60 Trendy Crochet Sweater Patterns

If you’re looking for trendy crochet sweater patterns, I’ve rounded up a collection of crochet patterns that I think you’ll love.

These crochet sweater patterns range from easy to advanced, so there’s something for every skill set. These sweaters will make a great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe.

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1. Sublime Sweater

If you’re looking for your next favorite autumn sweater, you’ll love this fun and cozy sweater. This sweater comes together quickly and looks amazing. Plus, you’ll enjoy mixing and matching your yarn colors to fit your style. Get the pattern for the Sublime Sweater.

2. Crochet Turtleneck

Crochet Turtleneck

Get creative with this beginner-friendly crochet turtleneck. It’s super easy to make and you can stick to one color for a sleek look. You’ll have a blast creating this stylish piece. Get the pattern for the Crochet Turtleneck.

3. Super Slouchy Sweater

Super Slouchy Sweater

If you love the oversized slouchy look, you’re going to love this cozy sweater. It pairs great with sweatpants, jeans, or your favorite pair of shorts. Get the pattern for the Super Slouchy Sweater.

4. Amalfi Ribbed Sweater

Amalfi Ribbed Sweater

Crochet this minimalist sweater that is perfect for a casual day out. This sweater is oversized, ribbed, and cozy. Get the pattern for the Amalfi Ribbed Sweater.

5. Sweater with Letter


I love this crochet with a letter pattern. This pattern will show you how to crochet a simple sweater with a letter placed in the middle of the sweater. Get the pattern for the Sweater with Letter.

6. Retro Stripes Sweater


I actually have the yarn for this project waiting for me in my office. I’ve been eyeing this pattern for a while but had trouble finding the yarn. Get the pattern for the Retro Stripes Sweater.

7. Vintage Kitchen Sweater

Vintage Kitchen Sweater

Cozy up in a one-of-a-kind crochet sweater that’s bound to turn heads! With 10 different colorwork designs inspired by vintage food labels, you’ll never be bored with this delightful pattern. Get the pattern for the Vintage Kitchen Sweater.

8. Sedona Sweater

Sedona Sweater

Make a statement with this on-trend sweater that allows you to customize the color, fit, and even the stitches. Get the pattern for the Sedona Sweater.

9. Rainbow Jumper


This rainbow jumper is so trendy and creative. This crochet sweater will make a great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe. Get the pattern for the Rainbow Jumper.

10. Lola Sweater


Here’s another super trendy sweater with a fun color combination. This is an advanced beginner/intermediate crochet pattern. Get the pattern for the Lola Sweater.

11. Gansey Sweater

Gansey Sweater

Inspired by traditional fisherman sweaters, this pullover features a textured stitch pattern that you’re going to love. Get the pattern for the Gansey Sweater.

12. Autumn Olive Oversized Pullover

Autumn Olive Oversized Pullover

If you’re looking for the perfect staple piece to add to your autumn wardrobe, look no further than this beautiful crochet sweater. Its oversized design gives it a comfy, relaxed fit, perfect for pairing with your favorite jeans or leggings. Get the pattern for the Autumn Olive Oversized Pullover.

13. Better Sweater 


If you love balloon sleeves, I think you’ll love this better sweater. I love the pastel color combination that was used here. Get the pattern for the Better Sweater.

14. Home Girl Sweater


Here’s another lovely sweater by Meg Made with Love. This comfy and cozy sweater features a v-neck design and is longer in the back. Get the pattern for the Home Girl Sweater.

15. Meara Fisherman Sweater

Meara Fisherman Sweater

This timeless design features a cable-knit style pattern and is roomy enough for layering, or you can wear it on its own. Get the pattern for the Meara Fisherman Sweater.

16. Vienna Sweater


I definitely plan on making one of these for myself. This oversized turtleneck sweater is just stunning. It really looks like something you would buy at a department store. Get the pattern for the Vienna Sweater.

17. Macchiato Sweater


This macchiato sweater is soft, warm, cozy, and stylish. This sweater is worked as a yoke sweater in one piece from the top down. Get the pattern for the Macchiato Sweater.

18. Rocky Mountain Colourblock Pullover

Rocky Mountain Colourblock Pullover

This stylish sweater is perfect for beginners, as it’s made with simple double crochet stitches. Plus, it’s worked in one piece from the top-down, so there’s no need for any complicated seaming. Get the pattern for the Rocky Mountain Colourblock Pullover.

19. Inside Out Ombre Sweater

Inside Out Ombre Sweater

Switch it up with this unique design that boasts an ombre effect throughout the sweater. Get the pattern for the Inside Out Ombre Sweater.

20. Fishy Aleks Sweater

Fishy Aleks Sweater

You’ll love creating and wearing this crochet sweater pattern with a playful fish design. Not only will it keep you warm on chilly days, but it will also make a statement with its fun and eye-catching look. Get the pattern for the Fishy Aleks Sweater.

