Cute Crochet Mushroom Patterns

If you love the look of the mushroom, you’ll love these crochet mushroom patterns. From mushroom sweater designs to crochet mushroom amigurumi and more, you’ll find a variety of fungi-themed crochet patterns to choose from.

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My Favorite Crochet Supplies

row counter
Row Counter: With this tally counter, I never lose track of what row I’m on when I crochet.
stitch marker
Stitch Markers: I love using these colorful stitch markers to mark my stitches.

Mushroom Tote Bag

Mushroom Tote Bag

This beautiful tote bag is super customizable as you can use the yarn and color variations of your choice. I recommend using cotton yarn as it will give your bag more structure. Plus, cotton yarn is durable and machine washable. Get the pattern for the Mushroom Tote Bag.

Mushroom Granny Square

mushroom granny square

If you want to crochet a mushroom granny square, this is the pattern for you. You’ll need to know how to chain, slip stitch, double crochet, and treble crochet. You should also be able to change colors. Get the pattern for this Mushroom Granny Square.

Mushroom Hat

Mushroom Hat

This mushroom hat is made with simple, easy-to-crochet stitches. It’s a classic shape that’s slightly slouchy to give it a cute beret look. Get the pattern for this Mushroom Hat.

Mushroom Purse

crochet mushroom purse

This crochet mushroom purse is an awesome, creative, and free pattern that you’re going to love. If you’re looking for a fun project that’s fun to wear and also makes a great gift, give this pattern a try. Get the pattern for this Mushroom Purse.

Mushroom Applique

crochet mushroom applique

Appliques can be attached to bags, blankets, sweaters, and more. The pattern will show you how to make a large and small mushroom. Get the pattern for this Mushroom Applique.

Mini + Midi Porcini Mushroom

Mini + Midi Porcini Mushroom

I’ve made a bunch of these mushrooms in different colors and can tell you that they are so fun to make and look great placed around the house. Get the pattern for the Mini + Midi Porcini Mushroom.

Mario Mushroom

crochet mario mushroom

Fans of the Mario Nintendo games will love these mushrooms. Known as the Super Mushroom, it provides a certain purpose depending on the game in which it is found. Get the pattern for this Mario Mushroom.

Mushroom Amigurumi

crochet mushroom amigurumi

If you want a fun and beginner-friendly amigurumi pattern, this one’s for you. This mushroom is super cute, and the colors can be customized to your desired color palette. Get the pattern for this Mushroom Amigurumi.

Giant Crochet Mushroom

giant crochet mushroom plush

Bring the forest into your home by making a giant handmade mushroom. This soft and squishy mushroom plush will make a great addition to your home decor. Get the pattern for the Giant Crochet Mushroom.

Stuffed Mushrooms Earrings

crochet mushroom earrings

These earrings are a great way to show off your creativity and eccentricity. They’re quick and easy enough for beginners, plus you can make them in any color that suits you. Get the pattern for these Stuffed Mushroom Earrings.

Merry Mushroom Top

crochet mushroom top

Make the 70s-inspired mushroom top of your dreams with this unique crop shirt. This pattern will show you how to make a fashionable and memorable outfit that’ll turn heads at any event. Get the pattern for this Merry Mushroom Top.

Shroom Backpack

crochet mushroom backpack

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional mini backpack to take with you on your next adventure, look no further than this pattern. The backpack is easily customizable, and you can also make it larger if needed. Get the pattern for the Shroom Backpack.

Mushroom Plushies

crochet mushroom plushies

With this free crochet pattern, you’ll get instructions for making two sizes, a mamma and a baby. The baby is 3.5″ tall, and the mamma is 5.5″ tall. Get the pattern for these Mushroom Plushies.

Mushroom Reflections Wall Hanging

crochet mushroom wall hanging

Wall hangings are not only fun to make, but the finished product yields a beautiful piece of handmade decor for your home. This is a simple single crochet project that includes both the graph and the written instructions. Get the pattern for this Mushroom Wall Hanging.

Mushrooms Potholder

crochet mushroom potholder

These potholders make a wonderful housewarming gift. They would also look great hanging on your kitchen wall. Plus, they can be customized to match anyone’s home decor. Get the pattern for these Mushroom Potholders.

Mushroom Pocket Shawl Scarf

mushroom pocket shawl scarf

Take your pocket shawl to the next level by adding a fun woodland element. This is a versatile and cozy garment that’s perfect for wearing long and tied at the front and back. Get the pattern for the Mushroom Pocket Shawl Scarf.

Mario Super Mushroom

Mario Super Mushroom

Level up your crochet skills with this mushroom pattern. Standing at 4 inches tall, it’s the perfect project for intermediate crocheters looking to master the waistcoat stitch and stranded colorwork. Get the pattern for the Mario Super Mushroom.

Mushroom Potholder

Mushroom Potholder

Add a touch of country charm to your kitchen with this crochet hot pad pattern. Perfect for nature lovers and those who appreciate the beauty of the woods. Get the pattern for the Mushroom Potholder.

Frankie Fungi and Sammy Spore

Frankie Fungi and Sammy Spore

You won’t be able to resist crafting these adorable mushroom amigurumi. Perfect for advanced beginners, this pattern can be easily completed using yarn of any weight. Get the pattern for Frankie Fungi and Sammy Spore.

Mushroom Purse

Mushroom Purse

Make your own cottagecore mushroom purse with this free pattern. This purse is great for cosplays or for everyday wear. Get the pattern for the Mushroom Purse.

Victor the Mushroom

Victor the Mushroom

If you’re a fan of crochet and cute mushroom designs, then you don’t want to miss this free pattern for Victor the Mushroom. This adorable little guy is the perfect addition to any crochet collection. Get the pattern for Victor the Mushroom.

Whether you’re a nature lover who wants to add some mushrooms to your wardrobe or you just appreciate whimsical crochet designs, these patterns are sure to please. I hope you enjoy crocheting up these fun fungi.

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