65 Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Inspire Your Next Spread

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the term “bullet journal” popping up all over the internet. A bullet journal is a creative and customizable organizational system that typically involves the use of a notebook or sketchbook.

When I first began bullet journaling, I had to have all of the bullet journal supplies. I found myself buying supplies more than I was actually using them. What I’ve grown to learn is that it’s not about the number of supplies you have that’s important.

Furthermore, you don’t have to break the bank in order to have an attractive bullet journal. Really, all you need is a selection of supplies that you love to journal with.

January Bullet Journal Covers

I love all of the January cover pages I’ve featured below. These spreads lean towards being more simplistic. I think my favorite is the spread with January doodles.

The doodles fit perfectly with the month of January. For more January bullet journal spreads, check out my post 25 January Bullet Journal Ideas.

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Moon and Clouds

Credit: @thuys.bujo

If you’re looking for a simple and creative calendar idea for your journal, I think you’ll love this one. The blue and gold color combination goes perfectly with the sky theme.

Winter Doodles

Credit: @nohnoh.studies

This spread is filled with fun winter doodles perfect for the month of January. There are warm clothes, ice skates, candles and more. I love the book Kawaii Doodle Class for learning how to draw cute doodles!

Pink and Purple Clouds

Credit: jade_journals

This soft pink and purple cloud theme is so lovely. The flying airplane adds a special touch; however, you can create your cover page with or without the airplane.

Floral Wreath

Credit: @byclairee

This cover page has a great winter vibe. I love the colors used here, and how nice the wreath looks. For your cover page, you can draw different flowers and use different colors.

Hand with Flowers

Credit: @bujoclaire

If you’re looking for an elegant cover page, give this one a try. I know that drawing hands can be tricky, so make sure you check out my collection of hand drawing references and tutorials.

February Bullet Journal Covers

Here are a selection of great February bullet journal covers. I’ve included a couple of love theme because Valentines Day’s occurs during the month of February.

I love the look of the sunflower spread. It’s so creative and the colors work so well together. For more February bullet journal spreads, check out my post 30 Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for February.


Credit: @ritasnotes

If you’re a fan of the TV show Friends, you should consider drawing this February cover page. Of course, you could do this cover page for any month of the year.


Credit: @myblossomjournal

I love the sunflowers that border this February cover page. The handwritten lettering looks so fun and creative too. This design would work well for the summer months as well.

Filled with Hearts

Credit: @studyandstuffx94

This design is so simple with little tiny hearts scattered throughout the page. You could change this page up a bit by adding a calendar to your cover page.

Envelopes with XO Hearts

Credit: @nicole.josephinee

This design really is perfect for Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for a February spread with a Valentine’s Day theme, this is the perfect cover page for you.

March Bullet Journal Covers

What I like about the March bullet journal cover pages below is that they work well for nearly every month of the year. I love the floral design of the last spread.

The artist chose a great color palette for the flowers and leaves. For more March bullet journal spreads, check out my post 23 Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for March.

Moon Dreamcatcher

Credit: @dulcetjournals

This March cover page is so simple and creative. I love the black and white theme used for this design, but you can certainty add color if you’d like.


Credit: @_bullet_journal_7

This cover page has delicious macarons scattered throughout the page. You could do something similar, but switch up the colors of your macarons to your favorite colors.

Beautiful Flowers

Credit: @wildeyesbujo

The color used for theses flowers go so well together. Plus, I love how the design looks complicated, but is actually easier than it looks to draw.

April Bullet Journal Covers

You won’t find any April showers in these cover pages. Most of the spreads I’m sharing below feature lovely floral drawings. I’ve also included a unique theme that features planets in a jar. For more April bullet journal spreads, check out my post 18 Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Ideas For April.

April Flowers

Credit: @bujoandcookies

Here’s a cover page that’s perfect for the month of April. It’s filled with beautiful spring flowers and uses a great spring themed color palette.

Planets in a Jar

Credit: @bujo.maja

If you love a good galaxy theme, I think you’ll love this April cover page. This design is of a jar filled with orange planets. You could use different colors, such as different shades of purple.

Purple Flowers

Credit: @_differenz

Here’s another cover page that’s fitting for the month of April. You can switch yours up by drawing the flowers of your choice and using different colors.

Green Leaves

Credit: @catsplanner

If you’re looking for a simple spread, this may be a great cover page to try. The quote says “don’t confuse your path with your destination.”

Pastel Flowers

Credit: @wiscobujo

These pastel flowers are so beautiful. The hand lettering looks great too. This would be the perfect cover page design during the month of April.

May Bullet Journal Covers

These May bullet journal covers are filled with creativity. The colors and drawings are beautiful. For more May bullet journal spreads, check out my post 25 Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Ideas for May.

May Flowers

may bullet journal cover page with quotes and wildflowers
Credit @kaths.calligraphy

I love the quote here that says “like wildflowers you must allow yourself to grow in all places people thought you never would.”

Bright Lemons

Credit @sarilikha_ph

I’m a big fan of lemon themes. I always find the yellow and green to go so well together. Plus I really love the brightness of the yellow lemons.

