Cool Outfit Drawing Ideas

If you’re looking for outfit drawing ideas, keep reading! Below, I’m sharing thirty cool references for drawing outfits.

These outfits are so creative and trendy, you’re going to love them. I personally love using references drawn by other artists when I’m working on improving my drawing skills.

If you’re the same way, you’re going to really enjoy browsing these drawing ideas. As you take a look at these outfit drawings, you’ll also find some of my best sketch tips for new artists.

Nike Sweater

green nike sweater
Credit: artbyarowyn

This green Nike sweater looks so cool and trendy. You could do something similar, and your sweater doesn’t have to say “Nike.” It can say whatever you’d like.

Overalls with Belt

red overalls
Credit: artbyrinad

I’ve always loved the look of wearing a belt with overalls. This looks is definitely a throwback of the ’80s and ’90s. Don’t forget to include a flower in your pocket.

Denim Skirt

blue jean skirt
Credit: angilp_art

This denim skirt looks so realistic, I can’t believe this was all done using just colored pencils. I love the addition of a white belt with the skirt too.

Long Blue Skirt

blue skirt
Credit: myrightbrain_

If you enjoy creating runway-style drawings, you can use this drawing as a reference. This piece features a woman wearing a gray crop top and a long blue skirt.

Long Coat with Track Pants

man with tan coat
Credit: zay.nabts

Don’t be shy with your drawings. Go ahead and paint a character that’s totally stylish and trendy. This person is wearing a nice tan coat with trendy track pants.

Nine Outfits for Women

different outfits for women
Credit: andreamerart

This drawing features nine different outfits for you to sketch. There’s a nice variety of different clothing styles for you to try out.

Sweater with Overalls

pink overalls
Credit: mycolourdraws

Try something different, like this outfit that features a sweater that’s been paired with belted overalls. To top things off, go ahead and place a flower in the pocket.

Men’s Top with Pleated Pants

striped sweater with green pants
Credit: artsy.avocadoo

Pleated pants are created by sewing folds (pleats) into the fabric and then attaching the waistband. If you want to practice drawing pleats, this drawing makes a great reference.

Pastel Sweater

pastel sweater
Credit: zay.nabts

Play around with pastels to create a trendy and feminine look. This outfit features a cute pink dress, with an oversized cardigan.

Layered T-Shirt with Tank Top

spaghetti string top
Credit: art_hannahh

Adding layers to your clothing is a great way to give your outfits a fun and realistic look. You can layer t-shirts, sweaters, tank tops and more.

Dark Academia Outfit

dark academia outfit
Credit: artsbytahera

If you’re into dark academia, why not add your personal tastes to your drawing? Dark academia requires the use of darker colors. Think fall when choosing colors for your clothing.

Winnie the Pooh Overalls

winnie the pooh overalls
Credit: _sara.drawss_

If you’re a fan of Winnie the Pooh, you’ll have fun drawing this outfit. You could also draw your favorite cartoon or animated series on your clothing.

Flower Cardigan

flower sweater
Credit: studiosatsch

This cardigan reminds me of the trendy knitted cardigans that girls are wearing today. Paint your very own cardigan using your favorite color combinations.

High Fashion

woman with pinstripe pants
Credit: juliasgalleri

If you enjoy drawing high-fashion clothing, I think you’ll enjoy using this drawing as a reference. Have fun putting your own twist on your art.

Men’s Fashion

five men outfits
Credit: miu.k_artgallery

This sketchbook includes five different looks for you to consider when looking for outfit inspiration for your own male characters.

Striped Shirt

striped sweater for woman outfit
Credit: art_hannahh

I find stripes to be so fun to draw. They add great detail to any clothing item, and they’re also really easy to draw, making them a win-win.

Denim Jacket

denim jacket
Credit: angilp_art

In my opinion, denim jackets will always be in style. Practice drawing different jacket styles to suit your character drawing.

Denim Skirt

denim skirt
Credit: angilp_art

Along with drawing a denim jacket, you can also draw a coordinating skirt. I love the fringe that’s been placed at the bottom of this skirt.

Pick Your Favorite Outfit

six different outfits illustrated
Credit: dolphimine

This is the ultimate outfit drawing inspiration. This illustration features six designs that you can use for inspiration. Which one is your favorite?

Add Jewelry

brow sweater with red skirt
Credit: vivcsuuxart

While this outfit is absolutely stunning, another thing that caught my eye was the necklace. Adding jewelry to your outfit is a great way to make it stand out.

It’s All About the Crop Top

girl with crop top outfit
Credit: vivcsuuxart

If you love crop tops, you’ll have so much fun drawing cute crop top looks. Pair the crop top with shorts, pants, or a pencil skirt.

Stylish Sketch

stylish man with mask
Credit: aspartam___

This sketch is absolutely amazing. The clothing is so stylish and would look pretty cool if you added color. You can use colored pencils or markers.

Fall Outfit

suede jacket with sweater and jeans
Credit: artbymillies

Not only does this outfit scream the ’90s to me, but it’s also the perfect item to piece together during the autumn season. The warm layers and autumnal colors are just perfect.

Open Flannel Top

flannel shirt with pants
Credit: selmaa.arts

Who doesn’t love a good flannel shirt? Especially one that’s been left open and layered. Go ahead and choose the colors of your choice for your flannel top.

Green Chiffon

green polka dot dress
Credit: zay.nabts

If you want to get better at drawing different fabrics, this green with polka dots chiffon dress is perfect for you. Try using a different color to give the dress a different look.

Cool Girl Outfits

variety of girl outfits
Credit: soupcat_noodles

Here’s a variety of cool girl outfits for you to sketch. There’s punk, goth, grunge, e-girl, cottagecore, and more. This is great practice for drawing different clothing styles.

Street Kids

three different character outfits
Credit: otakupup

If you love the street kid’s look, why don’t you take some time to do a few sketches of some stylish street kids. Baggy clothing and plaid shirts are both staples of this style.

Powerless Sweatshirt

sweater that says powerless
Credit: angilp_art

This outfit is so trendy, I think you’ll love practicing with this reference. When drawing the sweater, think of other words you could use, such as “powerful.”

So there you have it, some pretty cool references for drawing outfits. I hope this article has given you some inspiration and ideas for your next project.

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