Free Crochet Sweater Patterns for Women

Get excited because I’m sharing a collection of free crochet sweater patterns for women. With this list of patterns, you can create stylish and fun sweaters and cardigans with relative ease.

These projects are great whether you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been crocheting for years. Whether it’s a simple pullover, a granny square cardigan, or something else entirely – there’s sure to be something here that fits your skill level and interests.

For years, I was nervous about crocheting cardigans and sweaters. Actually, I was quite hesitant about crocheting most wearables in general.

I assumed the process would be too difficult. Turn out, if you start with a beginner-friendly cardigan or sweater pattern, you can have your first wearable in no time at all!

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Crochet Turtleneck

Crochet Turtleneck

Get creative with this beginner-friendly crochet turtleneck. It’s super easy to make and you can stick to one color for a sleek look. You’ll have a blast creating this stylish piece. Get the pattern for the Crochet Turtleneck.

Aunt Lydia’s Flower Hill Pullover


This sweater gives me total ’70s vibes with the color and fringe. I think it would be cool to try this pattern using pale pink colored yarn. Get the pattern for the Aunt Lydia’s Flower Hill Pullover.

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Pemberley Pullover

Pemberley Pullover

This beginner-friendly sweater is incredibly comfortable, thanks to its boxy and slightly oversized fit. Don’t miss out on this perfect staple piece. Get the pattern for the Pemberley Pullover.

Sublime Sweater

Sublime Sweater

If you’re looking for your next favorite autumn sweater, you’ll love this fun and cozy sweater. This sweater comes together quickly and looks amazing. Plus, you’ll enjoy mixing and matching your yarn colors to fit your style. Get the pattern for the Sublime Sweater.

Origami Cardigan


I’m loving this origami crochet cardigan. This would look great layered with a long sleeve top. Get the pattern for the Origami Cardigan.

Lakeside Coatigan

Lakeside Coatigan

This pattern was part of a fun crochet-a-long (CAL) with Coco Crochet Lee. The details of the CAL as well as the full pattern for this coatigan can be found in the blog post. Get the pattern for the Lakeside Coatigan.

Velvet Yoke Sweatshirt


This velvet sweatshirt is soft, cozy, and trendy. The design uses single crochet stitches worked in yoke construction. Get the pattern for the Velvet Yoke Sweatshirt.

Woman’s Curvy Cowl Pullover


Am I the only one who thinks that this project actually looked knitted? I’m a big fan of cowls and this pullover is right up my alley. Get the pattern for the Woman’s Curvy Cowl Pullover.

Classic Granny Hexagon Cardigan

Classic Granny Hexagon Cardigan

You’ll love this modern twist on a classic sweater. This tutorial is perfect for beginners, with easy-to-follow steps that make it a breeze to create. Get the pattern for the Classic Granny Hexagon Cardigan.

Slouchy Stripe Sweater


I’ve been a fan of Sewrella for years. Ashleigh creates some of the best crochet wearables that I’ve come across. Everything that she creates is stylish and fits really nicely. Get the pattern for the Slouchy Stripe Sweater.

Mom and Me Ponchos


Along with loving cowls, I’m also a fan of ponchos. I’ve actually crochet quite a few ponchos and I love them all. This pattern includes adult and children sizes. Get the pattern for the Mom and Me Ponchos.

December Cardigan (Tunisian Crochet)

This pattern uses an advanced form of crochet called “Tunisian crochet.” This sweater is like a comforting embrace, with its three unique textures and eye-catching Tunisian stitches. Get the pattern for the December Cardigan.

Retro Stripes Sweater


I actually have the yarn for this project waiting for me in my office. I’ve been eyeing this pattern for a while but had trouble finding the yarn. Get the pattern for the Retro Stripes Sweater.

Stepping Stones Pullover


This sweater is actually on my “to make” list. I already have my yarn ready to go. I can’t wait to make this! Get the pattern for the Stepping Stones Pullover.

Kima Cardi

Kima Cardi

Experience ultimate comfort and coziness with this lightweight cardigan. Carefully crafted with simple pieces and expertly seamed together, it’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Get the pattern for the Kima Cardi.