June Bullet Journal Covers

Because summer starts in the month of June, I’ve decided to feature spreads that have summer vibes. These spreads use soft colors like yellows and pinks and include floral designs. For more June spreads, check out my post 28+ Best Bullet Journal Spreads for June.

Moon and Mountains

Credit: @jashiicorrin

This cover page is so creative. I love the picture that’s nestled within the moon. I also really love the additional of the flowers hugging the moon, and the touch of yellow that’s been added to the black and white design.

Purple and Blue Flowers

Credit: @marthasjournal

I love the 3D appearance of this page. You can draw different flowers such as sunflowers or daisies. You can also draw the same flowers but use different colors.

Large Sunflower

Credit: @junefolio

This large sunflower looks so fun and easy to draw. I think the sunflower is the perfect flower to draw for a June bullet journal cover.


Credit: @bulletjournal_veronica

If you love daisies, I think you’ll love this June cover page. This page is filled with lovely daisy flowers. The color palette is simple and summer like.

July Bullet Journal Covers

Below you’ll find a minimalist July cover and one that has more detail. I find the ocean-themed spread to be absolutely stunning. For more July spreads check out my post 28+ Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas for July.

Blue and Gold Waves

Credit: @bujo.by.frence

This cover page is so simple anyone can do something similar in their bullet journal. You can use different colors or change the handwriting style for your text.

Vitamin Sea

Credit: @Calikessy

I really love this July spread. The ocean theme look stunning, and the colors go so well together. I also love how it says “I need vitamin sea.”

August Bullet Journal Covers

If you’re looking for August cover pages, I’ve included a few creative and unique spreads for you to check out. I love the origami August spread. For more August spreads check out my post 27+ Best Bullet Journal Spreads for August.

Black and Blue

Credit: @casually.created

It’s not often that you see black bullet journal pages. The blue and white go so well together on the black page. I think that pink and white would look great too.

Lots of Fishes

Credit: @artworks_by_long

Isn’t this a unique and creative design? It’s a bunch of fish swimming towards the month of August. Feel free to use different colors for your design.

Astronaut Carrying Planets

Credit: @bumblebujo

If you’re looking for a cool galaxy theme to draw, look no further. This cover page shows an astronaut carrying planets as if they were balloons.

Origami Birds

Credit: naomi.journals

I would love to do something like this with my bullet journal. I think it’s such a creative design. Of course, you could make it your own by using different colors, or changing up your calligraphy.

September Bullet Journal Covers

These September bullet journal covers are unique and artistic. For more September spreads check out my post 25+ Best September Bullet Journal Cover Ideas.

Simple Stars

Credit: @jashiicorrin

This September cover uses a simple design which makes it so easy for beginners. Simply write out the month, create a border of simple stars, and draw a colored line though the month.

Shades of Browns

Credit: annajournals_

I love how creative and abstract this design is. You can really get creative by adding different shapes or using different colors. You could even include a calendar on your cover page. The pens featured in this photo are Faber-Castell pens.

Blue Pink and Gold Flowers

Credit: mochibujo

This flower design is actually quite popular for bullet journals. What I really love is the font used for September. It’s so elegant, and it makes the design overall design stand out.

Book and Coffee

Credit: @ginger.bullet.journal

This is one of my favorite cover pages. The design is a little more advanced, but if you’re willing to take your time, you can definitely create something like this for your own journal.

Blue and Green Flowers

Credit: @wildeyesbujo

This is such an artistic cover page. This flowers and leaves are stunning. I also really love the colors and how well September blends in with the design.


Credit: @lisenlettering

This cover page has more of a Woodland theme and I love it. The true star of this cover page is the handwriting. I think the artist did such a great job with the calligraphy.

October Bullet Journal Covers

October is one of my favorite months of the year. The first cover page is perfect for October. It’s filled with doodles of all of my fall favorites. For more October and Halloween spreads, check out my post 25+ October Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for Fall and Halloween.

October Doodles

Credit: @bujoandbee

If you love drawing cute doodles, I think you’ll love this October cover page. It’s filled with fall-themed doodles like tea, coffee, warm clothing, candles, and more.

Simple October

Credit: @amizaomar

This simple October page is great for anyone looking for a minimalist design to try out. You could add a calendar to this page if you wanted to fill up more space.

Beer and Pretzels

Credit: weheartit

Isn’t this design so cool for the month of October? As you may know, October is the month of Oktoberfest, so this theme is very fitting for the month.

Plants on Shelf

Credit: @bujowithpau

I love a good plant design. This design features beautiful plants sitting on a shelf. The calligraphy looks great as well. This spread also includes ideas for your month-at-a-glance page.

Hanging October

Credit: @seed_successful_you

Here’s a cover page that is pretty creative. Each letter in October is hanging from a string. Below the month, there are beautiful sunflower drawings.

Hello October

Credit: weheartit

Lavender flowers always look so nice when hand-drawn. This cover page looks so good, and the best part is that it’s actually a very beginner-friendly design.

