21 October Bullet Journal Ideas for 2024 (Non-Halloween)

It may seem like October bullet journal spreads are all about Halloween, but there are plenty of design ideas that don’t involve ghosts and witches.

Here are 21 creative ideas for October bullet designs that capture the autumn season and all its beauty without going down the spooky route.

1. Calendar with Pumpkins

october bullet journal calendar with pumpkins
Credit: lolascraftjournal

If you’re looking for something on the elegant side, this calendar is perfect. It looks like watercolor has been used here and I really love it. The addition of the night sky and stars is beautiful as well.

2. Floral Border

Floral Border
Credit: livingletterplans

Use a border of flowers, leaves, and anything autumn-related to frame the word “October” in your bullet journal.

3. Beautiful Fall Leaves

october cover page with beautiful fall leaves
Credit: midnightdreamreads

If you’re looking for more of a fall theme for your October cover page, consider doing something like this. Half the page is filled with gorgeous fall leaves. If I were to do something similar, I think that it would be cool to write out “October” using a script font.

4. October Calendar

October Calendar
Credit: priyanka.bujo

A hand-drawing calendar with a design of teapot and leaves is both cute and autumn appropriate. Play around with fall-themed color palettes when making your calendar.

5. Mushrooms and Leaves

october bullet journal with mushrooms
Credit: kc.bujo

Just because it’s October doesn’t mean you have to use a spooky theme. This calendar features vibrant mushrooms, lush grass, and hanging leaves.

6. Pumpkins and Leaves

Pumpkins and Leaves
Credit: bujoandcookies

This is a great cover page for the front of your October bullet journal. With an array of pumpkins and leaves sketched throughout, you’ll get autumn vibes every time you open your journal.

7. Autumn Doodles

autumn doodles for bullet journal pumpkins, pie and sweaters
Credit: meghanmakingstuff

This isn’t a cover page, but could definitely be one if you write “October” in place of “Autumn Doodles.” This could also give you some ideas for doodles to include in your own bullet journal.

8. Whale in a Jar

Whale in a Jar
Credit: lootengstudio

Here’s something a bit different. This design features a whale in a jar surrounded by clouds. The chosen color palette is unusual for fall, but that’s what makes this design so intriguing.

9. Hot Drinks and Leaves

october cover page with leaves and hot cocoa
Credit: hannahs_handlettering

No space has been left untouched on this October cover page. This cover page features things that come to mind when you think of fall. It has leaves, hot drinks, and acorns.

10. Elegant October Cover Page

Elegant October Cover Page
Credit: livingletterplans

This is one of my favorite cover pages. Make a simple but sophisticated cover page filled with beautiful autumn-colored leaves. The golds, greens, and reds are perfect for this design.

11. How to Draw a Moon

how to draw a moon bullet journal
Credit: ambernotebooks

This simple tutorial shows you how to draw a moon step-by-step. Not only is this a helpful tutorial, but the page itself is really gorgeous.

12. Record Player

Credit: veronicajournals

In this design, a record player is sitting on a table with pumpkins in the background. There are other fall elements like leaves floating in the background.

13. Autumn Coziness

autumn bullet journal spread
Credit: shaydacampbell

This isn’t a bullet journal page, but could easily be used for your bullet journal. Something I didn’t notice at first is that there’s a spider hanging from the word “autumn.” How neat is that?

14. Cute Teapots

Cute Teapots
Credit: eunice.bulletjournal

Create a cute autumnal spread with teapots, flowers, mushrooms, and more. Get creative when it comes to thinking of doodle ideas for your teapots.

15. Bloomtober

bloomtober bullet journal page
Credit: ambernotebooks

If you love plants, consider making a “Bloomtober” spread. This spread features plants and flowers that bloom in the fall.

16. Blue and Gold Leaves

Blue and Gold Leaves
Credit: forthejoyofjournaling

Showcase the beauty of fall with this blue and gold leaf spread. I like how the title has been written on brown paper and glued to the journal page.

17. Lunar Phases

moon cycles october bullet journal cover page
Credit: plinthced

This October cover page features the 8 lunar phases. I really love the colors that have been used here. I also love the aesthetic of the overall spread.

18. Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea
Credit: kesysbujo

Draw a cup of tea with autumnal colors and leaves in the background. If you don’t enjoy tea, draw a cup of your favorite hot or cold beverage.

19. Calendar with Fall Leaves

october bullet journal calendar with fall leaves
Credit: midnightdreamreads

I love the aesthetic of this October calendar. The colorful leaves add a really nice touch and give you the perfect fall vibes.

20. Simple Golden Leaf

october bullet journal cover with leaf
Credit: littleolivebujo

This simple cover page features a single golden leaf that represents the fall season. You could do something similar and change up the leaf you draw or the color used for your leaf.

21. October Goodies

Credit: palmypages

This spread is filled with a hodgepodge of beautiful doodles that are fitting for the month of October. I love the October cover page and matching calendar.


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