25 Fantastic Pencil Monkey Drawing References

Below I’m sharing pencil monkey drawing ideas and references for everyone. That means no matter what your skill level, you’ll find the perfect monkey animal drawing for you.

I’ve put together a wonderful collection of monkey sketches, drawings, and tutorials for you to use as a reference. You’ll also find drawings of gorillas and chimpanzees.

Four Chimpanzees

monkey pencil drawing
Artist Credit: PixarVixen

Chimpanzees are one of our closest living relatives, sharing roughly 98% of our DNA. These four chimpanzee face sketches do a very good job of showing the different expressions chimps make.

Monkey Sitting in Tree

monkey sitting in tree
Artist Credit: caroline_watson_fine_art

The artist behind this sketch specializes in creating beautiful pet portraits. Make sure you check out their Instagram account if you would like to see more.

Chimpanzee Sketch

monkey sketch
Artist Credit: PixarVixen

Remember the very first chimpanzee sketch that I shared earlier? Well, this fun sketch was actually done by the same artist. They do such a great job of capturing the essence of the chimpanzee.

Playful Monkeys Illustration

playful monkeys drawing
iStock/Olga Kurbatova

If you’re looking for something more playful, this illustration of twelve monkeys playing should do the trick. They each are in a different pose, giving you plenty of creative ideas.

Realistic Chimpanzee Drawing

realistic chimpanzee drawing
Artist Credit: jcj.portfolio

If you’re an advanced artist looking for a reference with more detail, I think you’ll love this realistic chimp drawing. If you would like to see how this drawing looked while in progress, check out the tutorial.

Baby Monkey

baby monkey drawing
Artist Credit: kinda_expressionless

Did you know that there are more than 260 different species of monkeys? Monkeys are found all over the world, except for Antarctica and Australia. You don’t often see realistic baby monkey drawings. I was so happy when I stumbled across this beautiful piece of art.

How to Draw a Monkey Video Tutorials

I realize that not everyone enjoys picture references. Some people actually prefer following along with video tutorials.

If that sounds like you, make sure you check out these monkey drawing tutorials on YouTube:

gorilla anatomy drawing
Artist Credit: mattpainterpro

These gorilla drawings are quite detailed and unique. The purpose of these sketches is to show the anatomy of the gorilla.

Inverted Drawing

inverted monkey drawing
Artist Credit: atomiccircus

The drawing that you see below is what you call an inverted drawing. If you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge, try doing an inverted drawing.

Easy Monkey Drawing

chimpanzee hanging from tree
Artist Credit: sathya.slm

I absolutely adore simple pencil drawings like this one. They’re cute, simple, and fun to draw. You could even add color instead of filling in the monkey with a pencil.

Adorable Monkey Drawing

easy kid monkey drawing
Artist Credit: 13_sovk

Here’s another super simple and adorable drawing. Again, this drawing would look amazing colored in with markers or colored pencils.

Baby Monkey Sketch

baby monkey sketch
Artist Credit: madli

I recently discovered the artist Madli and immediately fell in love with their work. Along with awesome sketches, Madli creates beautiful illustrations and book covers.

Watercolor Baby Monkey

cute monkey watercolor
iStock/Lisa Lebedeva

If you enjoy watercolor painting, here’s one of a cute baby monkey. You can use this as a reference for practicing your painting skills.

Monkey with Wild Hair

monkey with wild hair
Artist Credit: art_by_kert

Okay, now this sketch is the cutest. I love the expression on the monkey’s face and how their hair stands up on their head. The expression in the eyes is so innocent too.

Portrait Style Drawing

chimpanzee portrait
Artist Credit: artemistic_norart

Did you know that A group of chimpanzees is called a troop? Here’s a beautiful portrait-style drawing that looks amazing. It really looks like the chimpanzee is contemplating.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and that you’ll be inspired to try drawing a monkey of your own.

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