24 Fall Nail Design Ideas Perfect For Thanksgiving

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These acrylic fall nail design ideas for Thanksgiving are cute, fun and so stylish. You’re going to love showing off your new look with one of these designs.

It’s that time of year where we pull out our Fall decor, watch spooky movies, and drink pumpkin spiced lattes.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I’m sure most of you are like me and using this time to search the internet for fall decor ideas, fall recipe ideas, and more. And for some of us, creative fall nail designs.

If you’re looking for fall nail art ideas, I’m sharing designs that are anything but boring. Check out these autumn acrylic nail designs.

DIY Nail Design Essentials

  • Nail Art Sticker Sheets: These nail art sticker sheets are perfect for anyone who wants to have cool nail designs without going to the nail salon.
  • Press On Nails: You can achieve stylish acrylic nails in the comfort of your own home with these press on nails in your shape choice.
  • Gel Nail Polish Kit: Make sure your nail polish is long lasting with this fun kit that includes 20 gel nail polish colors.
orange and blue nails

Photo Credit: frizzandfrillzz

Make Sure you Get Your Nails Filled

If you want to ensure that your nails stay looking great, it’s important that you get them filled once every two weeks. Now, this number may vary based on how fast your nails grow, but two weeks is good for the average person.

nails with fall colors and leaves

Photo Credit: nailsuponatime

Keeping your nails filled will keep your nails looking good. It will also help prevent your artificial nails from breaking, which can cause damage to your natural nails.

multicolored nails

Photo Credit: nailartbysig

Clean Your Nails

Acrylic nails tend to hold more dirt and bacteria than natural nails. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that you’re keeping your nails clean. I recommend using a soft nail brush to remove any dirt or other gunk from your nails.

leaves with clear nails

Photo Credit: passionnailsbyc

Protect Your Nails

Because acrylic nails are sensitive to high temperatures and chemicals, it’s important that you wear protective gloves when doing household chores like washing the dishes.

moon and stars nails

Photo Credit: aestheticsbycarleyshea

Not only that, but allowing your natural nails to soak in water can make them brittle and weak. Wearing gloves will protect both your artificial and natural nails. Plus, you’re preventing your skin from getting dry from those elements as well.

shades of brown nails

Photo Credit: glitzsglam

Moisturize Your Hands

One of the best things you can do for your hands and nails is to keep them moisturized. I recommend using your favorite hand lotion for your hands and using a good cuticle oil for your cuticles.

Colorful Fall Nails

These simple nails use a different fall color on each nail. I love that you can even do this look with your natural nails.

fall colors nails

Photo Credit: nailitmag

Cute Fox Nails

How cute are these nails that feature fall leaves and a cute orange fox? I really love this design for autumn.

fox nails

Photo Credit: nailsbycambria

Modern Fall Nails

Here’s another design that uses fall colors on each nail. This unique design has a cute and modern feel.

mod style nails

Photo Credit: heymichellelee

Fox and Leaves

Okay, these nails are the cutest. If you’re looking for a short and fun nail design, this is the perfect look for you.

fox and leaves nails

Photo Credit: _thenailloft

Brown Nails with Orange Leaves

If you want an elegant nail design this fall, these nails have a great fall vibe. You could even get the leaf design on every nail.

brown nails with leaves

Photo Credit: botanicnails

Marble and Glitter

The marble look on these nails is fantastic. I love this design because the artist was able to combine different looks and make it all look cohesive.

glitter and marble nails

Photo Credit: fanzis

Simple Leaf Design

This simple leaf print design is great for everyday wear during the fall season. Here’s another look that’s perfect for shorter nails.

leaves on nude nails

Photo Credit: hanninator

Large Leaf

Not only are these nails fantastic, but they also show how adding accessories like gold rings can make your nails stand out even more.

green and orange nails

Photo Credit: ewuleeek

Patchwork nails

Here’s a fun look that’s perfect for fall and Halloween. These nails have a cute scarecrow patchwork theme.

patch style nails

Photo Credit: nailsbyjenna

Long Nails

The addition of glitter makes these nails so gorgeous. Here’s a look that would go great with any nail shape and size.

glitter nails and matte nails

Photo Credit: riyathai87

Leaves and Rhinestones

Go all out this fall season with nails the feature rhinestones, glitter, and fantastic fall-themed designs.

long orange and brown nails with leaves

Photo Credit: vo.tino

Autumn Colors and Glitter

If you love stiletto nails, this is the perfect autumn look for you. This look would look great on almond and coffin-shaped nails too.

stiletto orange and glitter nails

Photo Credit: shopchikkitas_nails

Orange and Brown Shimmer

I love the addition of the leaves on these nails. Additionally, the sparkly brown and orange nail polish looks amazing.

Photo Credit: deannastelmaschuk

Gold Specks

Who knew that gold flakes could look so autumnal? These nails would also look great with a brown matte base color.

nude nails with gold flecks

Photo Credit: thebeautyroombysarah

Plaid Print

Plaid prints are perfect for this time of year. If you’d like, you can get each of your nails done with a plaid design.

plaid nails

Photo Credit: breakrulesnotnails_uk

Gold Leaves For Fall

I love the simplicity of this design. It features fall-colored leaves with a great nude color as the base nail color.

gold leaves

Photo Credit: merakinails.cardiff

Brown Nails with Gold Flakes

These nails are simple but still stand out nicely. The gold specks on the brown nails look amazing.

brown nails with gold flecks fall nail design ideas

Photo Credit: barbrafeszyn

Bambi Nails

Bambi fans will love these gorgeous nails. The color palette for these nails looks amazing and works great for the autumn season.

bambi nails

Photo Credit: barbrafeszyn

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