Festive Crochet Snowflake Patterns

Now that the holidays are just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share these festive crochet snowflake patterns.

Your crochet snowflake can be used as an ornament on your tree. You can also create enough to hang a garland over your fireplace. Some of these patterns would also make great holiday coasters for your home decor.

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Flower Star Snowflake


This snowflake is part of a crochet snowflake series. All of the patterns can be downloaded for free. This pattern would look great as a crochet snowflake garland for your Christmas tree or fireplace. Get the pattern for the Flower Star Snowflake.

Winter Flower Snowflake

Here’s another snowflake from the crochet snowflake series. I’ve included the final pattern later on in this post. Get the pattern for the Winter Flower Snowflake.

Starflower Snowflake


Here’s a beautiful and free pattern from Knit Purl Hook. These snowflakes are just stunning and would make great gifts for friends or holiday gift exchanges. Get the pattern for the Starflower Snowflake.

Inscribed Snowflake


This inscribed snowflake pattern is just beautiful. You can make a lot of these using different colored yarn. These would look beautiful hanging on your tree. Get the pattern for the Inscribed Snowflake.

Ariel Snowflake


If you’re looking for a more intricate design, try your hands at the Ariel snowflake. This pattern is available in English and Russian. Get the pattern for the Ariel Snowflake.

Melting Snowflake Tea Light Holder


I love this melting snowflake tea light holder. Not only would this make a great addition to your holiday decor, but it would also make a wonderful gift. Get the pattern for the Melting Snowflake Tea Light Holder.

Crochet Snowflake


This elegant snowflake would look beautiful hanging on your Christmas tree. The skill level for this crochet snowflake pattern is easy to intermediate. Get the pattern for the Crochet Snowflake.

Crystal Coaster


This lovely motif can be used as a coaster or as an ornament for your Christmas tree. Have fun playing around with the color palette for your motif. Get the pattern for the Crystal Coaster.

Stella’s Snowflake


I’m loving this snowflake pattern. You can use these snowflakes to decorate your tree, add to your home decor, or gift to a friend or family member. Get the pattern for Stella’s Snowflake.

Festive Snowflake Ornament


If you’re looking for the perfect snowflake ornament, look no further. This festive snowflake ornament would look great on your Christmas tree. Get the pattern for the Festive Snowflake Ornament.

Winterlore Snowflake


This Winterlore snowflake pattern is available for you free of charge. While not required, it’s recommended that you block your finished piece. Get the pattern for the Winterlore Snowflake.

Now that you’ve been inspired to make your own crochet snowflakes, there’s no time like the present to get started. Crafting snowflakes this winter will be a great way to fill cold days and nights with the warmth of creativity.

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