November Bullet Journal Covers

Aren’t these November cover pages great? I love the fall-themed design because it’s so fitting for the fall season. The colors, leaves, mushrooms, and acorns look great. For more November spreads, check out my post 25 November Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for Fall.

Diamonds and Clouds

Credit: @jessbujos

This cloud theme is so dreamy. It features a lovely fluffy cloud design, with golden diamonds hanging from the clouds.

Grey and Red Planets

Credit: @pens.and.inc

This space theme has grey and red planets. There’s also the addition of constellations and stars. You can make your unique by using different colors and changing the planet designs.

November Leaves

Credit: @wildeyesbujo

This cover page is just perfect for the fall. The colors go so well together, and the leaves are the perfect fall colors.

Diamond Curtain

Credit: @bulletjournal.elin

This design can be used for any month of the year. It features a diamond string curtain, with beautiful calligraphy for the word November.

December Bullet Journal Covers

I love the simplicity of these December bullet journal covers. If you’re looking for elegant December cover ideas, use these covers for inspiration. For more December spreads, check out my post 25+ December Bullet Journal Ideas for the Holidays.

Evergreen Leaves

Credit: @bulletwithe

This cover page is perfect for winter. It features evergreen leaves, red berries, and a beautiful handwritten font. I love this for the month of December.

Gold Ornaments

Credit: @keletters

Here’s a simple design that has a beautiful collection of white and gold ornaments. Of course, if you want more color, you can definitely add more color to your design.

Yellow Lights

Credit: @bulletyourself

I would love to do something like this for my journal, but make it more festive by using greens, yellows, reds, and more. I love how the letter “r” looks like it’s connected to the holiday lights.

Additional Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Here are a few more creative bullet journal spread ideas that you can use for inspiration.

Social Media Password Keeper

bullet journal password keeper
Credit: @bulletjournalkw

This social media spread will help you keep track of your usernames and passwords. You can do something similar to keep track of other online passwords too.


Credit: @craftyenginerd

Make saving money fun by trying out this Monopoly-inspired “Saveopoly” bullet journal spread. Each week you’ll roll the dice, move your marker, and put that amount of money in your savings.

Places to Travel

places to travel
Credit: @ro.studiezz

If you enjoy traveling, you will find this “Places to Travel” bullet journal spread fun and enjoyable to create. You’ll include the places you want to visit in the Polaroids.

Simple Green Tracker

green tracker
Credit: @cayaline

This simple bullet journal spread will help you track your sleep, habits, goals, and more. I like how this spread includes a space for highlights and learnings.

Beautiful Weekly Planner

plant weekly planner
Credit: @plan.tful

Here’s a fun, colorful, and unique way to plan the upcoming week. The graphics and calligraphy used in this spread are stunning. The scrip quote on the left page says, “Visualize your highest self. Start showing up as her.”

Peacock March Playlist

music playlist
Credit: @plinthced

Here’s a creative way to keep track of your monthly playlists. Something like this will be fun to look back on in the future. I love the beautiful peacock feathers used in this design.

Bunny-Themed April Planner

april planner
Credit: @dulcetbujo

Make scheduling your day fun with this creative bunny-themed weekly bullet journal spread. I love how the colors and floral printout give this spread a vintage look.

Minimalist Weekly Planner

minimalist planner
Credit: @supermassiveblackink

This is a lovely minimalist layout. Consider planning your week or month in a minimalist way. The washi tape along the top of the page really adds something special to this spread.

Bees and Honey To-Do List

bee to do list
Credit: @littleolivebujo

Here’s another creative and inspiring way to plan your week. How cute are the bees and honey? I also love the honey stick and peaches at the bottom of the page.

Self-Care To-Do List

self care list
Credit: @rem.bujo

Self-care is so important, so make sure you’re taking time out to practice self-care. Use this spread to keep track of what self-care means to you.

Coffee Cup Mood Tracker

coffee cup mood tracker
Credit: @arilee.bulo

Keep track of your mood with this coffee-themed mood tracker. I’m a big coffee lover, so something like this would me tracking my mood more interesting..

Bubble Tea Planner

bubble tea planner
Credit: @byclairee

Here’s a simple yet cute and creative way to plan your days, weeks, and months. If you’re not a fan of bubble tea, you can replace it with your favorite beverage.

September Lipstick Cover Page

lipstick design
Credit: @journalwithkate

If you love makeup, this is a great way to introduce the new month. I’ll be honest and admit that it would take me quite some time to get my lipstick to look so realistic. You could also replace the lipstick with your favorite makeup product.

Book Tracker

book tracker
Credit: @january._journal

I’ll admit that although it is simple, this is my favorite spread on the list (I’m a bookworm). If you love to read, this is an attractive way to keep track of what you’ve read along with your rating.

Washi in Polaroids

washi tape

Here’s one of my favorite creative bullet journal spreads. This one features a Polaroid bunting design with washi tape used for the photos.

Instead of drawing washi tape designs, you could apply actual washi tape to each Polaroid.

A Room Without Books

book chart

If you’re a book lover, here’s a bullet journal page that can be used to track the books you’ve read or even your favorite books. This quote says, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

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