30 Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for February 2021

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If you’re looking for February bullet journal page ideas, I’ve got you covered.

This post is filled with February cover pages and additional spreads that I thought would be fitting for this month.

Even though February is considered the month of love, I decided to include pages that aren’t just love related.

Below you’ll find cover pages, habit trackers, mood trackers and more.

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Gather Your Bullet Journal Supplies

  • Mildliner Colored Pens: These are the colored pens I use for my bullet journal. They are the most popular bullet journal pens!
  • Washi Tape: Washi tape provides a simple way to personalize your journal.
  • Shape Stencils: These stencils include ribbons, banners, and so much more.
  • Bullet Journal Printables: If you love printables, you should check out this 50-Page Printable Bullet Journal.

February Bullet Journal Spreads

Enjoy browsing this roundup of over 30 bullet journal page ideas for the month of February.


This spread is perfect for the month of February. It says Serendipity is “the occurrence and development by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”


Credit: bujo.remedy

Mailbox with Letters

I think that the font gives this cover page a Disney feel and I love it.

Because Valentine’s day is in February, you can make your letters love letters by adding hearts to the envelopes.


Credit: bujo__enthusiast

Tiny Hearts

This design is so simple with little tiny hearts scattered throughout the page.

You can leave off the calendar if you would prefer for your own spread.

tiny hearts

Credit: jessa.creates

Hanging Hearts

Because Valentine’s Day is in February, you can expect to see lots of hearts in this collection, don’t worry, I’ve included other themes too.

Take a look at this design that has hanging hearts with a ring around the word “February.”

hanging hearts

Credit: pen2paper_92

Sweet Treats

I love the candy theme used for this page. You could do something similar using a different color palette.

For example, I think pastels would look great with this spread.

sweet treats design

Credit: kaylizaa

Pink and Purple Hearts

The hearts used in this design remind me of the hearts that have words like “be mine” or “true love.”

You could actually draw your hearts to include lovey-dovey phrases.


Credit: lilbrownjournal

Weekly Planner

I’m loving this weekly planner. It’s so cute and creative.

One of my favorite things is the envelope design used for one of the days. I also think that the font looks really good.

weekly planner with hearts

Credit: lafondari

February Habits

The month of February is the perfect time to track your habits. You’ve made your resolutions in January, and now it’s time to make sure you stick to them.

february HABITS

Credit: littleolivebujo

Minimalist Hearts

The heart theme is even more minimal than some of the other spreads I’ve featured.

They have a very soft pink added to them, but you don’t have to color yours in at all if you don’t want to.

You can find this diamond pen on Amazon.


Credit: augustrose.doodles

Gem Heart

This heart was drawn to look like a beautiful gem stone.

Not only is the heart stunning, but the handwritten font looks so elegant. What a beautiful cover page.

gem heart

Credit: girlbossbujo

Envelopes with XO Hearts

This design really is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking for a February spread with a Valentine’s Day theme, this is the perfect cover page for you.


Credit: nicole.josephinee

Pink Habit Tracker

This pink habit tracker is an easy way to track your habits for the month of February.

You can use different colors for your habit tracker. You can also use different designs.


Credit: supernovabulletjournal

February Celebration

This cover page looks like a celebration to me. Their are start and heart streamers, with cupcakes and hot drinks.

You can leave your design black and white or you could add color to your spread.


Credit: maris.bulletjournal

XO Hearts

The font used for this design is so lovely. I also like how simple and cute this cover page is.

You can do something similar, but switch it up by changing your font and colors.

xo hearts

Credit: isabel_bujo

Red Strawberries

The strawberries drawn on this cover page look so good.

Even though this looks like a simple cover page, it would probably take time for me to make the strawberries look so real.


Credit: vanessajournals

Whole and Sliced Lemons

There’s something about lemon themes that I really love.

I think it’s the beautiful combination of yellow and green.

During the cold month of February, you can brighten up your month with this lemony spread.


Credit: journal_ink_

Watercolor Flowers

What a unique color palette to use for the flowers on this cover page.

Of course, you can use colors that’s fit your own personality.


Credit: _coffeeandsarcasm_ 

Colorful Flowers

This weekly planner is so cute and colorful. I love the hand-drawn flowers that are hanging from the top of the page.

I also really like the bubble font used for “February.”


Credit: mooni.journal

Heart Mood Tracker

I just love how simple this mood tracker is.

Simply draw hearts all over the page, and color a heart in each day with the color of your current mood.


Credit: claireo.journals

Flowers in a Jar

This mood tracker uses flowers in a jar to track your daily moods.

You can do something similar uses the same flowers with different colors or different flowers altogether.

FLOWERS IN A JAR mood tracker

Credit: mooni.journal

Purple Crystals

If you’re looking for a crystal theme, look no further. I find crystal designs to be so stunning.

They take a little bit of effort to draw, but the finished drawing makes it so worth it.


Credit: bujowithtofu_

Pink and Red Strawberries

I really love the hand-drawn strawberries used in this cover page.

Not only is this a really cute spread, but it’s so easy to make.


Credit: patriciatenetia


Create a beautiful gratitude page for your bullet journal.

This page includes things like being grateful for birthdays, dinner dates, shrimp tacos, and more.

You can list both big and small things for your journal.


Credit: kathrynn.lynnn

Hanging Hearts on String

This simple calendar page has hearts hanging from string.

Additionally, we can’t ignore the lovely page design on the left that features colorful shapes.


Credit: bujo.remedy

Cotton Candy

When I saw this cool cotton candy cover page, I knew I had to add it to this collection.

While this spread is simple, I find it to be such a creative theme for February.

cotton candy

Credit: whatstephanieloves

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