Free Crochet Bookmark Patterns

If your hobbies are reading and crocheting, you can combine them and use your own handmade crochet bookmark to save your place in your next read. In this post, I’m sharing twenty free crochet bookmark patterns.

As a note, the bookworm listed in this roundup isn’t a bookmark but an “assistant for reading.” I thought this was the cutest thing and something that a book lover would like to crochet.

Bookworm – Child’s Assistant for Reading

free crochet bookmark bookworm for kids

This isn’t a bookmark, but a book buddy. The crochet bookworm will make a great handmade gift for a child who loves to read. Get the pattern for the Bookworm – Child’s Assistant for Reading.

Rainbow Bookmark

free crochet rainbow and clouds bookmark

My goodness, isn’t this the cutest rainbow bookmark? I actually have plans on making one of these for myself. I can’t get over how cute it is! Get the pattern for the Rainbow Bookmark.

Higher Love Bookmark

Higher Love Bookmark

Check out this gorgeous bookmark with crochet hearts piled on top of one another. Trust me, once you master the pattern, they’re a breeze to create! These little beauties also make awesome presents for your pals. Get the pattern for the Higher Love Bookmark.

Little Boxes Crochet Bookmarks

Cochet lace bookmark

Here’s a simple coaster pattern created using basic crochet stitches. That means it’s very beginner-friendly and works up quickly. Have fun creating these in multiple colors. Get the pattern for the Little Boxes Crochet Bookmarks.

Cupcake Bookmark

free crochet cupcakes bookmark

If you make money crocheting, I have a feeling that these cupcake bookmarks would be a bestseller for your shop. The pattern designer allows you to sell your finished product if you give them credit as the designer and use your own photos. Get the pattern for the Cupcake Bookmark.

Celebration Bookmarks

free ribbon and lace crochet bookmark

These celebration bookmarks may look complicated, but they’re actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. The addition of the ribbons really makes these bookmarks stand out. Get the pattern for the Celebration Bookmarks.

Lotte Lace Bookmark

Lotte Lace Bookmark

If you’re looking for a fun and easy crochet project, try making a corner bookmark. It’s perfect for keeping your place in a book or gifting to someone special. Give it a go and impress your friends, family, or favorite teacher. Get the pattern for the Lotte Lace Bookmark.

Flamingo Bookmark

free flamingo crochet bookmark

This pattern is listed as a flamingo applique; however, I think that this would make a great bookmark. It would be cool if you made this using different colors like purple or red. Get the pattern for the Flamingo Bookmark.

Harry Potter Inspired Bookmarks

free harry potter crochet bookmark

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you have to make yourself a Harry Potter inspired bookmark. Obviously, you’ll be making your bookmark based on your House. Get the pattern for the Harry Potter Inspired Bookmarks.

Fan Bookmark

free elegant crochet bookmark

Who knew bookmarks could look so elegant? These fan bookmarks are easy to work up and make great gifts for your fellow bookworms. Get the pattern for the Fan Bookmark.

Deta’s Bookmark

Deta's Bookmark

You can make this bookmark using any thin crochet cotton. The hook size will depend on your preference for the pattern’s density. Get the pattern for Deta’s Bookmark.

Mini Bow Bookmark

free ribbon crochet bookmark

Here’s a simple mini bow bookmark that works up quickly and is really fun to make. You can whip up multiple bookmarks using a multitude of colors. Get the pattern for the Mini Bow Bookmark.

Aunt Lydia’s Golden Bookmark

free lace pattern crochet bookmark

Yarnspirations offers a great selection of free crochet patterns, and this bookmark is no exception. The Aunt Lydia pattern is listed as an intermediate pattern, so this may not be ideal for beginners. Get the pattern for Aunt Lydia’s Golden Bookmark.

Simply Daisy Bookmark

Simply Daisy Bookmark

This awesome pattern only requires 20 yards of cotton yarn and less than 20 minutes of your time. It’s a simple 2-row pattern using the star stitch. Get the pattern for the Simply Daisy Bookmark.

Chick Bookmark

free chick crochet bookmark pattern

With Easter just around the corner, this Easter chick bookmark would make the perfect Easter basket gift for kids. You can think outside of the box and make your chicks using fun Easter colors. Get the pattern for the Chick Bookmark.

Mouse Bookmark

free mouse smashed in book crochet bookmark pattern

Isn’t this the most clever bookmark you ever did see? Kids and adults alike will get a kick out of using this mouse bookmark to save their place in their current read. Get the pattern for the Mouse Bookmark.

Lil Tea Bag Bookmarks

free tea bag crochet bookmark pattern

These are some of my favorite bookmarks. They are super cute and would make fantastic gifts. There is an accompanying tea cup pattern included. Get the pattern from The Cozy Chipmunk.

Bunny Rabbit Bookmark

animal bookmarks

This pattern will show you how to create a bunny rabbit bookmark. To find patterns for the remaining animals in the photo, you can follow the links placed within the blog post for this pattern. Get the pattern for the Bunny Rabbit Bookmark.

Budding Leaf Bookmark

Budding Leaf Bookmark

You’re going to love seeing this cute little leaf peaking out of the book. In fact, due to the way they stand, they actually look like they’re growing out of the book! Get the pattern for the Budding Leaf Bookmark.

Striped Pencil Bookmark

crochet pencil bookmarks

This is the perfect project for teachers and students. These striped pencil bookmarks would make a great gift for your teacher. If you’re a parent, these bookmarks will make a great gift for your child’s teacher. Get the pattern for the Striped Pencil Bookmark.

I hope you were able to find your next crochet bookmark pattern in this post.

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