35 Stunning Bullet Journal Header and Title Ideas

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Adding headers or titles to your bullet journal adds a nice touch to your spread. Plus, headers let you know what your page is about as soon as you land on it.

For example, if you’re creating a mood tracker spread, you will make a header title that says “Mood Tracker.”

Whenever you land on this page, you’ll know right away that it’s for your mood tracker. If you’re looking for bullet journal header ideas, I’ve rounded up 32 bullet journal headers and titles.

The topics listed below include monthly bullet journal headers, holiday bullet journal headers, mood tracker headers, day of the week headers, and much more.

You can use these header and title ideas as inspiration for your very own bullet journal.

Gather Your Supplies

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  • Shape Stencils: These stencils include ribbons, banners, and so much more.
  • Bullet Journal Printables: If you love printables, you should check out this 50-Page Printable Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal Header and Title Ideas

If you’re ready to create headers for your bullet journal, check out these 32 bullet journal headers and titles.

January Headers

These bullet journal headers are simple and perfect for your January spread. I also love the yellow that’s being used. I feel like yellow is the perfect color to use for the new year.

january bullet journal headers
Credit @bulletwithe

Headers with Fineliners

Here are lots of unique font variations for your next bullet journal header. I really love the headers that have horizontal lines drawn in them. The pens featured in this picture are Stabilo Blister Swing Cool Highlighters.

pastel bullet journal headers
Credit @nicolegracestudios

Step-by-Step Headers

If you want to practice your script, look how simple it is here with these step-by-step headers. You can make your text stand out even more by outlining the text.

pastel bullet journal headers
Credit @antonellanotes

Blue Titles

If you’re going with a blue theme in your bullet journal, these blue headers will give you plenty of inspiration. You can try a different text style for every month.

blue bullet journal titles
Credit @createmysunshine

February Headers

Love is in the air during the month of February. It’s the month of Valentine’s Day after all. Show your romantic side with these lovely headers.

february bullet journal headers
Credit @notikjournal

March Banners and Headers

Here you have a variety of cute bullet journal headers and banners. Adding a banner to your journal will give it a fun and unique look.

bullet journal titles and banners
Credit @stationery.obsession

Purple and Blue Headers

I am in love with these purple and blue header options. It’s really amazing the difference that outlining your text can make. I also love the idea of writing the text twice. Once as print, and then once again as script within the print text.

bullet journal headers
Credit @nicolegracestudies

Retro Headers

These headers are very unique and give me a retro vibe when I look at them. My favorite is the one with the horizontal line going through it. It almost looks like a road to me.

bullet journal header ideas
Credit @plslars

March Banners

If you’re looking for March title inspiration, look no further. Of course, you can use these styles for any month, but it’s nice to see exactly how they would look if you used them for the month of March.

march bullet journal headers
Credit @remco.diy

Purple Banners and Titles

Purple was one of my favorite colors when I was younger. I don’t use it so much anymore, but it’s still a beautiful color. Have fun creating your titles with these purple headers.

purple bullet journal headers
Credit @stvnsoncreates

Book Title Headers

Side note, I’ve actually read the book The Vegetarian and found it to be fantastic. I highly recommend it. These headers would be perfect for a spread on a book you recently read.

bullet journal header and banner ideas
Credit @lizar_tistry

April Headers

I think that these April bullet journal headers are some of my favorite. I think it’s a mixture of the colors as well as the font combinations used.

april bullet journal headers
Credit @raelynns.bujo

Rainbow Headers

The rainbow colors used are absolutely stunning. I love the inspiration that these headers and banners provide as they allow you to get creative with your own color choices.

rainbow bullet journal headers
Credit @andreasstudies
Credit: elise.studies

Date Headers

If you’re looking for date header ideas, I’ve included some of those too. I would love to try my hand at making a few of the floral-themed banners.

august bullet journal headers
Credit @nicolegracestudies

Monday Headers

Who says Monday has to be a drag. Brighten up your Mondays with these beautiful headers and banners.

monday bullet journal headers
Credit @letters.by.lex_

August Headers and Banners

Time for some August banner inspiration. My favorite banner here is definitely the one with the hanging clouds. I find it to be so creative.

august bullet journal headers
Credit @bujo.forlaura

Thursday Headers

It’s Thursday and you’re looking for banner ideas for your bullet journal. Considering trying out one of these six header ideas.

