The ’90s Are Back with These Easy Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns

These easy crochet bucket hat patterns are trendy and perfect for spring, summer, and fall. Bucket hats were all the rage in the ’90s, and I’m so happy to see them come back in style in a really fun way.

If you want to make your very own crochet bucket hat, I’m sharing some super cute patterns below. For more crochet patterns, check out these trendy crochet sweater patterns.

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Frog Bucket Hat

frog bucket hat

Bring back the ’90s bucket hat trend with this crochet frog bucket hat pattern. This cute hat is great for beginners and the size can be adjusted if you need a larger size. Additionally, don’t feel like you have to make your frog green. Play around with different color combinations to make your hat stand out. Get the pattern for this Frog Bucket Hat.

Simple Bucket Hat

simple bucket hat

If you’re looking for a simple bucket hat design, you’ll love this easy crochet bucket hat. This hat is fun to make and even more fun to wear. Get the pattern for this Simple Bucket Hat.

Strawberry Bucket Hat

strawberry bucket hat

I love how the crochet artist shows us that the strawberry bucket hat can look good using other colors besides red. Have fun picking your yarn colors for your very own strawberry bucket hat. Get the pattern for this Strawberry Bucket Hat.

Babylon Bucket Hat

babylon bucket hat

This beginner’s crochet bucket hat would look great using any colors you want. You could change your stripe colors or leave out the stripes completely if you’d prefer. Get creative and make your hat fit your personal style. Get the pattern for this Babylon Bucket Hat.

Daisy Bell Bucket Hat

granny square bucket hat

Fans of the granny square will love this daisy bell bucket hat. Have fun choosing the color palette for your hat. You can do pastel colors for spring and summer, and darker colors such as burnt orange for fall. Get the pattern for this Daisy Bell Bucket Hat.

Bear Bucket Hat

crochet bear hat

Learn how to make your own bear bucket hat with this pattern. Make your hat using your favorite yarn colors. This bucket hat makes a great gift for birthdays and holidays. Get the pattern for these Bear Bucket Hat.

Cowgirl Hat

cowgirl hat

This crochet cowgirl hat is so cute and trendy; you’re going to love wearing it. I recommend searching Pinterest for flower applique patterns to add to your hat. You can also use other applique patterns, such as hearts, stars, and more. Get the pattern for this Cowgirl Hat.

Strawberry Bucket Hat

strawberry bucket hat

The strawberry bucket hat is so popular this year and I see why. It’s cute, unique, and so fun to wear. I love how wavy the rim of the hat is. Get the pattern for this Strawberry Bucket Hat.

Picnic Bucket Hat

flower and cherry bucket hat

This pattern will give you instructions for making all three hats, the daisy, cherry, and heart. Make a hat for yourself and one for a friend too. Get the pattern for this Picnic Bucket Hat.

If you’re looking for a trendy and stylish hat to protect you from the sun this summer, then one of these easy crochet bucket hats would be perfect. These hats are sure to add some personality to your wardrobe.

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