Crochet Shorts Patterns for Summer

These crochet shorts patterns for women are so cute and trendy, you’re going to love them. When the warm weather arrives, you’re going to love wearing a pair of handmade crochet shorts. Some can even double as unique swimwear for your days on the beach.

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High Waisted Cable Stitch Shorts


If you love the high-waisted look, you’re going to love these high-waisted cable stitch shorts. These comfy shorts have lots of stretch and can be worked up in just 4-6 hours. Get the pattern from TCD DIY.

Granny Skull Shorts

crochet shorts with skull

These crochet shorts have a skull buddy on the sides. While this pattern works up quickly, it’s recommended for the advanced beginner. If you’re brand new to crochet, keep that in mind. Get the pattern from Lovin You Homemade.

Shell Shorts


These shell shorts are so cute and trendy. They’re made using cotton and can be worn over your swimsuit at the beach or pool. Get the free pattern for these Shell Shorts.

Rainbow Shorts


These rainbow crochet shorts are perfect for the summer. You can mix and match the colors to fit your personal taste. Get the pattern from TCD DIY.

Summer Shorts

crochet SUMMER SHORTS pattern

These summer shorts are the perfect beginner-friendly pattern. Not only are they cute and easy to make, but the pattern includes US women’s sizes XS-XXL. Get the pattern from Knitcro Addict.

Summer Slumber Shorts


I love how these shorts can be worn with a blouse to create a complete outfit. These trendy shorts can be worn while lounging around the house or for a night out. Get the pattern from Knot Common Threads.

High Waisted Shorts with Pockets


What’s cool about these high-waisted shorts is that they include pockets. Additionally, you’re free to leave off the pockets if you’d prefer. This pattern is for a size small, but the size can be adjusted to your preference. Get the pattern from TCD DIY.

High Waisted Pom-Pom Shorts


These high-waisted pom-pom shorts are so cute and creative. These shorts can be made in any size when you follow this beginner-friendly pattern. Get the pattern from Shoe Doe and Deer.

Granny Stitch Shorts

granny square shorts

If you love the granny square, I know you’ll love these shorts. Because these granny stitch shorts are see through, they’re perfect for layering with your swimsuit. Get the pattern from Lovin You Homemade.

The Retro Shorties


These retro shorties are perfect for crochet artists with intermediate skills. I would love to make a pair of these shorts using my favorite colors. Get the pattern from Evelyn and Peter.

Miami Shorts


These high-waisted shorts are so modern and trendy. Plus, the detail on the side of the shorts looks great. Get the pattern from The Crocheting.

Grandma’s Sexy Shorts


These cute tie-up shorts are perfect for the summer. I love the detail included in these shorts. The pattern includes sizes XS-L. Get the pattern from The Crocheting.

Granny Square Shorts


These stylish granny square shorts are so comfortable to wear, you’re going to love them. These handmade shorts would look great in any color. Get the pattern from Hooked By Crochet Art.

Beach Shorts

crochet pink shorts

As you can see by the photo, these shorts are definitely see-through, so you may want to wear these over your bikini. These shorts have great stretch, and you’ll feel good wearing them. Get the pattern from Hooked by Crochet Art.

Crochet shorts are definitely a summer trend that you’re going to want to try. They’re comfortable, stylish, and perfect for hot weather. These shorts will have you looking your best this summer.

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