thursday bullet journal headers
Credit @lovedulceplans

Mood Tracker Headers

You don’t have to create a mood tracker to use these headers. Although, you most certainly can. If you decide to use any of these titles for your mood tracker, it’s nice to see exactly how the text will look in your journal.

bullet journal mood tracker headers
Credit @katies_bulletjournal

Pink and Black Headers

I’m obsessed with the simplicity of these headers. The colors make me think that they would work really well for Valentine’s Day or other love-themed designs.

pink bullet journal headers
Credit @stvnsoncreates

September Headers

These September titles are just stunning. The colors, the designs, I’m loving all of it. Number 7 is definitely my favorite header.

september bullet journal headers
Credit @almostamess

Highlighter Headers

Here are some simple blue header themes that use highlighters. You don’t need a lot of tools to have a beautiful bullet journal.

blue bullet journal headers
Credit @sofiarbie

Easy and Creative Headers

I’m sharing another round of simple yet still very beautiful and creative headers. I love showing people that you can create something amazing with only a few tools.

bullet journal header ideas
Credit @bullet_journal.wizard

October Headers

October is one of my favorite months of the year, so I had to include some spooky Halloween-style headers. My favorite title here is the one that has the black text and white stars. It’s stunning, isn’t it?

october bullet journal headers
Credit @bulletjournal.elin

Wide Selection of Headers

I’m not sure what’s cuter, the way the headers are being presented or the headers themselves. Okay, I’ll go with the headers themselves. But, I really do love the way this account presents its bullet journal spreads.

bullet journal header ideas
Credit @bulletjournal.elin

Small Headers

If you’re looking for smaller header ideas, here’s a wide range of ideas to try. You could even make them larger so that one title takes up the entire length of the page.

bullet journal header ideas
Credit @mashaplans

November Headers

Arty Charm has once again given us an amazing variety of headers. These headers are for the month of November. If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend following this account for more spreads.

november bullet journal headers
Credit @artycharm

Day of the Week Headers

If you’re looking for creative ways to write out the days of the week, look no further. Here you have ideas for Monday through Sunday.

day of the week bullet journal headers
Credit @andreasstudies

Header and Banner Ideas

Now aren’t these headers and banners just the cutest? I honestly love them all and don’t think that I could pick a favorite.

bullet journal header and banner ideas
Credit @tvisadraws

December Headers

December is another one of my favorite months and I can’t wait to try out a few of these December bullet journal headers once the time rolls around. My favorite title is the one that includes the cute little Christmas trees.

december bullet journal headers
Credit @nicolegracestudies

Pink Titles and Banners

Aren’t these title ideas just gorgeous? And I am obsessed with the pink and black color palette used here.

bullet journal title ideas
Credit @calligraphy.by.abby

Here’s a spread that abbreviates all of the days of the week using a beautiful calligraphy style text. I find the addition of the flying paper planes to be a really nice touch.

day of the week header ideas
Credit @simple.bullet

Black and Gold Headers

Here is another one of my favorite layouts. The black and gold color palette is beautiful. The headers themselves are easy to create. And you know what? With some practice, I think I could pull off the cute bears too!

bullet journal title ideas and headers
Credit @notebook_therapy

Black and White Headers

These Wednesday bullet journal titles are really beautiful. I plan on adding the bunting design to own bullet journal. But I’ll be coloring each flag a different color.

black and white wednesday bullet journal titles
Credit: splendidscribbles

Pink Yellow and Blue Headers

These pink, yellow and blue headers are super cute. I love the wide variety of header ideas provided here. I can’t wait to try a few for myself. The pens featured in this photo are Arteza Dual Tip Markers.

Credit: @miss.meissa
Credit: polimorphsm

Green Header Ideas

I’m loving these green bullet journal header examples and ideas. These headers are so creative and pretty.

Credit: @planwithady

Creative Headers

These unique header ideas are just stunning. I love the creativity it took to create such beautiful headers.

Credit: @caitlinmariedasilva

Purple Date Headers

If you’re looking for date headers, try these purple-themed examples and ideas. You’ll never run out of date header ideas with this spread.

Credit: @planwithady

Create beautiful headers and titles for your bullet journal using the ideas you’ve found here today.

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