101 Wonderful Egg Drawing Ideas

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If you’re looking for egg drawing ideas, these drawings are a great choice.

Eggs are a popular subject matter for artists; from still-life paintings to fun egg designs, you can get creative with your art.

We’ll explore some creative and fun egg drawing ideas that will inspire you to hatch your own unique designs. So grab your supplies, and let’s get cracking!

1. Pastel Watercolor Eggs

Pastel Watercolor Eggs
iStock/Alexandra Baryshnikova

Pastel watercolor eggs are a beautiful option for egg drawings. You can create a dreamy look perfect for springtime design using soft pastel watercolor paint.

2. Smiley Face Egg Drawing

Smiley Face Egg Drawing

Try a smiley face if you’re in the mood for a playful egg drawing idea. Using simple shapes and bright colors, you can create an adorable egg.

3. Eighteen Colorful Egg Drawings

Eighteen Colorful Egg Drawings
iStock/Alena Abramova

Create an eye-catching display with eighteen colorful egg drawings.

There’s even an egg that’s shaped like a carrot. Whether you use markers, paint, or pencil, the possibilities for color combinations and designs are plentiful.

4. Four Whole and Cracked Egg Drawings

Four Whole and Cracked Egg Drawings
iStock/Daria Ustiugova

Watercolor paint can be used to create stunning egg art. Try painting whole and cracked eggs with watercolors for a beautiful art piece.

The soft colors and textures will give your eggs a delicate feel.

5. Twelve Festive Eggs

Twelve Festive Eggs (bunny rabbit)

Add a festive flair to your art with twelve colorful eggs featuring playful designs like sprinkles, bunnies, and more. Both children and adults will enjoy drawing these festive eggs.

6. Eight Cute Egg Doodles

Eight Cute Egg Doodles
iStock/Alena Maraziuk

Get creative with eight cute and easy egg doodles. From simple polka dots to lovely flower patterns, your playful designs will add a touch of originality to your art.

7. Fried Egg Drawing

Fried Egg Drawing

Get your creativity sizzling with an easy fried egg drawing, perfect for beginners. This drawing can be done using colored pencils or the paint of your choice.

8. Sixteen Pastel Doodle Patterns

Sixteen Pastel Doodle Patterns
iStock/Olena Varavina

Add a touch of playfulness to your art projects with sixteen pastel doodle patterns perfect for spring and summer. From daisy flowers to swirls and stars, these charming designs add color and personality to any project.

9. Drawing of Whole Eggs

Drawing of Whole Eggs

Take your drawing skills to the next level with a realistic depiction of whole eggs. With attention to detail and shading, you can capture the texture and shine of these simple objects.

10. Four Flower Design Drawings

Four Flower Design Drawings for Eggs

Transform ordinary eggs into works of art with cute flower designs. With a bit of patience and practice, you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve.

11. Nine Eggs with Rabbit Ears

Nine Eggs with Rabbit Ears

This drawing turns nine plain eggs into adorable eggs that feature rabbit ears. All you need to do is draw an egg shape, then draw two long bunny ears within the egg. You can even add details like whiskers for extra cuteness.

12. Heart-Shaped Egg Drawing

Heart-Shaped Egg Drawing

Try making a heart-shaped egg drawing. This charming idea is easy to execute, and you’ll love the finished picture. If you’d like to learn how to draw a realistic egg, check out this Youtube tutorial on How to Draw a Perfect Fried Egg.

13. Nine Rabbit and Egg Drawings

Nine Rabbit and Egg Drawings
iStock/Svetlana Krivenceva

This collection includes a variety of colorful egg drawings. There’s a cute rabbit drawing, a carrot drawing, and even an eggs-in-a-basket drawing. These illustrations are perfect for creating handmade greeting cards and invitations.

14. Four Fun Egg Patterns

Four Fun Egg Patterns
iStock/Svetlana Krivenceva

These four egg designs feature a variety of patterns, including an egg with a bow on it. Get creative when coming up with your own egg pattern ideas.

15. Boiled Egg Drawing

Boiled Egg Drawing

This boiled egg drawing will make a great addition to your sketchbook. Its simple design makes it perfect for practicing your egg drawing skills.

16. Basket of Eggs Drawing

Basket of Eggs Drawing
iStock/Daria Ustiugova

This drawing of a basket of eggs captures the rustic vibes that eggs can give off. The basket’s warm colors and intricate details make this a great drawing idea if you want to add a countryside farm touch to your art.

17. Nine Purple, Blue, Pink, and Yellow Eggs

Nine Purple, Blue, Pink, and Yellow Eggs
iStock/Alina Kotliar

This set of nine purple, blue, pink, and yellow egg drawings represents springtime. The bright colors make them an enjoyable drawing project.

Whether you prefer the rustic look of a basket of eggs or the vibrant colors and fun patterns of individual eggs, there are plenty of drawing options. I hope these egg drawing ideas inspired you to create something extraordinary.

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