21. Diamonds and Bobbles Jumper


This sweater has been on my to-do list for a few years now. So many projects and so little time. I really must move this project up in my queue because it’s absolutely stunning. Get the pattern for the Diamonds and Bobbles Jumper.

22. Simple Crochet Sweater


Hooked on Homemade Happiness is my go-to for tried-and-true crochet patterns. The items that I crochet always turn out great, and this sweater is no different. Get the pattern for the Simple Crochet Sweater.

23. Equinox Sweater


This sweater uses Red Heart Hygge Yarn, which is a really soft and fun yarn to work it. The skill level listed for this pattern is for an intermediate-level crocheter. Get the pattern for the Equinox Sweater.

24. Velvet Yoke Sweatshirt


This velvet sweatshirt is soft, cozy, and trendy. The design uses single crochet stitches worked in yoke construction. Get the pattern for the Velvet Yoke Sweatshirt.

25. Sensum Sweater


This sweater uses beautiful puff stitch braids that really make it stand out. If you decide to give this pattern a try, keep in my that the skill level is listed as advanced. Get the pattern for the Sensum Sweater.

26. Jasmine Sweater


The pattern for this sweater is written in children’s and adult sizes. This gorgeous sweater is completely seamless. Get the pattern for the Mon Jasmine Sweater.

27. Cross My Heart Sweater

Cross My Heart Sweater

Check out the adorable crochet sweater with a charming eyelet and i-cord design along the neckline. The best part is that it’s all done in one piece! Get the pattern for the Cross My Heart Sweater.

28. Basketweave Winter Sweater

Basketweave Winter Sweater

This classic sweater gets a modern upgrade with a basketweave stitch pattern. If you love textured designs, you’ll love this sweater. Get the pattern for the Basketweave Winter Sweater.

29. Duck Duck Goose Cardigan

Duck Duck Goose Cardigan

If you’re a fan of birds, then this cardigan pattern is definitely for you. With 25 different bird designs included, you can create a truly unique and charming piece. Get the pattern for the Duck Duck Goose Cardigan.

30. Stroll Sweater


Doesn’t this almost feel like a knitted sweater when you look at it? I was surprised to see that this sweater was crocheted. This sweater is absolutely stunning and would make a great gift. Get the pattern from Stroll Sweater.

31. Cloud Nine Cropped Sweater

Cloud Nine Cropped Sweater

This sweater is a true embodiment of its name. Crafted with the utmost care, it features the heavenly softness of Yarn Bee Cloud 9 Yarn. You’ll love getting cozy in a dreamy world of comfort. Get the pattern for the Cloud Nine Cropped Sweater.

32. Eclectic Jumper


This cropped jumper is so cute and creative. The pattern is written for sizes small to extra large. Get the pattern for the Eclectic Jumper.

33. Everygirl Sweater


This is an updated version of the original Everygirl sweater. I’ve actually made a few of the Everygirl sweaters because I love how lovely they turn out. I’ll definitely be making myself the updated version too. Get the pattern for the Everygirl Sweater.

34. Jasmine Sweater


This sweater features balloon sleeves and has an oversized fit. The skill level is listed as medium/intermediate. Pattern discontinued; check out an alternative called the Millenial Sweater.

35. Kiwi Cropped Cardigan 

Kiwi Cropped Cardigan

I adore this kiwi cropped cardigan. If you like the look of this cardigan, be sure to get the pattern based on your clothing size. Get the pattern in the following sizes: Medium and Large Pattern | X-Small and Small Pattern.

36. Mount Tremper Sweater

Mount Tremper Sweater

Stay cozy in this slightly cropped sweater that is perfect for layering. This beautiful sweater is a great beginners pattern. Get the pattern for the Mount Tremper Sweater.

37. Strawberry Chunky Sweater

Strawberry Chunky Sweater

If you’re looking for a chunky sweater that’s cute and will get you so many compliments, this is the pattern for you. This sweater works up quickly and is great for beginners. Get the pattern for the Strawberry Chunky Sweater.

38. Everyday Cardigan

The Everyday Crochet Cardigan

This free crochet cardigan pattern provides instructions on how to make a gorgeous everyday crochet cardigan. This is a great beginner’s project. Get the pattern for the Everyday Cardigan.

39. Cat Sweater

Cat Sweater

Even if you don’t own any cats, I think you’ll still enjoy making and wearing this awesome cat sweater. This is an advanced beginner pattern that requires you to become familiar with colorwork. Get the pattern for the Cat Sweater.

40. Autumn Wheat Adult Sweater

Autumn Wheat Adult Sweater

This stunning sweater boasts a beautiful wheat-inspired stitch pattern and is perfect for a cozy fall day. Get the pattern for the Autumn Wheat Adult Sweater.

41. Colorblock Cardigan

Colorblock Cardigan

I have been obsessed with color-blocked cardigans. They have that fun vintage feel and they’re actually very beginner friendly. If you’re looking for color palette ideas, I recommend using the site called color palettes. Get the pattern for the Colorblock Cardigan.

