26 Free Crochet Coaster Patterns

If you’re looking for a quick crochet project, free crochet coaster patterns are the way to go. They come together quickly and are usually very beginner-friendly.

I’m one of those people that have coasters throughout my home. I really dislike having watermarks on my tables, so I do what I can to prevent them.

I actually prefer crochet coasters over store-bought coasters because they add a unique touch to your home decor.

In this post, I’ve rounded up 26 free crochet coaster patterns. I tried to include a wide variety of patterns. Some simple, some fun and unique, and even a Christmas pattern.

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1. Citrus Coasters


Add a little color to your home decor with these citrus coasters. The maker of these coasters also created a pattern for a coaster holder (as seen in the photo). Get the pattern for these Citrus Coasters.

2. Pokemon Ball Coasters


I was a big Pokemon fan as a kid. I remember watching the tv show every morning before school. Even though I no longer watch Pokemon, I still have a lot of love for the show. I can’t wait to make these crochet Pokemon ball coasters for my office. Get the pattern for these Pokemon Ball Coasters | Get the PDF here.

3. Ombre Crochet Coasters


These coasters are so simple and elegant. The ring of color adds a special touch to each coaster and really makes them stand out in a beautiful way. Get the pattern for these Ombre Crochet Coasters.

4. Coffee Coasters


I’m definitely a coffee lover and I’m loving these crochet coffee coasters. These coasters would make a great gift for any coffee lover. You can include them along with a bag of coffee and a mug for a thoughtful gift basket. Get the pattern for these Coffee Coasters.

5. Spring Blooms Coasters


The colors used for these coasters give them a lovely spring vibe. You can use different colors for different seasons or holidays. You can use greens and oranges for fall, or reds and greens for Christmas. Get the pattern for these Spring Blooms Coasters.

6. Vintage Coasters


I’ve actually made quite a few of these vintage coasters. They work up really quickly, they look beautiful and they make great gifts for friends and family. To give them as gifts, crochet them in sets of 4 or 5 and tie them together with a pretty ribbon. Get the pattern for these Vintage Coasters.

7. Maple Leaf Coasters


These maple leaf coasters are perfect for fall. The cool thing about this pattern is that the leaves can be used for a number of projects. Along with being used as coasters, you can create autumn leaf bunting, or use them as appliques for other crochet projects. Get the pattern for these Maple Leaf Coasters.

8. Easy DIY Crochet Coasters


These are definitely some of the most unique crochet coasters I’ve seen. These DIY crochet coasters are worked up using cotton twine and metal rings that you can purchase from the dollar store. Get the pattern for these Easy DIY Coasters.

9. Christmas Coasters


How cool are these Christmas coasters? I definitely have plans to make this Christmas coaster set once the holidays roll around. You can make just one of the patterns as a set, or you can make all of them for your coaster set. Get the pattern for these Christmas Coasters | Get the PDF here.

10. LUGN Coasters


Here’s another simple crochet coaster pattern. Melanie makes some of the best crochet patterns, and she’s super friendly and helpful if you run into any issues with a pattern. Get the pattern for these LUGN Coasters | Get the PDF here.

11. Paw Coasters


This is a must-make pattern for all cat and dog owners. These paw print coasters are so cute and will be fun to make using different colors. Get the video pattern for these Paw Coasters. *English subtitles are provided in the video tutorial.* Get the pattern for these Paw Print Coasters.

12. Cactus Coasters


These are some of the cutest little coasters I have ever seen. I love how a crochet plant pot is included with the cactus coasters. These coasters make a great gift for plant lovers or anyone who loves cute stuff. Get the pattern for these Cactus Coasters.

13. Pizza Coasters


How cute are these tasty-looking pizza crochet coasters? Make sure you use cotton yarn for these coasters because it absorbs liquid so much better than acrylic yarn. Get the pattern for these Pizza Coasters.

14. Valentine’s Heart Coasters


Are you looking for a quick and easy gift to make for Valentine’s Day? These heart coasters make great gifts for Valentine’s Day or any day really. Have fun making them. Get the pattern for these Valentine’s Heart Coasters.

15. Breakfast Cupcake Coasters


DROPS Design makes a lot of fantastic crochet patterns that they share free of charge. These breakfast cupcake coasters are no exception. If you click the link for the pattern you’ll also find a pattern for a crochet coffee cup. Get the pattern for these Breakfast Cupcake Coasters.

16. Unicorn Coaster

unicorn crochet coaster

Here’s an adorable unicorn coaster. I’m loving this pattern and I look forward to making a few for myself and my family members. Get the pattern for these Unicorn Coasters | Get the PDF here.

17. Luck of the Irish Crochet Coaster


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by making a few of these “Luck of the Irish” coasters for friends and family. Get the pattern for these Luck of the Irish Coasters.

18. Snowflake Drink Coaster


These crochet coasters are worked up to look like snowflakes. This project is perfect for wintertime. Not only because these are snowflakes but also because they’ll give you something fun to do when you’re stuck indoors. Pattern no longer available.

19. Easy Peasy PomPom Coasters


These pompom coasters really are easy peasy. You’d never guess by the look of them that they can be made in just 15 minutes and are very beginner-friendly. Get the pattern for these PomPom Coasters.

20. Valentine Heart Coasters


These heart coasters make the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day home or office decor. They also make great Valentine’s Day gifts for friends. Get the pattern for these Valentine Heart Coasters.

21. Colorful Crochet Coasters


These colorful crochet coasters are the perfect project for beginners. A helpful video tutorial is included to help you make your coasters with ease. Get the pattern for these Colorful Crochet Coasters.

22. Square Crochet Coasters


The stitches used for these square coasters are absolutely beautiful. I want to make a set of these for myself, simply so that I can try out this stitch. Get the pattern for these Square Crochet Coasters.

23. Crochet Ghost Coasters


These crochet ghosts can be used as coasters or appliques for your other projects. You can play around with the facial expressions to make them happy ghosts or scary ghosts. Get the pattern for these Ghost Coasters. | Get the PDF here.

24. Betty’s Coasters


Here’s another wonderful coaster pattern from Sewrella. These coasters are great for sitting your favorite drink on. Get the pattern for these Betty Coasters.

I hope you were able to find a few fun crochet coaster patterns to give a try. Crochet coasters are such a quick and fun way to pass the time. They also make great gifts for friends and family.

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