38 Best Bullet Journal Spreads for August 2024

If you’re looking for August bullet journal inspiration, I’m sharing the best bullet journal spreads for August.

I’ve included some beginner-friendly spreads and even some spreads that are more advanced. So no matter your skill level, I hope you can find a spread to inspire you.

One of my favorite pages in this collection is the fifth spread. I’m not sure if I could replicate something like this, but I love the look of the ice cream cone and the shading used on the ice cream itself.

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1. Paper Planes

Credit: yellowmelown_

I love this August cover page that features flying paper plans. I love the small details that help this page stand out, such as the washi tape. Additionally, the color palette used here is beautiful.

2. Minimalist

Credit: bujo.by.lo

This cover page is perfect for the minimalist bullet journal. Even though this spread is simple, it’s also still gorgeous. I think my favorite part is the August heading. I also like the chosen colors. Most minimalist spreads are black and white, but this one uses a tan color.

3. Line Drawing

Credit: myblossomjournal

I love this modern cover page. This one uses line drawing to create faces. The blocks of color also contribute to giving this spread a modern and unique look.

4. Flowers and Butterfly

Credit: wildeyesbujo

This page is creative because it features flowers that also look like butterflies. If you love this design, you can create something similar using your favorite colors.

5. Ice Cream Cone

ice cream cone august bullet journal
Credit: nicestthingscom

Isn’t this ice cream gone stunning? The pink shading on the ice cream help to make it looks very realistic. This spread would also work well for June.

6. Cacti

cactus august bullet journal
Credit: girl.loves.bujo

This August cover features an assortment of cacti. I love the cute touch that the flower adds to the cactus. I also like the look that was created by coloring outside the lines.

7. Coral Colors

k-pop august bullet journal
Credit: studyy.rose

The colors and calligraphy used in the bullet journal spread are so lovely. I also love the look that the washi tape gives to the spread.

8. Studio Ghibli

studio ghibli august bullet journal
Credit: lazyeggdesk

I love Studio Ghibli movies. They’re so well-crafted and bring back a lot of nostalgic feelings for me. This spread is perfect for fans of Studio Ghibli films.

9. Avocado

avocado august bullet journal
Credit: positive.journaling

I like avocado designs because of how easy it is to create a theme. I love the look of avocados when they have faces drawn on them. They’re so cute when you do that.

10. Popsicle

Popsicle august bullet journal
Credit: bjbynicole

This spread would work perfectly for the warmer months. You can put your spin on this idea by drawing your favorite popsicle or ice cream cone.

11. Planets and Stars

planets august bullet journal
Credit: becca.journals

I love the colors used on the August cover page. I’ve noticed that drawings of planets always appeal to me. The bright colors are attention-grabbing.

12. Summer Fruit

fruit august bullet journal
Credit: elisaraedoodles

This spread is cute and simple. You could do something similar for other months using the fruits or vegetables that are in season for that month.

13. Retro

retro 80's august bullet journal
Credit: in.a.bullet.journey

If you’re an 80’s kid or an 80’s kid at heart, I’m sure you can appreciate this retro-style cover page. My favorite parts of this design are the rollerblades and Rubik’s cube.

14. Floral

floral calendar august bullet journal
Credit: love.shay_shay

Here’s a cover page idea with a simple calendar and floral design that’s still very attractive. I love the script that is used for “August.”

15. Lavender

lavender august bullet journal
Credit: stargirl_j9

Lavender seems to be a popular plant to draw in bullet journals. They are beautiful plants and take less effort to draw than other more detailed plants. Regardless, this is a stunning August cover page.

16. Ocean Theme

This August cover page features starfish, an anchor, a crab, seashells, and more. I love how the rope is twisted into a heart with the addition of the turtle.

ocean under the sea august bullet journal
Credit: studywope

17. Colorful Flowers

flower august bullet journal
Credit: adriana_de_gante

This spread is simple and can be worked up quickly if you don’t want to put a ton of time into your cover page.

18. Strawberries

strawberries august bullet journal
Credit: abigaildoodles

This basket of strawberries is fitting for the month of August. If I were to do something similar, I’d probably add seeds to my strawberries.

19. Houses and Night Sky

houses and calendar august bullet journal
Credit: lolascraftjournal

I could never pull something like this off, but a girl can dream. This spread is stunning and looks like a real work of art.