42. Valentine Sweater

crochet heart sweater

This sweater is one size and fits a medium/large. This sweater would look great using different color combinations. This sweater would be especially nice to wear on Valentine’s Day. Get the pattern for the Valentine Sweater.

43. Clouded Dreams Cardigan

Clouded Dreams Cardigan

This oversized cardigan can be made using your favorite colors. You can also have fun trying out different button colors and shapes too. The skill level for this pattern is listed as advanced. Get the pattern for the Clouded Dreams Cardigan.

44. Elevation Sweater

Elevation Sweater

This stylish crochet sweater features a v-neck and long sleeves. With its boxy body and tapered sleeves, it’s perfect for layering during winter or as a standalone piece in the fall. Get the pattern for the Elevation Sweater.

45. Cropped Sweater

Cropped Sweater

The stitch used for this sweater makes it look absolutely amazing. This is an easy+ level pattern, so it’s great for the adventurous beginner. Get the pattern for the Cropped Sweater.

46. Chunky Oversized Bomber

Chunky Oversize Bomber

If you’re looking for something simple and cozy, I think you’ll love this attention-grabbing cardigan. The balloon sleeves give this cardigan a fun and unique look. Get the pattern for the Chunky Oversized Bomber.

47. Iona Sweater

Iona Sweater

With its repetitive rows and stitches, this pattern is perfect for all skill levels, including beginners. Get the pattern for the Iona Sweater.

48. Patchwork Sweater

Patchwork Sweater

I don’t know about you, but I love a good patchwork sweater. This sweater is actually on my things to make list. I can’t wait to pick out my colors and get started on this one. Get the pattern for the Patchwork Sweater.

49. Bea Bobble Cardigan 

The Bea Bobble Cardigan

This trendy cardigan features bobble sleeves that are sure to stand out from the crowd. If you’re new to the bobble stitch, you can find a how to crochet the bobble stitch tutorial on YouTube. Get the pattern for the Bea Bobble Cardigan.

50. Starry Night Sweater

Starry Night Sweater

Crocheters can sometimes get a little nervous when they see an image design within a garment. They think they won’t be able to make the piece themselves. I’m here to tell you that it’s so much easier than you think. Give this pattern a try. I think you’ll be happy you did! Get the pattern for the Starry Night Sweater.

51. Everyday Cotton Cardigan

Crochet Everyday Cotton Cardigan

This everyday cotton cardigan is perfect for the summer and fall. This cardigan features loosely fitted balloon sleeves that are so stylish and fun. Get the pattern for the Everyday Cotton Cardigan.

52. Cotton Candy Puff Sleeve Sweater

Cotton Candy Puff Sleeve Sweater

If you love puff sleeve sweaters, make your very own with this pattern. You can buy the pattern (link above) or watch the video tutorial on YouTube. Get the pattern for the Cotton Candy Puff Sleeve Sweater.

53. Siesta Cardi

The Siesta Cardi

The pattern for this oversized siesta cardigan is written in both English and Español. Make your cardigan using multiple colors or just one color. Get the pattern for the Siesta Cardi.

54. Turtleneck Sweater

 Turtleneck Sweater

Daisy and Peace makes some of the most beautiful crochet patterns I’ve come across, and this one is no exception. Once the winter rolls around, you’re going to love wearing this turtleneck sweater. Get the pattern for the Turtleneck Sweater.

55. Cropped Cardigan

Cropped Cardigan

This fun and comfy cardigan can be made in any color combination and will fit a wide range of sizes (XS-XXXL). If you like this cardigan, remember it has a cropped fit. The skill level is listed as beginner and advanced beginner. Get the pattern for the Cropped Cardigan.

56. This or That Cardigan

This or That Cardigan

Put together your favorite color combination and make this gorgeous patchwork cardigan. The pattern is written for a wide range of sizes; however, it can also be altered to fit you perfectly. Get the pattern for the This or That Cardigan.

57. Granger Cardigan

The Granger Cardigan

I love a good chunky cardigan. They work up quickly and they are so warm and cozy. I love how this pattern was named after Hermione Granger. Get the pattern for the Granger Cardigan.

58. Watermelon Cardigan

Watermelon Cardigan

Here’s another cool pattern from Bai Retro. This pattern features watermelon slices. Get the pattern in the following sizes: Medium and Large Pattern | X-Small and Small Pattern.

59. Frog Sweater

Frog Sweater

If you’re looking for a new project that’s undeniably adorable, then this crochet frog sweater is a must-try. This sweet pattern is perfect for those who aren’t afraid to take their style up a notch. Get the pattern for the Frog Sweater.

60. Easy Crochet Raglan Sweater

Easy Crochet Raglan Sweater

I absolutely love this raglan sweater pattern. I’ve actually made two of these sweaters so far, and plan on making more. I sometimes have trouble making raglan sweaters, but Michelle’s pattern (written and video) made it so easy for me. Get the pattern for the Easy Crochet Raglan Sweater.

Crochet sweaters are definitely in style right now, and I’ve gathered some of the best crochet sweater patterns to help keep you cozy all fall and winter.

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