25 Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Inspire Your Next Spread

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By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the term bullet journal popping up all over the internet.

A bullet journal is a creative and customizable organizational system that typically involves the use of a notebook or sketchbook.

When I first began bullet journaling, I had to have all of the bullet journal supplies.

I found myself buying supplies more than I was actually using them.

What I’ve grown to learn is that it’s not about the number of supplies you have that’s important.

Furthermore, you don’t have to break the bank in order to have an attractive bullet journal.

Really, all you need is a selection of supplies that you love to journal with.

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Gather Your Bullet Journal Supplies

  • Mildliner Colored Pens: These are the colored pens I use for my bullet journal. They are the most popular bullet journal pens!
  • Washi Tape: Washi tape provides a simple way to personalize your journal.
  • Shape Stencils: These stencils include ribbons, banners, and so much more.
  • Bullet Journal Printables: If you love printables, you should check out this 50-Page Printable Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Inspire Your Next Spread

If you bullet journal, or if you want to give it a try, here are 25+ bullet journal page ideas to inspire your next spread.

Simple Rainbow Theme

I love the simplicity and beauty of this weekly planner.

It’s a design that anyone can do, but it still stands out and looks creative.

Credit: bulletjournal.things

School Supplies

This weekly planner is perfect for students and teachers. The days have cute school supply designs on them.

The designs are actually stickers that you can find on Etsy.

Credit: cherylclarkdesigns

Places to Travel

If you enjoy traveling, you will find this “Places to Travel” bullet journal spread fun and enjoyable to create.

You’ll include the places you want to visit in the Polaroids.

Credit: @ro.studiezz

Simple Green Tracker

This simple bullet journal spread will help you track your sleep, habits, goals and more.

I like how this spread includes a space for highlights and learnings.

Credit: @cayaline

Beautiful Weekly Planner

Here’s a fun, colorful, and unique way to plan the upcoming week.

The graphics and calligraphy used in this spread are stunning.

The scrip quote on the left page says “Visualize your highest self. Start showing up as her.”

Credit: @plan.tful

Self-Care Bingo

Isn’t this the cutest bingo spread? What makes this bingo spread special is that you practice self-care habits in order to achieve a bingo.

What a fun way to ensure that you’re taking care of yourself.

Credit: ayleys.bujo

Peacock March Playlist

Here’s a creative way to keep track of your monthly playlists. Something like this will be fun to look back on in the future.

I love the beautiful peacock feathers used in this design.

Credit: @plinthced

Hedgehog Mood Tracker

I love this cute “surround yourself with positivity” mood tracker.

It features an adorable drawing of a hedgehog and Polaroid photos that will allow you to keep track of your mood.

Credit: littleolivebujo

Bunny Themed April Planner

Make scheduling your day fun with this creative bunny-themed weekly bullet journal spread.

I love how the colors and floral printout gives this spread a vintage look.

Credit: @dulcetbujo

Astrology Planner

If you enjoy astrology, have fun planning out your week with an astrology themed bullet journal spread.

The calligraphy and doodles used here are stunning.

Credit: @plan.tful

Savings Tracker

I love how cute and creative this savings tracker is.

I also love how you can customize your tracker to show what you’re saving money for.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is savings-tracker.jpg

Credit: littleolivebujo

Minimalist Weekly Planner

This is a lovely minimalist layout. Consider planning your week or month in a minimalist way.

The washi tape along the top of the page really add something special to this spread.

Credit: @supermassiveblackink

Bees and Honey To Do List

Here’s another creative and inspiring way to plan your week. How cute are the bees and honey?

I also love the honey stick and peaches at the bottom of the page.

Credit: @littleolivebujo

Cozy Habits Tracker

I’m calling this a cozy habits tracker because it includes items that I love to get cozy with.

There are books, tea, sweets, and lamp light. This is the cutest idea for tracking your habits.

Credit: littleolivebujo

Self-Care To Do List

Self-care is so important, so make sure you’re taking time out to practice self-care.

Use this spread to keep track of what self-care means to you.

Credit: @rem.bujo

Coffee Cup Mood Tracker

Keep track of your mood with this coffee themed mood tracker.

I’m a big coffee lover, so something like this would me tracking my mood more interesting..

Credit: @arilee.bulo

Polaroid Bunting

Here’s another creative mood tracker that uses a Polaroid bunting design.

You can color in each day with a color or even the doodle of your choice.

Credit: @sunshine_journal_

Bubble Tea Planner

Here’s a simple yet cute and creative way to plan your days, weeks, and months.

If you’re not a fan of bubble tea, you can replace it with your favorite beverage.

Credit: @byclairee

September Lipstick Cover Page

If you love makeup, this is a great way to introduce the new month.

I’ll be honest and admit that it would take me quite some time to get my lipstick to look so realistic.

You could also replace the lipstick with your favorite makeup product.

Credit: @journalwithkate

Social Media Password Keeper

This social media spread will help you keep track of your usernames and passwords.

You can do something similar to keep track of other online passwords too.

Credit: @bulletjournalkw


Make saving money fun by trying out this Monopoly inspired “Saveopoly” bullet journal spread.

Each week you’ll roll the dice, move your marker, and put that amount of money in your savings.

The pen featured in this picture is a Micron pen.

Credit: @craftyenginerd

Book Tracker

I’ll admit that although it is simple, this is my favorite spread on the list (I’m a bookworm).

If you love to read, this is an attractive way to keep track of what you’ve read along with your rating.

Credit: @january._journal

Washi in Polaroids

Here’s one of my favorite creative bullet journal spreads.

This one features a Polaroid bunting design with washi tape used for the photos.

Instead of drawing washi tape designs, you could apply actual washi tape to each Polaroid.

Credit: unknown

A Room Without Books

If you’re a book lover, here’s a bullet journal page that can be used to track the books you’ve read or even your favorite books.

This quote says “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

Credit: unknown

Ice Cream Cones

This is probably one of the cutest mood trackers I’ve seen.

You get to track your mood by coloring in the ice cream scoops.

You can get creative here and also draw in tasty toppings.

Credit: @bujowithnato

Paper Notes Weekly Planner

This weekly planner uses paper notes designs. I always love the way hand-drawn paper notes look in a bullet journal.

The colors in the bottom corner of the page make the overall spread even prettier.

Credit: bujowithsarahh

Library Book Trackers

Here’s another book-themed bullet journal spread. This one is actually a cool library book tracker.

I love checking out books from my library and this would be a great way to remember the books that I’ve read from the library.

The pens featured in this picture are Tombow pens.

Credit: skyler.reads

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