Home Girl Sweater


Here’s another lovely sweater by Meg Made with Love. This comfy and cozy sweater features a v-neck design and is longer in the back. Get the pattern for the Home Girl Sweater.

Big Easy Pullover


There’s nothing like a simple crochet pullover. This big easy crochet pullover looks amazing and would go great with a pair of jeans. Get the pattern for the Big Easy Pullover.

Rocky Mountain Colorblock Pullover

Rocky Mountain Colourblock Pullover

This stylish sweater is perfect for beginners, as it’s made with simple double crochet stitches. Plus, it’s worked in one piece from the top-down, so there’s no need for any complicated seaming. Get the pattern for the Rocky Mountain Colorblock Pullover.

Everygirl Sweater


This is an updated version of the original Everygirl sweater. I’ve actually made a few of the Everygirl sweaters because I love how lovely they turn out. I’ll definitely be making myself the updated version too. Get the pattern for the Everygirl Sweater.

Chill Time Adult’s Cardigan


Can you believe that this is a beginner-friendly pattern? It looks advanced, doesn’t it? This is another cardigan pattern that looks knit to me, which I absolutely love. You can find the child’s pattern here. Get the pattern for the Chill Time Adult’s Cardigan.

Cozy Granny Square Cardigan

Crochet Cozy Granny Square Cardigan

If you’re new to crochet, this is the perfect beginner-friendly sweater. This cardigan is meant to be boxy and slightly oversized with a cropped fit. Get the pattern for this Cozy Granny Square Cardigan.

Claudia Cropped Sweater

Claudia Cropped Sweater

Make a bold statement with this funky, multi-color pullover. Its open grid-like construction adds an airy and drapey feel, while the use of bulky weight yarn ensures that it’s a quick and easy project. Get the pattern for the Claudia Cropped Sweater.

Over Easy Cowl Neck


This over easy cowl neck sweater would make the most amazing gift for friends and family. I love that this is made using a very affordable yarn. Get the pattern for the Over Easy Cowl Neck.

Ariana Cardigan

Ariana Cardigan

This unique design shakes things up by placing the granny squares on the side. Plus, they’ve added knitted button bands and cuffs for the perfect finishing touch. Get the pattern for the Ariana Cardigan.

Art Class Cardi

Art Class Cardi

This stunning sweater is perfect for the upcoming cooler months. It’s super easy to make and can be dressed up or down. You can use a fun variegated yarn like the one shown here, or go for a more neutral palette Get the pattern for the Art Class Cardi.

Boxy Cardigan


I love a good boxy cardigan. They look great when layered with a chambray shirt and jeans. This pattern uses a self-stripping yarn which makes this cardigan so convenient to make. Get the pattern for the Boxy Cardigan.

Carl Cardigan

Carl Cardigan

Get ready to fall in love with this cute cardigan. It’s so easy to make, you won’t believe it. With separate panels worked from the bottom up, assembling this sweater is a breeze. Plus, it’s perfect for beginners with its simple stitching and beginner-friendly shaping. Get the pattern for the Carl Cardigan.

Granny Hexagon Cardigan

Granny Hexagon Cardigan

Here’s another beautiful hexagon cardigan that you’ll want to make. There are nine sizes available in the pattern XS to 5XL. Get the pattern for this Granny Hexagon Cardigan (video).

Cloud Nine Cropped Sweater

Cloud Nine Cropped Sweater

This sweater is a true embodiment of its name. Crafted with the utmost care, it features the heavenly softness of Yarn Bee Cloud 9 Yarn. You’ll love getting cozy in a dreamy world of comfort. Get the pattern for the Cloud Nine Cropped Sweater.

Pantone Kimono Cardigan


I love this crochet kimono cardigan. It’s been my goal to make a granny square crochet wearable, and this pattern looks like a good place to start. Get the pattern for the Pantone Kimono Cardigan.

