25 Easy Crochet Cardigan Patterns

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If you’re looking for easy crochet cardigan patterns, I’ve got you covered. I’m sharing 25 beautiful crochet cardigan patterns for beginners.

For years, I was nervous about crocheting cardigans. Actually, I was quite hesitant about crocheting most wearables in general.

I assumed the process would be too difficult. Turns out, if you start with beginner-friendly cardigan patterns, you can have your first wearable in no time at all!

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1. Eva Cardigan

free crochet cardigan pattern

If you love the look of this Eva cardigan, you’ll be pleased to know that the pattern is available for free on the Yarn and Chia blog.

Additionally, along with written instructions, there is a helpful YouTube video to guide you along. Get the pattern for the Eva Cardigan.

2. The Coffeeshop Cardigan

The Coffeeshop Cardigan

I love a good crochet cardigan. The finished product turns out beautifully, as you’ll see when you take a look at the photos customers have uploaded to their reviews. Get the pattern for the Coffeeshop Cardigan.

3. Slouchy Stripe Sweater

Slouchy Stripe Sweater

I’ve been a fan of Sewrella for years. Ashleigh creates some of the best crochet wearables that I’ve come across.

Everything that she creates is stylish and fits really nicely. Get the pattern for the Slouchy Stripe Sweater.

4. The Chrislyn Cardigan

The Chrislyn Cardigan

Don’t you just love the look of this cardigan? The Chrislyn cardigan is warm, cozy, and perfect for a chilly fall evening.

This sweater is made with super bulky yarn, meaning it will work up fairly quickly. Get the pattern for the Chrislyn Cardigan.

5. Easy Everyday Cotton Cardigan

Easy Everyday Cotton Cardigan

Because this cardigan is crocheted using cotton yarn, it would also be perfect for those cooler summer days when you could use something on your arms. Get the pattern for the Easy Everyday Cotton Cardigan.

6. Boyfriend Cardigan

Boyfriend Cardigan

If you love a good boyfriend cardigan, this is the pattern for you. Mama in a Stitch creates patterns that are always easy to follow, and the finished project turns out beautiful every time. Get the pattern for the Boyfriend Cardigan.

7. Autumn Duster Cardigan

autumn duster

I recently made the autumn duster cardigan by Mama in a Stitch, and it’s quickly become my new favorite cardigan.

It’s so stylish and cozy. Get the ad-supported free pattern on Mama in a Stitch. You can also purchase the ad-free PDF.

8. Mia Crochet Cardigan

Mia Crochet Cardigan

What I love about this crochet cardigan is that I can imagine how it would look using different colors.

This is an easy design for a sweater that you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come. Get the pattern for the Mia Crochet Cardigan.

9. Painted Canyon Cardigan

Painted Canyon Cardigan

I actually made this cardigan for myself, and I’m so in love with it. The instructions were written out in an easy-to-understand manner, and helpful photos were included.

The finished product is just gorgeous! Get the pattern for the Painted Canyon Cardigan.

10. Solveig Cardigan

Solveig Cardigan

Keep yourself cozy with this easy crochet cardigan. The crochet pattern is available in 3 different sizes: adult small, medium, and large. Get the pattern for the Solveig Cardigan.

11. The Wicked Cardigan

Black crochet cardigan

I’m loving this thick and cozy crochet cardigan. When the weather gets colder, this is the perfect cardigan to wrap up in.

Additionally, the pattern uses a repetitive stitch, meaning you can work on your cardigan while watching your favorite show. Get the pattern for the Wicked Cardigan.

12. Briar Cardigan

Briar Cardigan

The Briar cardigan is one of my favorite crochet cardigan patterns.

This oversized cardigan has loose and comfortable wide sleeves and simple hemline ribbing. Get the pattern for the Briar Cardigan.

13. Juniper Cardi

Juniper Cardi

This generously oversized cardigan is definitely a showstopper. It features wide sleeves and a nice wide drapey fabric.

This cardigan is perfect for a night out or a night in. Get the pattern for the Juniper Cardi.

14. Granny Square Cardigan

Granny Square Cardigan

I’m a big fan of the granny square. Probably because it’s the first thing I learned how to crochet.

I’m absolutely loving this granny square crochet cardigan. It’s so bright and colorful, with a unique appearance. Get the pattern for the Granny Square Cardigan.

15. Watson Waffle Cardigan

Watson Waffle Cardigan

Crochet this beautifully textured cardigan using the waffle stitch. This chunky sweater is so cozy, with large pockets and the perfect length. Get the pattern for the Watson Waffle Cardigan.

16. Verano Longline Cardigan

Verano Longline Cardigan

This light cardigan has a long fit and uses ultra-soft fabric. You can wear this cardigan with shorts in the summer or jeans in the fall. Get the pattern for the Verano Longline Cardigan.

17. The Bigger The Better Cardigan

The Bigger The Better Cardigan

As the name of this cardigan states, the bigger my cardigan, the better.

I love lounging around the house in a comfortable handmade cardigan. Get the pattern for The Bigger The Better Cardigan.

18. Light Snow Oversized Cardigan

Light Snow Oversized Cardigan

This chunky crochet cardigan has an oversized fit and lovely stitchwork.

Minimal shaping is required for this sweater, which makes it a quick and easy project. Get the pattern for the Light Snow Oversized Cardigan.

19. Sweater Coat Cardigan

Sweater Coat Cardigan

I love a good sweater coat. They’re so soft and cozy and perfect for a night out on the town or a night cuddled up at home. This crochet sweater coat can work as a light jacket or a comfy chunky cardigan.

This cardigan uses a simple stitch pattern, making it easy to work on while watching tv. Get the pattern for the Sweater Coat Cardigan.

20. Rainbow Cardigan

Rainbow Cardigan

This rainbow cardigan is amazing. It works up to be an oversized cardigan that’s trendy, cute, and comfy.

Direct message @phi.nina_ on Instagram to request the pattern. Additionally, if you like this pattern, you may also like this crochet colorblock cardigan pattern.

Crochet cardigans make the perfect addition to your wardrobe. With so many beautiful patterns to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to make first.

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