20. Pink Blue and Gold Sky

night sky august bullet journal
Credit: bullet_journallingg

The gold that’s been added to this cover page makes the design stand out. I love how well the blue, pink, and gold come together.

21. Circular Calendar

august calendar for bullet journal
Credit: nerdy.flamingo

Here’s something that simple and unique. It’s not exactly a cover page but more of a monthly planner. Something I like about this is how they’ve arranged the text for “August.”

22. Volkswagen Van

vw van beach august bullet journal
Credit: chasing.embers.letters

If you’re a fan of the beach life or the Volkswagen van, I know you’ll appreciate this August cover page. I love how they’re listing their important dates on the following page.

23. Tropical Fruit and Plants

fruit august bullet journal cover
Credit: b.bulletjournal

I love the summer vibes that this cover page gives off. Plus, the calligraphy is just beautiful. I think the palm leaves bordering the top of the page are washi tape. If so, it really adds a nice touch to the spread.

24. Constellations

constellations august bullet journal
Credit: bullet_journallingg

You can put your own spin on a spread like this by drawing your favorite constellations. Some constellations you can draw are your zodiac sign, Ursa Major, Orion, and more.

25. Seashells

seashells august bullet journal
Credit: kathrynn.lynnn

Here’s another beach-themed cover page that I’m drawn to. I love the minimalist look of the spread and the subtle hints of color throughout.

26. Pink Candy

august bullet journal calendar with candy
Credit: skyyjournals

Isn’t this August calendar just yummy? My favorite part of this spread is the glittery look of the pink candy rainbow. I also like how there’s a special area to keep track of birthdays.

27. Pale Pinks

k-pop august bullet journal spread
Credit: studyy.rose

The calligraphy used in this spread is gorgeous. If you’re a K-pop or K-drama fan, this could give you ideas for incorporating your favorites into your bullet journal.

28. Galaxy

outer space august bullet journal
Credit: bullet_journallingg

Remember earlier when I mentioned how bright and visually stunning I find galaxy spread to be? Well, here’s another perfect example of how eye-catching hand-drawn planets are.

29. Floral Border

simple floral august bullet journal
Credit: mermaidmegan

While this drawing is minimalist and appears simple, I think it would take a bit more time to draw my flowers as detailed as the artist has here. I love the simplicity of this spread, but you could also add some color to jazz it up a bit.

30. Cacti on Shelf

simple august title with plants
Credit: ourmousehouse

You can keep your August cover page simply by adding a small shelf with cacti and succulents. The calligraphy used here adds a nice touch to a simple look.

31. Sweets Cart

ice cream truck august bullet journal cover
Credit: mint.and.mont.bujo

I love this sweets cart. The drawing is beautiful, and the colors make this page pop. You can draw something similar using your favorite sweets and different colors.

32. Fireflies in a Jar

august bullet journal cover page with fireflys in jar
Credit: booknbujo

This spread reminds me of summer. It’s a simple jar design with fireflies floating inside and outside of the jar.

33. Seashells

august bullet journal cover page with seashells
Credit: med.oli

This August cover page is so gorgeous. I love the seashells and bubbles drawn throughout the page, and the color palette goes well with the overall theme.

34. Pink Candy

august cover page with candy
Credit: nomnombujo

If you’re looking for a foodie theme, you have to try this candy theme. I love the colors and the glitter effect that makes this stand out.

35. Home Office

office theme august bullet journal cover page
Credit: pens.plans.letters

This cover page features a colorful home office. The hanging printable in the design says, “You are capable of amazing things!”.

36. Scrabble Board

scrabble bullet journal page for august
Credit: rach.bujo

How cool and unique is this Scrabble board cover page? This is one of my favorite cover pages on this list. Also, I love the colors that were used here.

37. Koi Fish

koi fish august bullet journal cover
Credit: bee.drawings

Koi fish designs always catch my eye. I love how the two fish look together, and the color pattern is so beautiful. Koi fish come in various colors and patterns, so feel free to switch up the color and pattern of your Koi fish.

38. Korean Snacks

Credit: vanessajournals

This bullet journal cover page for August includes some of the tastiest Korean snacks. If you haven’t had Pocky biscuit sticks or Hi-Chews, you must try them. They’re so good!

August is a month of transition, and your bullet journal can reflect that. Use August to experiment with new layouts and design ideas. This is the perfect time to try something new in your journal.

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