25 Winter Nail Design Ideas for Christmas

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If you’re looking for acrylic winter nail design ideas for Christmas, I’m sharing designs that are anything but boring. Check out these winter and Christmas-themed acrylic nail designs.

It’s that time of year when we pull out our winter decor, watch holiday movies, and drink hot cocoa and peppermint lattes.

Winter is one of my favorite times of the year. I’m sure most of you are like me and using this time to search the internet for Christmas decor ideas, holiday recipes, and more. And for some of us, creative winter nail designs.

1. DuckTales Theme

daffy duck nails
Photo Credit: barbrafeszyn

If you enjoy the cartoon DuckTales, I think you’ll enjoy these fun and festive nails. Play around with different colors and nail shapes until you find the look that’s perfect for you.

2. Gingerbread and Candy Canes

gingerbread man nails
Photo Credit: barbrafeszyn

These nails have a fun look that features the gingerbread man and a cool candy cane design. There’s also a simple dotted design on the thumb.

3. Reindeer Nails

reindeer nails
Photo Credit: barbrafeszyn

If you love reindeer, consider getting a fun and festive design like the one seen below. I love the addition of the white stars too.

4. Plaid Nails

plaid nails
Photo Credit: nailistayco

This set of plaid nails is perfect for the winter season. Coordinate them with your favorite plaid shirt or boots.

5. Red French Tips

red tip nails
Photo Credit: lifestylebyannaelizabeth

These red French tip nails include a silver glitter detail that makes them look even more festive. You could do gold glitter too.

6. Orange and Green

green and yellow nails
Photo Credit: mommy_mrs

Give your nails a unique look with this orange and green design. The addition of the rhinestones makes these nails perfect for the holidays.

7. Seafoam Green and Gold

seafoam nails
Photo Credit: amyle.nails

These seafoam green nails are just gorgeous. They’re perfect for every day, and the addition of the gold glitter lines gives them an elegant look.

8. Matte Nails with Glitter

striped nails
Photo Credit: _mejzi

If you want a high-quality design that stands out, I love these nails. They use a matte nail polish base and feature a beautiful glitter design.

9. Reindeer and Hearts

reindeer and tree nails
Photo Credit: christmas.time24

Show off your natural nails with this beautiful red and white Christmas design. I especially love the reindeer design on the thumb.

10. White and Gold Nails

gold glitter nails
Photo Credit: vuvuzelanailspa

Go all out with these gold nails. They feature lots of glitter and rhinestones, making them perfect for Christmas and New Year’s.

11. The Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare before christmas nails
Photo Credit: candy_nails_uk

The Nightmare Before Christmas fans will love these nails. This design would be perfect for Halloween and Christmas.

12. Reindeer and Santa Nails

reindeer and santa nails
Photo Credit: briannails_2709

Wow, these nails look fantastic and are perfect for the holiday season. This design would look great on any nail shape.

13. Stiletto Nails

stiletto nails with heart

This design is absolutely stunning. I highly recommend checking out the artist @_mejzi for more beautiful nail design ideas.

14. Elegant Holiday Nails

glitter nails for christmas
Photo Credit: malinasnaglar

Your nails will definitely stand out with this elegant and attractive nail design. These nails are perfect for your next holiday party.

15. White Glitter Nails

barbwire nails
Photo Credit: jasminetran267

This white glitter design reminds me of sparkling snow. That’s why these are the perfect nails for December.

16. Burnt Orange and Gold

orange and gold nails
Photo Credit: amyle.nails

I think that these burnt orange and gold nails would be perfect for the winter season. For Christmas, changing the orange to red would make them so festive.

17. French Tip Nails

white tip nails
Photo Credit: natomas.nails

These white nails are elegant enough for holiday events, but would also look great for everyday wear. The color is just perfect for the colder winter months.

18. Purple Holiday Nails

purple gradient nails
Photo Credit: _mejzi

You don’t often see purple nail design ideas. I thought that it would be fun to include a purple design that would look great during the winter.

19. Gold Leopard Print

leopard nails
Photo Credit: _mejzi

The gold design gives these leopard print nails a cute and stylish festive look that could also be worn year-round.

20. Christmas Ornaments

christmas ornament nails
Photo Credit: modernsalon

These nails prove that you can have a gorgeous and festive nail design with your natural nails. These ornaments are so colorful and cute.

21. Santa and Reindeer

reindeer and santa nails
Photo Credit: chocolatewitch_

Santa and his reindeer will look great on your nails this holiday season. Make sure you don’t forget Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer!

22. Gingerbread Theme

brown gingerbread nails
Photo Credit: barbrafeszyn

These nails have a great gingerbread theme. If you’re looking for a cute brown nail design, this is the design for you.

23. Polar Bear

polar bear and ornaments nails
Photo Credit: barbrafeszyn

How cute are these festive polar bear and Christmas tree ornament nails? I love the colors that were chosen for these nails too.

24. Gifts and Candy Canes

candy cane and santa nails
Photo Credit: barbrafeszyn

Here’s a set of nails that are so festive and cheery. I love the addition of the Santa Claus design on the index finger.

25. Baby Yoda

baby yoda nails
Photo Credit: barbrafeszyn

Fans of baby Yoda will love these Christmas Mandalorian-themed nails. I love how the nails have to come together to show the complete design.

These winter and Christmas nail design ideas will keep your nails looking beautiful and festive for the holiday season.

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