Beautiful Cloud and Sky Painting Ideas

There’s something that’s so relaxing about creating a beautiful cloud or sky painting. These cloud and sky painting ideas are perfect for anyone looking for inspiration for their next painting.

I’m sharing a variety of beautiful sky paintings, such as sunsets, clouds, sunrise paintings, the night sky, and more. You’ll also find oil painting ideas, watercolor painting ideas, gouache painting ideas, and acrylic painting ideas.

The artists I’m including are incredibly talented. If you enjoy their work, be sure to click through to their social media accounts to check out more.

Where possible, consider supporting the artist on other platforms or by purchasing their work.

Purple and Pink Sunset

sunset with moon
Artist Credit: kjtuffnellart

The colors in this painting are gorgeous. The purple and pink sunset is vibrant, and the moon adds a nice touch. I love how the artist used acrylic paint to create this painting.

Realistic Waves

sunset with purple water
Artist Credit: shifsartea

Painting realistic waves can be challenging, but it’s doable with some practice. One of the most important things to remember is how light reflects off the water. The light will hit the waves differently depending on the time of day and the weather conditions.

Purple and Blue Clouds

purple and blue clouds
Artist Credit: jxinart

These two watercolor paintings are simply beautiful. The artist has captured the delicate quality of clouds perfectly. The purple and blue hues are so calming and serene.

Sunset Road

sunset with road
Artist Credit: moonshine_shades

If you enjoy the look of the sunsetting, paint a beautiful sunset along with a peaceful scene, such as this empty road on a warm summer evening.

Sunset on the Beach

sunset on beach
Artist Credit: marwak_art

The warm colors and relaxed vibe are the perfect way to end a long day at the beach. And there’s no better way to capture that feeling than with a pastel painting.

Watercolor Lake Scene

sunset with boats
Artist Credit: bloominggraphy

Who doesn’t love a beautiful lake scene such as this one? For your painting, you can paint simple boats, birds flying in the sky, and more.

Vibrant Night Sky Above Neighborhood

purple sky
Artist Credit: mistyblueart

This painting depicts a vibrant night sky above a neighborhood. The sky is a deep blue, with purple clouds. I love the addition of the shining moon and stars.

Beautiful Clouds

grass with trees and clouds
Artist Credit: stmayart

This painting features lush grass, trees, and big fluffy white clouds. Use this painting as a reference for your nature-themed paintings.

Blue Aurora in the Woods

blue sky with trees
Artist Credit: kat_mccardle_art

Looking at this watercolor painting of a blue aurora in the woods, it’s hard to believe that it was created with just a few simple colors. But that’s all it takes to create a work of art like this one.

Sakura Tree with Moon

sakura tree with moon
Artist Credit: shifsartea

I love the creativity involved in putting together this gorgeous painting that showcases a sakura (or cherry blossom) tree and a giant glowing moon.

Planets with Black Sky and Stars

planets with black sky and stars
Artist Credit: dearannart

The artist used gouache paint to create this piece. They did a great job making the planets and stars stand out boldly.

Beach Sunrise

beach sunset or sunrise
Artist Credit: shifsartea

For many, it’s on their bucket list to watch the sunset or sunrise. If you’re lucky enough to witness this, why not take a photo and use it as a reference for your painting?

Palm Trees on the Beach

palm trees and beach
Artist Credit: bloominggraphy

This palm trees on the beach painting is lovely. The artwork features palm tree leaves, with the ocean in the background. The colors are very soothing, and the scene is peaceful.

Cloudy Sky and Green Grass

clouds with green grass

I love the simplicity of this painting of a cloudy sky and green grass. Your artwork doesn’t have to be super detailed to be beautiful.

Cloud Painting with Neutral Colors

Artist Credit: jademaieart

Painting clouds is a relaxing and therapeutic activity that anyone can enjoy. You only need two colors (blue and white) to create a simple painting like this.

Three Night Skies

three night sky paintings
Artist Credit: kjtuffnellart

Get your hands on some small square canvases and paint a variety of night sky themes. This artist did a great job with each of these paintings.

Two Night Sky Paintings

orange and purple night sky
Artist Credit: illustrationsandviews

The sky gradually changes color as night falls, eventually becoming a deep blue. Against this dark backdrop, stars begin to appear, twinkling like diamonds in the sky.

Beach in the Evening

purple and blue sky with moon
Artist Credit: dearannart

If you’ve ever been to the beach in the evening, you know that it’s a beautiful site to see. The colors chosen for this particular painting go together wonderfully.

Blue and Orange Sky Above Trees

blue and orange sky
Artist Credit: the_tinted_palette

Have you ever looked up at the sky and seen different colors? Sometimes the sky is a beautiful blue color. Other times it might be orange, pink, or even red.

Sky Over the Neighborhood

clouds over neighborhood
Artist Credit: julia.kamenskikh

This is the perfect painting for a warm summer day or evening. Take a picture of your neighborhood when the sky looks beautiful, and use the photo as a reference for your painting.

Stormy Sky

stormy sky in the woods
Artist Credit: bsostrom

Stormy skies can be beautiful, making them an excellent subject for a painting. When choosing paints, make sure you select colors that will convey the feeling of the storm.

I hope you found inspiration by checking out these great cloud and sky paintings. For more painting inspiration, you will enjoy my post on Easy Watercolor Flower and Tree Painting Ideas.

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