25 December Bullet Journal Ideas for Christmas 2021

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Winter is one of my favorite times of year and December is one of my favorite months.

Christmas time is filled with festive lights, tasty foods, hot cocoa and wonderful scents.

If you too are a fan of the month of December, I know you’ve been gearing up to create some pretty awesome winter and Christmas themed spreads. If that sounds like you, check out these December bullet journal page ideas.

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Gather Your Bullet Journal Supplies

  • Mildliner Colored Pens: These are the colored pens I use for my bullet journal. They are the most popular bullet journal pens!
  • Washi Tape: Washi tape provides a simple way to personalize your journal.
  • Shape Stencils: These stencils include ribbons, banners, and so much more.
  • Bullet Journal Printables: If you love printables, you should check out this 50-Page Printable Bullet Journal.

December Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Check out over 20 December bullet journal spread ideas. You’ll find cover pages, mood trackers, and more.

Christmas Time is Here

This gorgeous spread is filled with wonderful Christmas music titles such as “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” and neat Christmas-themed doodles.


Credit: barbarahaegerart

Christmas Tree Mood Tracker

I love the simplicity of this Christmas tree mood tracker. You will color in one ornament a day with the color that matches your mood.


Credit: becca.journals


Isn’t this the cutest December cover page? It’s covered with mistletoe and a wonderful holiday dessert. I love how it’s beautiful and easy to recreate.


Credit: bujo_with_blythe

Christmas Cookies

I’m loving this December cover page. It’s filled with candy canes, Christmas cookies, and evergreen leaves. Believe it or not, this cover page is actually watercolor.


Credit: wiscobujo

Merry Christmas Handwriting

The handwriting used for this “Merry Christmas” page is beautiful. The addition of the snowflakes and gift are very fitting for a Christmas spread.


Credit: brandeedraws

Christmas Scrapbook

This spread has more of a scrapbook theme. It’s filled with lovely Christmas photos, a plan for the month ahead and more.


Credit: aprilannarts

Holiday Blend

This cover page has the perfect holiday blend. There are dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, holly berries, anise, and cloves.


Credit: decorateyoureveryday

Cozy Doodles

The doodles used for the cover page have festive and cozy vibes. Included are candles, tea, coffee, cookies, ornaments and more.


Credit: mochibujo

Christmas Countdown

This Christmas countdown is filled with beautifully designed and colored wrapped gifts. You can use a color palette that matches your personality.


Credit: b.bulletjournal

Charlie Brown Quote

I’m a big fan of Charlie Brown. This quote says “It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters, it’s who’s around it.”


Credit: chardangerfield.art

Advent Calendar

Have you ever thought about creating an advent calendar for your bullet journal? Every day you’ll create a new holiday themed drawing for this page.


Credit: annas.art.s

Christmas Time is Here

Christmas Time is Here by Vince Guaraldi Trio is one of my favorite Christmas songs. The drawings used for this spread are so perfect and fitting for the month of December.


Credit: barbarahaegerart

Gingerbread Cookies

This December cover page is filled with yummy gingerbread cookies. What I love about this cover page is that it’s so fun and easy to draw your own version.


Credit: b.bulletjournal

Mood and Anxiety Tracker

This spread features two different types of trackers, a mood tracker and santa claus in a chimney tracker. You can add one or both of these spreads to your journal.


Credit: thenineeightbus

Christmas Lights

This cover page has a classic Christmas lights design. If you do something similar, you could switch up the colors to pinks, purples and yellows.


Credit: lifeislikeabullet

Gift Tag

Here’s a simple and creative cover page that uses a beautiful hand drawn gift tag. The tag has the word December written in a beautiful handwritten font. Additionally, the mistletoe adds a festive touch to the design.

december gift tag cover page

Credit: artsybec

Deer with Antlers

I’m in love with this cover page. Granted, I can’t draw something like this myself, but it’s such a gorgeous spread. I love the sweater the deer is wearing and the ornaments hanging from the antlers.

best december bullet journal cover page

Credit: dutch_dots

Snowflake Tutorial

If you’d like to know how to draw a snowflake, this tutorial will show you how to draw three different snowflakes. These snowflakes would make a great addition to your holiday-themed spread.

snowflake doodle tutorial how to draw a snowflake

Credit: lepetitchat96

Gingerbread Weekly Planner

This weekly planner is so festive and creative. This weekly planner uses a candy cane pattern to border the days of the week, and it’s filled with tasty gingerbread cookies.

december weekly planner

Credit: bujoberry

December Playlist

Make your playlist spread festive this holiday season. You can add whatever songs you’d like to your page. They can be holiday songs, or your favorite songs of the moment.

christmas playlist for bullet journal

Credit: b.bulletjournal

Simple December Cover Page

I love the simplicity of this December cover page. It’s beginner-friendly and you can change it up to fit your personal tastes. For example, you could use different colors and different Christmas tree styles.

december christmas tree cover page

Credit: ohkaysay

Christmas Wreath

This festive cover page is a drawing of a stunning Christmas wreath. I love the candy cane pattern being used for the word December. This is the perfect December cover page.

december cover page with wreath

Credit: bujoandcookies

Christmas Headers

If you’re looking for some festive header ideas for winter and Christmas, take a look at the options below. I love all of the headers ideas being show. Especially the candy cane themed header.

december header and title ideas for bullet journal

Credit: planwithady

Warm Clothes

I love this December bullet journal cover. It features a Christmas sweater along with a winter scarf and hat. This December spread screams Christmas and winter time in my opinion.


Credit: creative.juliaaa

Christmas Doodles

I thought that it would be fun to include a couple of cute Christmas doodle tutorials. These holiday doodles will look great in your bullet journal during the month of December.


Credit: littleolivebujo


Credit: art_love98

Candy Canes

I love how simple yet festive this cover page looks. The candy cane design is perfect for the month of December. You could even color your candy canes pink or purple to switch things up.



This December cover page has a unique scrabble theme. The words come together to say “Hello December.” This is a great concept to use for other months too.


Bonus Free Printable

If you’re ready to watch Christmas movies with your family, download this free Christmas Movie Checklist printable to make the experience even more fun. Click the image to download.

Christmas movie checklist

Christmas Movie Checklist Printable.

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