a great way to get better at drawing these fascinating creatures. Whale sketches can be done in a number of different styles, from realistic to abstract.

Wilderness Whale

wilderness whale
Artist Credit: jessicapuska

Take advantage of the massive size of the whale by incorporating a beautiful wilderness scene within this mammal. You could fill the area with trees, mountains, lakes, and more.

Humpback Whale Drawing

humpback whale drawing
Artist Credit: jpercivalprints

The humpback whale is a migratory species, meaning that they travel long distances between their breeding and feeding grounds. Humpbacks have a distinctive body shape, with long pectoral fins and a hump on their back.

Whale Pen Drawing

whale pen drawing
Artist Credit: mikys._.93

This whale pen drawing is a simple and unique way to create beautiful art. Just grab a pen and some paper, and let your creativity flow.

Galaxy Whale

galaxy whale drawing
Artist Credit: not_lila_lila_art

Let your creativity flow by incorporating geometric shapes, planets, and more into your drawing. You could even add color to really make it pop.

Black Swirls

whale with black swirls
Artist Credit: sam_e_haddon

Add a fun pattern to your whale as this artist did. The whale is covered with black swirls that give this piece a unique look. This artist stated that this is actually a tattoo drawing.

Whale with Ship

whale with ship drawing
Artist Credit: tailsofstellwagen

Here’s what the artist said about this piece “In the midseason of 2013 she was the singular Humpback whale encountered on the sanctuary, whilst her kin were feeding afar at the Great South Channel and other distant realms.”

Humpback Whale Sketch

humpback whale sketch
Artist Credit: wake.up.create.repeat

Here’s an amazing sketch of a humpback whale. Humpback whales are very social creatures, and often travel in groups called pods.

Fineliner Whale Drawing

Artist Credit: _pulse.of.art

This drawing was created using fineliner pens. Fineliner pens are pens with a fine tip that is perfect for drawing and writing. Artists that want to create detailed and precise linework like using these pens.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, or just want to see some beautiful whale drawings, I hope you enjoyed this post. For more marine mammal drawings, check out these Dolphin Drawings.

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