28 Cool References for Drawing Outfits

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If you’re looking for outfit drawing ideas, keep reading! Below, I’m sharing 28 cool references for drawing outfits.

These outfits are so creative and trendy, you’re going to love them. I personally love using references drawn by other artists when I’m working on improving my drawing skills.

If you’re the same way, you’re going to really enjoy browsing these drawing ideas.

As you take a look at these outfit drawings, you’ll also find some of my best sketch tips for new artists.

Additionally, if you love studying artists, I’ve included a FREE Artist Study printable at the bottom of this post!

Gather Your Drawing Supplies

green nike sweater

Credit: artbyarowyn

red overalls

Credit: artbyrinad

Choosing Your Pencils

Before you begin your drawing, it’s important that you choose the right pencil. If you’re new to sketching and aren’t sure what pencil grade to start with, I recommend starting your sketch with a pencil on the H scale.

You can finish off your drawing with a darker pencil grade, such as a pencil on the B scale.

blue jean skirt

Credit: angilp_art

blue skirt

Credit: myrightbrain_

Use a Blending Stump

It can be difficult to get a good blend with pencils. However, you can create a smooth bleeding effect by using a blending stump. Blending stumps are great for smudging graphite and charcoal.

man with tan coat

Credit: zay.nabts

different outfits for women

Credit: andreamerart

pink overalls

Credit: mycolourdraws

Try Not to Smudge

If you can, avoid smudging your drawing. You can place a piece of paper underneath your hand to minimize how much your hand smudges your drawing.

This will help ensure you have a clean looking drawing once it’s complete. Remember, you can use smudging to your advantage to smooth out your shading.

striped sweater with green pants

Credit: artsy.avocadoo

pastel sweater

Credit: zay.nabts

spaghetti string top

Credit: art_hannahh

Don’t Blend with Your Fingers

Once it’s time to blend, try not to blend with your fingers. When you blend with your fingers, the oils from your skin will transfer to the paper and may affect the look of your drawing. Again, I recommend blending stumps for blending your work.

dark academia outfit

Credit: artsbytahera

winnie the pooh overalls

Credit: _sara.drawss_

flower sweater

Credit: studiosatsch

Practice Sketching Daily

If you want to get better at sketching, the best thing you can do is practice daily.

I recommend setting aside an hour every day to sketch. Don’t worry about your work being perfect. It will get better naturally the more you practice.

woman with pinstripe pants

Credit: juliasgalleri

five men outfits

Credit: miu.k_artgallery

striped sweater for woman outfit

Credit: art_hannahh

Practice Blind Contour Drawing

Blind contour drawing is the practice of drawing the contour of a subject without looking down at the paper.

Blind contour drawing is helpful because it trains the eyes and hands to work as a team. It always helps the artist see all the details of the subject.

denim jacket

Credit: angilp_art

denim skirt

Credit: angilp_art

six different outfits illustrated

Credit: dolphimine

brow sweater with red skirt

Credit: vivcsuuxart

Add Color

Adding color to your drawing can be a great way to make your drawing stand out.

You can use colored pencils, pastels, or even watercolor paint to add some color to your drawing.

girl with crop top outfit

Credit: refinnej_illustration

stylish man with mask

Credit: aspartam___

suede jacket with sweater and jeans

Credit: artbymillies

Use the Grid Method

The grid method involves drawing a grid over your reference photo and then lightlhy drawing the grid on your drawing paper to scale.

The grid method will help with the placement of your drawing. It will give you a reference point between the photo and your canvas.

flannel shirt with pants

Credit: selmaa.arts

green polka dot dress

Credit: zay.nabts

variety of girl outfits

Credit: soupcat_noodles

three different character outfits

Credit: otakupup

sweater that says powerless

Credit: angilp_art

Bonus Free Printable

Study your favorite artist with this free Artist Study printable. Click the image to download.

artist study printable

Artist Study Free Printable.

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