Where to Sell Your Stuff Online Easily and Quickly

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Let’s face it: we all have junk in our home that we need to get rid of.

Whether it’s old high school t-shirts, a hobby you quit years ago, or little knick-knacks you have accumulated, it’s clutter, and it’s taking up your space.

Stop telling yourself that you are going to fit into those jeans again one day. (Especially since you’ve been saying that for three years now.) If it doesn’t fit, stop holding on to it.

But don’t just get rid of it, sell it.

There are tons of ways to sell your stuff these days, but selling it online has become one of the best ways to do it.

Today, I’m going to highlight three awesome platforms to sell your stuff online.

Where to Sell Your Stuff Online Easily and Quickly

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At this point, I think that pretty much everyone has heard of Craigslist. If you’re looking to find a job, find a house, or buy something, you definitely should check it out.

The same goes for selling your stuff. You simply click “Post to Classifieds,” and Craigslist will direct you through the steps to list your item.

Make sure you list as much descriptive information about the item as possible. Usually, buyers want to know what condition the item is in (excellent-poor), how old it is, brand, color, imperfections or defects, and any special features.

Don’t forget the pictures. Listings with pictures get many more eyeballs than listings without pictures. People want to see what they are going to be buying.

With that being said, make sure that your pictures are clear and focused, and effectively show the item from all sides.

If you are unsure what you should price your item, it’s always helpful to check out what a similar item is going for on eBay. Don’t get too greedy when setting the listing price for your item. Remember, it is used, after all, so you cannot expect to get the full retail price from the buyer.

Keep in mind that many people will try to haggle with you on the price, so it is good to have a bottom number in mind before you post your item.

Lastly, I know thousands of people have had success selling on Craigslist (me being one of them). However, there are scams aplenty on there as well.

If you get an email that just doesn’t seem right, your instincts are probably correct. Do not give out personal information like your address, full name, birthday, financial information, etc.

After an interested buyer contacts you, make sure that you settle on the final price before meeting. Be sure to meet in a public place rather than a private residence.

Remember that it is the Internet and you just never know who will be showing up to meet you. Take precautions and use common sense.

Facebook Marketplace

I’m pretty sure Facebook hit a home-run with this one.

Have you been on Facebook mobile recently? If you have, you have probably seen the shop window button in the navigation menu. This little magic button takes you into the Facebook Marketplace.

Using the location you have in your FB profile, listings from anywhere in a 40-mile radius will populate, showing all sorts of items that have been posted for sale.

The Marketplace also makes it incredibly easy to list your items and sell your stuff right from your mobile phone.

You simply tap “Sell,” choose the pictures of the item, list what it is, give a short description, list the price, and you’re done.

If you are already a part of a yard sale group or two in your area, FB Marketplace will also give you the option to post your listing to those pages as well as the Marketplace. This makes getting your listing out there to be viewed so much easier.

Once your item(s) are listed, buyers can easily message you through FB if they are interested. This feature makes communicating with potential buyers painless; you get the speed and convenience of text messaging without having to give the person your personal number.

Also, the actual sale of your item is much easier to facilitate because all of the potential buyers are locals in your area. You don’t have to worry about paying for shipping or driving an hour to meet up somewhere.

What a phenomenal way to sell your stuff.

Now you may be thinking: “That is all well and good, but are people really going to contact me about my items?”

The answer is YES; YES THEY WILL!

I personally posted several items for sale, and within a few hours, I had multiple people messaging me about the items. Not only that, but within 2 days, I was able to set up meetings and actually sell my items.

Now, granted, you need to understand that some items are going to sell more easily than others, and of course, the price you list your item at has a big impact as well.

For me, women’s shoes and sports & outdoors equipment were my best sellers.

For clothing, I would suggest selling nicer, higher quality items separately, and listing other items as a package.

Meaning that you could put a bunch of t-shirts together and sell them as a set for one price instead of trying to sell them individually. Selling as a package deal seems to attract more potential buyers.

Bottom line: FB Marketplace takes the hassle out of selling your stuff online.

In the past, I would just cut my losses and donate all my unwanted items. But now it is actually fun to list my items on FB to see what will sell and how quickly.

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Alright, so I have heard a lot about ThredUp, but I haven’t actually tried it out for myself yet. ThredUp is basically an online consignment store for gently used, name-brand clothing items.

So for all you fashionistas that are cleaning out your closets, you might want to consider ThredUp an option.

If you want to sell your clothes on their website, you simply request a Clean Out bag. Fill up your bag with all the clothes you want to sell and send it back to ThredUp.

They will process your items and then pay you cash. Keep in mind that they will subtract $9.99 shipping and handling from your earnings after your bag is processed.

Also, keep in mind that they have to make money too. With Craigslist and FB Marketplace, you are completely in control of the selling price of your items and its 100% profit.

ThredUp is a consignment store, so do not expect to be paid the full value of your item. However, the benefit with ThredUp is that if you don’t have any luck selling your stuff on any other platform, you can still earn money for your clothes on ThredUp.

Now get out there and sell your stuff.