Beautiful Crochet Mosaic Blanket Patterns

If you’re looking for beautiful crochet mosaic blanket patterns, I’ve got you covered. I’ve curated a beautiful collection of mosaic blanket patterns.

Many crocheters steer clear of mosaic crochet patterns because mosaic crochet looks complicated. However, you’d be surprised to know that it’s actually very easy to do.

You only need to know three basic stitches to get started. The chain stitch, the single crochet stitch, and the double crochet stitch. If you’re ready to create a mosaic crochet blanket, I’m sharing twelve patterns for you to check out.

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Thassos Mosaic Blanket


This beautiful black and white blanket pattern is gorgeous. You can make the blanket fit your home decor by changing the colors to fit your needs. Get the pattern for the Thassos Mosaic Blanket.

Caribbean Coast Afghan

Caribbean Coast Afghan

Learn the art of mosaic crochet with the stunning Caribbean Coast Afghan. Plus, with a double border, you won’t have to worry about pesky ends to weave in. This pattern features a free video tutorial but also requires that you have the PDF pattern.

Evergreen Mosaic Blanket

Evergreen Mosaic Blanket

Stay warm this winter with this beautiful crochet blanket. Made using the mosaic crochet technique, this pattern is easier than it seems. The blanket is stitched in pairs of alternating rows, so you only have to focus on one color at a time. Get the pattern for the Evergreen Mosaic Blanket.

Medina Mosaic Tiles Blanket


The Medina Mosaic tiles in the blanket are inspired by the colorful Mosaic designs you’ll find around the Middle East. I think this blanket is stunning and would make a wonderful gift. Get the pattern from Medina Mosaic Tiles Blanket.

Nya Infinity Blanket


This pattern is perfect for the advanced beginner. So if you want to try your hands at mosaic crochet but are nervous to get started, this is the perfect pattern for you. Get the pattern for the Nya Infinity Blanket.

Mysterious Mosaic Blanket


Not only do I love the pattern used in this blanket, but I also love the chosen colors. This is an intermediate pattern, so if you’re new to crocheting, keep that in mind. Get the pattern for the Mysterious Mosaic Blanket.

Desert Dunes Mosaic Blanket

Desert Dunes Mosaic Blanket

Make a gorgeous blanket with this pattern that’s perfect for crochet enthusiasts. Learn how to use the overlay mosaic crochet technique to create this blanket. The pattern includes a free video tutorial but also requires that you have the PDF pattern.

Mosaic Christmas Afghan


This festive afghan would be the perfect addition to your Christmas decor. I think that it would also make a wonderful wedding gift for a friend or family member. Get the pattern for the Mosaic Christmas Afghan.

Vibrant Mosaic Blanket

Mosaic Blanket

If you’re an advanced beginner, you can make this vibrant blanket. The pattern includes a free video tutorial as well as a free written pattern. Get the pattern for the Vibrant Mosaic Blanket.

Chevron Apache Waves Blanket


This pattern combines a single crochet chevron with a mosaic crochet pattern. As you can see, the results are quite lovely, and you end up with a beautiful eye-catching blanket. Get the pattern for the Chevron Apache Waves Blanket.

Mosaic Cross Throw

Mosaic Cross Throw

Don’t be intimidated by its intricate appearance. This blanket is actually a breeze to make. Drawing inspiration from mosaic knitting, this technique involves working one color per row and incorporating drops for striking vertical lines. Get the pattern for the Mosaic Cross Throw.

Rozeta Scheepjes CAL 2019

Rozeta Scheepjes CAL 2019

This beautiful throw is part of a crochet-a-long. That means the pattern is available to you in parts (11 to be exact). This is an intermediate pattern that uses tapestry and overlay crochet. Get the patterns for the Rozeta Scheepjes Crochet-A-Long 2019.

Woven Mosaic Blanket


This free crochet pattern yields a beautiful woven mosaic blanket. This blanket can be created using your choice of colors. Additionally, it uses affordable yarn, which is always a plus. Get the pattern for the Woven Mosaic Blanket.

Nya Mosaic Blanket


This popular Nya mosaic blanket pattern is free of charge. This blanket can be crocheted by following the chart or the written instructions. The size of this blanket can be easily adjusted. Get the pattern for the Nya Mosaic Blanket.

Granite Ridge Mosaic Blanket

Granite Ridge Mosaic Blanket

I find the contrast of black and white to be so beautiful when it comes to mosaic crochet. Of course, you’ll choose your favorite color combinations for your blanket. This pattern is available as a free video tutorial but also requires that you have the PDF pattern.

Phoenix Rising Blanket


This blanket is part of a free CAL (crochet-a-long) and can be found in the creator’s Facebook group. If you take a look at the finished blanket from other members, you can see that it turns out very beautiful. Get the pattern for the Phoenix Rising Blanket.

Red Heart Nordic Stripes Blanket


This Read Heart Nordic stripes blanket is free to download. This blanket is for the experienced crocheter and comes available as a kit (optional) if you would like to have the materials delivered to your door. Get the pattern for the Red Heart Nordic Stripes Blanket.

Mosaic Sampler


As you can read by the title, this blanket is part of a crochet-a-long (CAL). The CAL is now complete; however, you still have access to the full pattern collection. Get the pattern for the Mosaic Sampler.

Norway Spruce Blanket


The pattern for this blanket is actually listed in the “Crochet Now” magazine. Thankfully, you are able to purchase the issue if you’re interested in this pattern and more. Get the pattern for the Norway Spruce Blanket.

Glistening Glacier Afghan

Glistening Glacier Afghan

This amazing blanket was inspired by the Rocky Mountains. Get ready to make a blanket that captures the beauty of nature. This pattern includes a free video tutorial but also requires that you have the PDF pattern.

All of the patterns I’ve mentioned above are great examples of mosaic crochet. If you’re intimidated by crocheting such intricate designs, know that it gets easier with practice

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