11 Cute Crochet Octopus Patterns

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Get creative with these cute and colorful crochet octopus patterns. From crochet octopus amigurumi to fun scarves and more, you’ll find a variety of unique patterns to choose from.

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1. Frida Octopus

crochet frida octopus

Fans of Frida will love this crochet Frida octopus. This free pattern is so fun to make, and you end up with a creative amigurumi that makes a great gift. Get the pattern on Ravelry.

2. Octopi the Little Octopus

octopi the little octopus

This detailed and helpful pattern will show you how to make a cute octopi. This amigurumi is made with cotton fingering yarn, so keep that in mind if you don’t like working with thinner yarn. Get the pattern from Critter Stitch Designs.

3. Lovely Giant Octopus

giant crochet octopus

If you want to make a cool giant octopus, this is the perfect pattern. Kids and adults will love cuddling up with this soft and cozy crochet sea creature. Get the pattern from Solid Marl.

4. Ingrid the Octopus with Coral Reef Headband

Ingrid the octopus

I’m loving this Ingrid the octopus amigurumi. She’s so creative and cute. If you’re looking for a fun project, give this one a try. Get the pattern from Off The Beaten Hook.

5. Octopus Cupcake Amigurumi

cupcake octopus

How cute are these octopus cupcake amigurumis? Make one or many and give them as gifts to friends and family. Get the pattern on Ravelry.

6. C2C Octopus

c2c octopus

If you want to get into corner to corner (C2C) crochet, why don’t you start with this free C2C crochet octopus pattern. Get the pattern on Ravelry.

7. Reversible Mood Octopus

reversible octopus

Use this free pattern to make a reversible mood octopus. You can use your choice of yarn for this pattern. Enjoy choosing your yarn colors for this fun project. Get the pattern on Ravelry.

8. Mini Amigurumi Octopus

Mini Amigurumi Octopus

Here’s another pattern that I’ve made myself and absolutely love. These mini amigurumi octopuses are so fun to make in different colors and button styles. Get the free patterns.

9. Cutest Crochet Octopus

cute crochet octopus

These cute crochet octopi are the perfect amigurumi project for beginners. Make more than one using different color options. Get the pattern from Lil Crochet Love.

10. Octopus Scarf with Tentacles


I think that this octopus scarf with tentacles is so cool. Enjoy playing around with a different color palette for your own scarf. I should note that this pattern is listed as “not for beginners.” Get the pattern from Hello Happy.

11. Apollo the Octopus


Isn’t this octopus amigurumi just stunning? This is a premium pattern, but well worth the money if you’re fascinated by this giant octopus. Get the pattern from Projectarian.

I hope you’ve found this post to be fun, helpful, and inspiring. It’s so cool to see so many different patterns out there for crochet octopuses. For more crochet amigurumi patterns, make sure you check out some of the posts below.

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