17 Cool Girl Drawing Ideas and References

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These cool girl drawing ideas make the perfect drawing references for artists. As I’ve been practicing my drawing skills more and more lately, I’ve discovered that I have so much fun drawing girl characters.

An artist who is really good at this that I’m a big fan of is Cameron Mark. Cameron is really a fantastic artist, and I’ve included some of his work below along with a link to his Instagram account if you would like to check out more of his work.

1. Plump Lips

If you’re practicing drawing female characters, I think you’ll love recreating this reference for fun.

female character sketch
Artist Credit: cameronmarkart

2. Cute Curly Hair

I love the facial expression that she’s making here. I also love the short curly hairstyle that was chosen.

girl making funny expression
Artist Credit: cameronmarkart

3. Big Smile and Braids

Fernanda is a super talented artist that creates beautiful character drawings and illustrations. You can check out their YouTube channel HERE.

girl smiling sketch
Artist Credit: mftfernandez

4. Nose Ring and Flowers

Here’s another beautiful drawing from Fernanda. Again, make sure you check out their YouTube channel where they share their drawing process.

girl with nose ring sketch
Artist Credit: mftfernandez

5. Holding a Mug

The artist, Angel Ganev, creates beautiful character drawings and illustrations. Make sure you check out the link below to see more of their art.

girl holding coffee sketch
Artist Credit: Angel Ganev

6. Short Wavy Hairstyle

Here’s another wonderful drawing from Angel. I love the characters facial expression and short hairstyle.

girl making annoyed face sketch
Artist Credit: Angel Ganev

7. Honey Dripping from Eyes

This picture is so wonderful, you would have a blast recreating it. I love how the honey is dripping from her eyes.

girl with honey dripping from eyes sketch
Artist Credit: unknown

8. Melting Wax

This picture reminds me of a somewhat similar drawing I shared in my post 25 Easy Sketch Ideas for Beginners. I definitely recommend checking it out for more drawing ideas.

half face with candle sketch
Artist Credit: themindsjournal

9. Girl with Cat on Hat

I wasn’t able to find a clearer version of this drawing, but I just had to share it because I think people will have so much fun recreating this.

girl with cat on hat sketch
Artist Credit: unknown

10. Beanie for The Winter

The hair in this drawing looks so realistic. This drawing is perfect for anyone who wants to practice drawing hair.

girl with beanie sketch
Artist Credit: Farjana Drawing Academy

11. For Fans of BTS

I think that this is so fun for fans of BTS. You can change the name on the hat to include your favorite music artist.

girl with bts hat drawing
Artist Credit: Farjana Drawing Academy

12. Face Mask with Butterflies

The drawing is so creative and was a part of a challenge that helped the artist gain 13k followers. Check out the artist credit link to see more of their creations.

girl with face mask drawing
Artist Credit: Mike Koubou

13. Flowers for Eyes

Here’s another awesome drawing from Mike Koubou. Again, be sure to check out the artist credit link to see more of their work.

girl with flower eyes drawing
Artist Credit: Mike Koubou

14. Cute and Simple

If you want to draw something simple and quick, I think you’ll have fun drawing this easy girl sketch.

girl wearing beanie drawing
Artist Credit: unknown

15. Fun Facial Expressions

This is the perfect reference for drawing facial expressions. In my opinion, this character is totally making a cringing expression.

girl wearing glasses drawing
Artist Credit: cameronmarkart

16. Looking Surprised

I love how this character has a surprised look on her face. I’m also really loving the messy updo.

with with updo drawing
Artist Credit: cameronmarkart

17. Sassy Woman

If you want to draw a sassy female character, you can use this drawing for help with drawing facial expressions.

girl looking angry drawing
Artist Credit: cameronmarkart

18. Purple BUtterflies

This beautiful drawing features a girl with purple eyes and surrounded by purple butterflies.

girl with butterflies
Artist Credit: _natalico_

19. Harley Quinn

Here’s another beautiful drawing by Natalico. This drawing features Harley Quinn. I highly recommend checking out their Instagram account for more amazing artwork.

harley quinn
Artist Credit: _natalico_

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