How to Get Email Subscribers as a New Blogger

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If you’re a new blogger and are having trouble gaining email subscribers, I’m sharing tips for how to get email subscribers as a new blogger. Whether you are a veteran blogger or brand new to the blogging world, it’s important that you have an email list.

Email lists are incredibly important for bloggers, because contrary to what many think, email marketing is still one of the best inbound marketing techniques.

Although some people believe email marketing is somewhat archaic, the truth is email marketing is as powerful as ever, even in our social media dependent age.

Consider this, if you woke up tomorrow and Facebook, Instagram and YouTube had disappeared, how would you reach your followers? By email, of course!

Not having an email list could be detrimental to your business. There have been cases of social media platforms shutting down accounts with no way of getting them back, even in the case of mistakes.

If something similar were to happen to you (fingers crossed it never does) having an email list is a quick way to get word out to your followers.

Now that we have established how important it is to have a list, it’s time to be strategic about growing that list and having people subscribe to it.

It’s possible that you may already have the right measures in place to make sure people can sign up or subscribe to your blog, but you’re not seeing any new subscribers.

There can be several factors contributing to no, low and slow growth subscriptions. The good news is that it can be an easy fix. Here are the top reasons no one is subscribing to your email list.

1. You Don’t Have An Actual Offer

As a new blogger looking to gain email subscribers, it’s important that you have an opt-in offer.

With the number of emails that most people receive every day, giving up their sacred email address means that they expect you to give them something in return.

Think about when you’re standing in line at Old Navy, and they ask you if you receive their rewards emails or if you are signed up for their alerts.

Product-based businesses or corporations will often give a discount on your purchase, in exchange for your email address.

For bloggers, creatives and other online business owners, giving a discount may not be as feasible. But, what you can work to your advantage is KNOWLEDGE. What is something you’re incredibly good at that you can share with the world?

The one thing that people ask of you often, as it pertains to your blog or niche?

Those questions are the kind of content people want from you. In exchange for you sharing the information that your readers want, they will hand over that email address. We call these offers an “opt-in” or “lead magnet,” and they are free.

Email Opt-in Ideas:

  • Video series
  • Webinar
  • Mini eBook
  • Email course
  • Free challenge
  • Free workshop
  • Printables

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2. You Have An Offer, But It’s Not Compelling

If you have an opt-in, but still aren’t getting new subscribers as a new blogger, it could be that the opt-in you’ve created for your readership isn’t striking a chord. Is your free resource something that your audience actually wants?

Perhaps it is something they want, but your verbiage isn’t clear in what exactly they’ will be getting from you, and how it is different from anything else they can find online. Your opt-in should clearly state the problem that your opt-in will solve.

This step requires that you really understand your target audience and their psyche so that you can create a freebie that both resonates with your audience and is unique.

Free Resource: The Complete Guide to Email Marketing by ConvertKit

3. Your Opt-in Is In A Hard To Find Location

One of the great debates among bloggers and blog readers alike are about pop-ups on websites. Everyone has an opinion, some say they are effective, others say they are annoying, and the truth is— both can be true. Pop-ups are an aggressive way to ensure your followers know what you have to offer.

You know the saying…closed mouths don’t get fed.

While I’m not here to tell you what is wrong or right in regards to if you should have a pop-up; I do want you to keep in mind that the location and ease of accessibility are extremely important.

Your subscription button or sign up box must be easy to find.

Pop-ups will automatically share the opt-in with your reader at a predetermined time, such as navigating away from the page.

If you opt to skip the pop-up, be sure to place the subscription option in a place that is encountered immediately on the landing page. Avoid areas that the reader would have to scroll too much to subscribe. The easier you can make the process, the more likely they are to sign up.

MiloTree is also an option. MiloTree is a smart pop-up that will help you increase your followers on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. There is also an option for increasing your email list. I used MiloTree to help grow my Pinterest account to over 10,000 followers. Try a risk-free 30 day trial.

By making sure that you have a solid, compelling and free opt-in that is a valuable resource and in an easy to find location, you should start receiving more subscribers to your blog.

If you’ve been having trouble getting people to join your email list, I hope these tips help you gain email subscribers.