Easy Crochet Bikini Top Patterns

The weather is getting warmer, which means it’s time to find the best crochet bikini top patterns.

Thankfully, I’ve done most of the work for you and I’m sharing gorgeous crochet bikini and bralette patterns. These tops can be worn to the beach or summer festival paired with shorts, flowy pants, and more.

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Fruits of My Labor Bralette


This bralette pattern is detailed and versatile. It can be worn as a bikini top or paired with shorts, overalls, and more. Get the pattern for the Fruits of My Labor Bralette.

Luna Crop Top

Luna Crop Top

If you’re looking for a beautiful top to keep you cool and comfortable in the hot summer weather, consider opting for a bamboo or bamboo cotton blend yarn. This type of yarn is known for its lightness and breathability, making it the perfect choice for rising temperatures. Get the pattern for the Luna Crop Top.

Oceana Bikini Top


If you’re looking for a basic bikini top with a twist, you’ll love making and wearing this ocean bikini top. This free pattern is written for small, medium, and large sizes. Get the pattern for the Oceana Bikini Top.

Simple Crochet Bikini Top


This crochet bikini top is so simple to make. The pattern provides sizes for small, medium, and large. Additionally, instructions are provided for making a custom size to fit your body, no matter your size. Get the pattern for the Simple Crochet Bikini Top.

Lace Shell Tank Top

Lace Shell Tank Top

Get ready to crochet your way to style with this fantastic pattern! With a comprehensive 9-page written guide and helpful photo tutorial, you’ll be creating a masterpiece in no time. Get the pattern for the Lace Shell Tank Top.

Ruffle Tank Top

Ruffle Tank Top

Made from a cotton mix yarn, this tank is lightweight and perfect for those hot days. Plus, it’s so simple to make. Get the pattern for the Ruffle Tank Top.

Marnie Top

Marnie Crochet Top

This Marnie top is the perfect beginner-friendly pattern. Your bralette can be worn as a summer or bikini top. It’s entirely up to you. Get the pattern for the Marnie Top.

Festival Top Pattern

Festival Top Pattern

I think you’ll love this crochet top if you’re looking for the perfect top for summer festivals or other summer adventures. Get the pattern for the Festival Top Pattern.

Rainbow Crop Top

Rainbow Crop Top

Are you ready for a fun and easy project you can zip through quickly? Look no further because this pattern is perfect for beginner crafters and will make you feel accomplished. Get the pattern for the Rainbow Crop Top.

Bikini Bralette Top

Bikini Bralette Crop Top

If you’re looking for a crochet bikini top pattern with some pizazz, you have to make this one. Its beautiful shell design makes it stand out. Get the pattern for the Bikini Bralette Top.

Crop Ruby Top

Crop Ruby Top

Elevate your style with this fantastic crochet crop top. Whether pairing it with leggings, jeans, shorts, or skirts, this versatile piece is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Get the pattern for the Crop Ruby Top.

Everyday Crop Top 


This crop top is the ultimate easy pattern for beginners. Not only that, but it’s super flattering for all body types. Plus, it can be made longer or shorter, depending on your preference. Get the pattern for the Everyday Crop Top.

Simple Crop Top

Simple Crop Top

Try this pattern if you’re looking for something simple, cute, and customizable. Choose multiple colors or just one for your top. Get the pattern for the Simple Crop Top.

Jungle Jane Bandeau Top 


This Jungle Jane top is so cute and stylish; I know you’ll love wearing this top. If you choose this pattern, you’ll be glad to see that it can be made with or without the off-the-shoulder strap. Get the pattern for the Jungle Jane Bandeau Top.

Peekaboo Crochet Bikini Top


The sizes for this peekaboo crochet bikini top are for cup sizes A-E. However, it can be easily customized to fit your body perfectly. Get the pattern for the Peekaboo Crochet Bikini Top.

Velvet Crop Top


Because this top is made using velvet yarn, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it in the water; however, it would look great with your favorite pair of shorts. Get the pattern for the Velvet Crop Top.

Bali Bikini


With this pattern, you’ll receive instructions for making the entire bikini. That means the top and bottom pieces. You’ll be so happy knowing you made your very own crochet bikini. Get the pattern for the Bali Bikini.

Primrose Crop Top

Primrose Crop Top

The primrose crop top is a comfortable crochet top that’s so comfortable and fun to wear. This skill level for this pattern is listed as intermediate. Get the pattern for the Primrose Crop Top.

Leah Crochet Top


The pattern for the Leah crochet top is written in German, so please keep that in mind if you like the look of this top. This simple top is perfect for summer and spice up any festival outfit. Get the pattern for the Leah Crochet Top.

Beaded Bikini Top

With its beautiful beadwork and eye-catching design, this top perfectly showcases your style and adds some extra flair to your beach or poolside look. Get the pattern for the Beaded Bikini Top.

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to start thinking about summertime fashion. Crochet bikini tops are a great way to stay cool and stylish in the sun.

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