15 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women

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Halloween is here, which means you’re probably looking for Halloween makeup ideas.

If that sounds like you, you’re in luck. In this post, I’m sharing cool Halloween makeup ideas for women.

I’m sharing everything from beginner to advanced makeup ideas. You’ll also find quick and easy ideas if you’re looking for a last-minute project.

If you’re using face paint, I recommend performing a skin test at least 24 hours before you apply the makeup to your face.

Halloween Makeup Essentials

  • Makeup Effects Kit: Easily create fun and spooky makeup effects with this fun kit.
  • Clown White Makeup: If you want to be a clown this Halloween, this clown white professional makeup is a must-have.
  • Face Paint Crayons: Apply your Halloween makeup easily with these face paint crayons.
modern scarecrow makeup
Credit: beyondtheponytail

Style Your Hair First

Make sure you style your hair and put on your top (if it’s a pullover top) prior to applying your makeup. This will prevent you from messing up all of your hard work.

deer makeup
Credit: weheartit
graveyard eye makeup

Credit: weheartit

Apply Vaseline

If you are applying face paint, try applying a very thin coat of vaseline to your face before applying the makeup. Face paint can be difficult to remove, and the vaseline will help make the removal process easier.

scarecrow makeup with hat
Credit: weheartit
deer makeup
Credit: v1xie

Start with Thin Layers

If you’re placing different colors on top of one another, apply a thin coat of makeup at a time and let it dry completely before applying the next layer. This will ensure your makeup looks nice and neat.

bats and spider webs on eyes
Credit: weheartit
green witch makeup
Credit: courteneydunn_mua

Create Texture

You can use makeup to create texture. If you use a brushing motion, your makeup will be smoother. However, if you dapple on your makeup, you’ll get a bumpier texture. Play around with how you apply your makeup to discover different textures.

nightmare before christmas makeup
Credit: weheartit

Set Your Makeup

Don’t forget to set your makeup. You wouldn’t want all that hard work going to waste. Use a setting spray to ensure that your makeup stays in place all night long.

bat lipstick design
Credit: weheartit
Credit: weheartit

Watch Youtube Tutorials

If you don’t want to buy additional makeup, you can use what you have on hand. I recommend searching YouTube for simple makeup tutorials that you can do with just a little bit of makeup. Some tutorials you can check out are:

cartoon makeup look
Credit: weheartit
cat makeup
Credit: peaky.chu
pink halloween makeup
Credit: julianna.mur
deer makeup tutorial
Credit: weheartit (click here for deer makeup tutorial)

Whether you’re looking for a costume idea or just want to jazz up your makeup this Halloween, I hope these tutorials inspire your creativity and help you find the perfect look!

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