Traveler Fair Isle Sweater

Traveler Fair Isle Crochet Sweater

This is one of my favorite crochet sweater patterns, and I’m sure you can see why. If you want to try colorwork crochet, give this pattern a try. There is a PDF of the written pattern available for purchase. However, there is also a free video tutorial for making this sweater in a size small.

Cuff to Cuff Cardigan


This pattern works side-to-side using one piece and self-striping yarn. Caron Latte Cakes yarn is used for this pattern. Currently, this yarn is only available at Michaels. Get the pattern for the Cuff to Cuff Cardigan.

Snow Bloom Faux Fur Coat

Snow Bloom Faux Fur Coat

This stylish coat is made from a luxurious faux fur yarn, ensuring ultimate comfort and warmth during the chilly winter months. Get ready for a quick and easy make that will have you looking fabulous all season long. Get the pattern for the Snow Bloom Faux Fur Coat.

Cross My Heart Sweater

Cross My Heart Sweater

Check out the adorable crochet sweater with a charming eyelet and i-cord design along the neckline. The best part is that it’s all done in one piece! Get the pattern for the Cross My Heart Sweater.

Slouchy Cardigan


My favorite types of cardigans are slouchy or oversized. They are really cozy to wear, and I love how they fit. This cardigan would look great layered with a chambray or flannel top. Get the pattern for the Slouchy Cardigan.

XO Beginner Sweater

XO Beginner Sweater

Learn how to confidently crochet your first sweater with the ultimate beginner’s guide. You’ll learn the proper techniques to create a cozy and stylish garment that you’ll love. Get the pattern for the XO Beginner Sweater.

Easy-to-Wear Cardigan


Don’t you love the colors used for this easy-to-wear cardigan? I plan on making mine using the Roll With It Yarn in the color Vintage. Get the pattern from for the Easy-to-Wear Cardigan.

Fall Sweater

Fall Sweater

Learn how to create the perfect fall sweater with this easy-to-follow crochet pattern. Complete with a detailed written guide and helpful video tutorial, you’ll be able to improve your skills and create a stunning textured sweater. Get the pattern for the Fall Sweater.

Two-Rectangle Cardigan


A cardigan can’t get any easier than this two-rectangle cardigan. This project is made by creating and sewing together two crochet rectangle panels. Get the pattern for the Two-Rectangle Cardigan.

Heart Love-to-Wear Sweater


Here’s a simple and fun crochet sweater. This pattern uses the Red Heart Unforgettable yarn which is affordable, soft, and fun to work it. Get the pattern for the Heart Love-to-Wear Sweater.

Cozy Textured Cardigan


This textured crochet cardigan is absolutely gorgeous. This cardigan is oversized, stylish, and extremely comfy. It will also keep you warm on those cold days. Get the pattern for the Cozy Textured Cardigan.

Cute and Simple Sweater

Cute and Simple Crochet Sweater

If you need a last-minute gift idea, this quick and easy sweater pattern is perfect for you. Get ready to wow your loved ones with a handmade gift in no time. Get the pattern for the Cute and Simple Sweater.

Sweater Scarf with Sleeves

Sweater Scarf with Sleeves

If you want to wear something unique, cute, and cozy, learn how to crochet a sweater scarf with sleeves. It’s the perfect pattern for a one-of-a-kind accessory. Get the pattern for the Sweater Scarf with Sleeves.

Moon Shimmer Hexagon Sweater

Moon Shimmer Hexagon Sweater

I adore this awesome crochet hexagon sweater. It’s made by sewing together two hexagons. The stitch pattern is created with a repetition of double crochet and V-stitch clusters. Get the pattern for the Moon Shimmer Hexagon Sweater.

Cropped Alpine Stitch Sweater

Cropped Alpine Stitch Sweater

I think that this sweater is perfect for a holiday party. The free pattern is available as a written pattern, and there’s also a helpful video tutorial to guide you along the way. Get the pattern for the Cropped Alpine Stitch Sweater.

Crochet sweaters are a great way to keep warm during the chilly fall and winter months. With over forty options to choose from, you won’t have any trouble finding something you love.

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