Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

If you’re looking for free crochet dishcloth patterns, look no further. In this post, I’m sharing free crochet dishcloth patterns.

Crochet dishcloths are so simple to make and super useful to have around the house. You can use them for washing the dishes, wiping down countertops, and so much more.

The cool thing about this collection is that some of these dishcloths can also double up as coasters. These crochet dishcloths are not only handy to have around the house, but they also make great gifts.

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DIY Crochet Dishcloth


Add a splash of color to your kitchen with this DIY crochet dishcloth. This is a two-for-one pattern, meaning you can choose between two different patterns for your dishcloths. Get the pattern for the DIY Crochet Dishcloth.

Dishcloths or Coasters


These crochet dishcloths can also be used as coasters. I personally love handmade coasters. I definitely plan on making a few with this free pattern. Get the pattern for the Dishcloths or Coasters.

Herringbone Coasters


Don’t you just love how bright and colorful these washcloths are? You could crochet them using the same colors as your home decor. Get the pattern for the Herringbone Coasters.

Rustic Farmhouse Dishcloth


These rustic farmhouse dishcloths are so lovely. I love the unique look that the colored borders give this dishcloth. Get the pattern for the Rustic Farmhouse Dishcloth.

Mama’s Easy Dishcloth


This dishcloth is easy to make and works up quickly. That means it’s a great project for beginners. Make a few for yourself and a few for your family too. They’ll love them. Get the pattern for Mama’s Easy Dishcloth.

Tulip Stitch Washcloth


I’ve never heard of the tulip stitch, but I must say, it’s absolutely stunning. These washcloths would be perfect for the spring season. They would also add a great pop of color to your kitchen or bathroom during the colder months. Get the pattern for the Tulip Stitch Washcloth.

Redbud Dishcloth


These dishcloths were inspired by the lovely redbud trees. I love the stitch used for these dishcloths. It gives them a wonderful textured look. Get the pattern for the Redbud Dishcloth.

Flowers Dishcloth


These flower dishcloths are so colorful and creative. They would be great to use during the spring months. Make a set for yourself using different colors of yarn. Get the pattern for the Flowers Dishcloth.

Snowman Kitchen Towel


If you’re looking for a dishcloth perfect for the holiday season, this snowman kitchen towel is perfect. This dishcloth would be a great handmade gift for a friend. Get the pattern for the Snowman Kitchen Towel.

My Favorite Dishcloth


This dishcloth pattern uses the moss stitch, which is one of my favorite stitches. The moss stitch not only gives this dishcloth a lovely textured appearance but also makes your cloth super absorbent. Get the pattern for the My Favorite Dishcloth.

River Pebble Spa Cloth


If you take a close look at these dishcloths, you’ll see why they’re called “river pebble” cloths. The bobble stitches actually look like pebbles. These dishcloths can be used in your bathroom or kitchen. Get the pattern for the River Pebble Spa Cloth.

Waffle Dishcloth

Waffle Dishcloth

I adore this waffle crochet dishcloth. You can even crochet on a pat of butter or even dripping syrup to make it look even cuter. Get the pattern for the Waffle Dishcloth.

Daisy Wheel Dishcloth

Daisy Wheel Dishcloth

Add a touch of brightness to your kitchen with this charming crocheted dishcloth. The petal edges will bring a playful and handmade touch to your space. Get the pattern for the Daisy Wheel Dishcloth.

Mijo Dishcloth

Mijo Dishcloth

Reusable and eco-friendly, these crochet dishcloths are a practical alternative to single-use options. Plus, they’re a fantastic way to use up your extra yarn. Get the pattern for the Mijo Dishcloth.

Textured Dishcloth

Textured Dishcloth

With the simple knowledge of single crochet and double crochet, beginners can create these awesome dishcloths. Get the pattern for the Textured Dishcloth.

Dishcloth Washcloth

Dishcloth Washcloth

Use cotton yarn to create these simple dishcloths. The stitches used for this pattern are used in UK terms (treble crochet, front post treble crochet, and half treble crochet). Get the pattern for the Dishcloth Washcloth.

Spread the Joy Dishcloth

Spread the Joy Dishcloth

These dishcloths are so soft and are simple to make. Plus, they make great gifts, which means you can make one in every color. Get the pattern for the Spread the Joy Dishcloth.

Diagonal Dishcloth

Diagonal Dishcloth

Crocheted on the bias, this dishcloth offers the ideal combination of stretch and weight. Plus, you won’t believe how quickly it finishes – less than an hour from start to finish. Get the pattern for the Diagonal Dishcloth.

There are many wonderful crochet dishcloth patterns that you can use to make the perfect handmade gift. With these free crochet dishcloth patterns to choose from, you can easily create something amazing.

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