12 Crochet Frog Patterns That Will Make You Jump for Joy

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These crochet frog patterns are so amazing they’ll have you jumping for joy (pun intended). Whether you’re looking for frog amigurumis, hats, or backpacks, you’ll find the perfect pattern below.

Did you know that frogs represent transformation and change? That’s because the frog goes through different stages of metamorphosis. It starts out as an egg, then they hatch into tadpoles and finally they become full-grown frogs.

So if you’re looking to welcome change in your life or if you want to spice up your wardrobe with something new, one of these crochet frog patterns is just what you need!

Gather Your Crochet Supplies

  • Crochet Hook: These Clover Amour crochet hooks are the most comfortable ergonomic crochet hooks!
  • Stitch Markers: I love using these colorful stitch markers to mark my stitches.
  • Row Counter: With this tally counter, I never lose track of what row I’m on when I crochet.

1. Amigurumi Frog with Long Legs

amigurumi frog

Crochet your own frogs using your favorite cotton yarn. The instructions for this amigurumi frog include the following languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Get the pattern from Mongoreto.

2. Frog Backpack

frog backpack

Once school arrives, your child can hop to it with this playful frog backpack. This backpack is worked up using my favorite cotton yarn, Lily Sugar ‘n Cream. Get the pattern from Yarnspirations.

3. Prince Perry the Frog

prince perry frog

This prince Perry the frog is the cutest. This frog features freckles, safety eyes, and a cute crown on the top of his head. Get the pattern from Airali Design.

4. Bucket Hat Cuties

crochet bucket hats

This pattern provides instructions for making four different hats, the frog, bumblebee, strawberry, and duck. Personalize your hat to fit your personality. Get the pattern from The Dearest of Things. For more hats, check out these Easy Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns.

5. Fred the Frog

fred the frog

Fred the frog makes a great gift for a friend or family member. This frog is incredibly easy and fun to make. Get the pattern from Firefly Crochets.

6. Boy and Girl Frog

Boy and Girl Frog

If you’re looking for a cute and easy project, you’ll love these frogs. This pattern contains instructions for making a boy frog and a girl frog. Get the pattern from Polly Toys Patterns.

7. King Frog

king frog

This king frog is a real show stopper. Make one for yourself or give it as a gift. The amigurumi crochet pattern consists of 31 pages and 80 pictures. Get the pattern from Dinegurumi.

8. Fluffy Crochet Frog

fluffy crochet frog

Make your very own fluffy crochet frog friend. This frog is so soft and simple to make. You will enjoy crocheting this cute little frog. Get the pattern from Katie Kitty Craft.

9. Frog Head Hat

Frog Head Hat

If you’re looking for handmade baby shower gift ideas, or you want to make a cute hat for the newborn in your life, you’ll love making and gifting this frog head hat. Get the pattern on Ravelry.

10. Arthur the Frog

author the frog

Author the frog is a fun crochet pattern that’s suitable for intermediate crocheters. Sit him on your desk, bookshelf, etc. to jazz up your home or office. Get the pattern from Critter Stitch Designs.

11. 27-3K Whale, Frog and Seagull Amigurumi

27-3K Whale, Frog and Seagull Amigurumi

You must be comfortable reading charts with crochet symbols if you want to make this whale, frog, and seagull amigurumi. Get the pattern on Ravelry.

12. Newborn Frog Hat

newborn frog hat

Here’s another newborn frog hat if you’re looking for a pattern slightly different from the one provided above. Get the pattern on Ravelry.

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