27 Spring and Summer Nail Design Ideas

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If you’re looking for summer nail design ideas, you’ll find plenty of inspiration below.

These summer nails are not only perfect for summer, but the designs are great for the spring season too.

DIY Press On Nails

Did you know that you can do your own nails from home? Etsy has tons of sellers offering hand-painted nails that you can apply yourself. The pastel nails below are handcrafted by JustDTips. You can find more press on nails here.

diy nails

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pastel nails
Credit: sophies_nails20

These nails have a sort of Easter eggshell look. I love the colors that were chosen for these nails.

green and pink nails
Credit: elize_nails

Rings are a great way to jazz up your look and make your nails stand out even more.

neon nails
Credit: indiesbeautyroom

If you’re looking for short nail ideas, I think you’ll love these neon orange nails.

pink blue and green nails
Credit: amberjhnails

I just love the simplicity of these pastel nails. You’re sure to get a lot of compliments with this nail design.

orange nails
Credit: slaybyalexandra

These are similar to the neon orange nails I shared earlier. The main difference is that for these nails, the color is going along the nail tip.

outlined nails
Credit: amberelisebeauty

These nails are honestly so unique and creative. If you’re looking for a different look, give this design a try.

long pink nails
Credit: nailsamazing9

I’m not sure if I could pull off nails this long, but the good thing is that if you like the design, you can achieve this look with any nail length.

sunflower nails
Credit: sutherlandshairandbeauty

These are the perfect nails for spring. They would work great for summer too. I love the tiny little faces that were added to the flowers.

watermelon nails
Credit: jen.the.nail.lady

If you like the idea of getting fruit painted on your nails, you could consider other summer fruits like strawberries, lemons, and more.

orange blue pink nails
Credit: nailsbeauty077

I love how the colors are placed on the tips of the nails. The placement of colors gives these nails a unique and trendy look.

yellow nails
Credit: lollos_naglar

Yellow is the perfect nail polish color for the spring and summer months. I really like the addition of the glitter-style nail too.

cloud nails
Credit: amazing_naiilsfeed4

Here’s a creative design that features clouds and stars with a blue and pink sky.

dotted nails
Credit: nailsbyadeled

These nails remind me so much of the Easter holiday. I think it’s because the nail design looks like painted eggshells.

nails painted in corner
Credit: eekabeauty

These are some of my favorite nails in this collection. I love the simplicity of the design and the colors used as well.

green nails
Credit: bav.sienna.nails

Some people don’t realize that you can do beautiful nail designs with your natural nails.

long yellow nails
Credit: thosefancynails

If you love simplicity, go for a solid nail polish color that matches the season. These yellow nails are great for spring and summer.

sunshine pastel nails
Credit: sammimay.beauty

These simple nails were designed using simple pastel colors making them great for your next spring or summer event.

summer nail designs 18
Credit: elize_nails

If you want to go all out, consider a nail design similar to this one. The flowers have a pretty 3D appearance that’s sure to grab people’s attention.

summer nail designs 19
Credit: best_nailsclips

These nails may not have the traditional spring or summer look, but I think that they would look great any time of year.

gradient nails
Credit: nailsmagazzine

If you’re new to getting your nails done, I think these nails would be perfect for you. They are stylish and trendy while still being very functional.

confetti nails
Credit: sophies_nails20

If you love this design, you can make it work at any time of year by changing up the colors of the dots.

black and white palm tree nails
Credit: cb.beautyxx

These black and white palm tree nails are so simple yet creative. You could do something similar with green palm trees.

easter nails with flowers
Credit: bethdeanxo

Now these nails are perfect for the Easter holiday. I also love the shaggy sweater that she’s wearing. It really helps bring the look together.

short neon pink nails
Credit: thenailroommanchester

If you’re rocking your natural nails, you could actually get this look without the need for getting acrylic nails.

short watermelon nails
Credit: beautyby.hq

Here’s another set of watermelon nail designs for you to check out. Again, if you don’t want watermelon, you can get the fruit of your choice.

Credit: unknown

I hope you were able to find some inspiration with this collection of nail design ideas perfect for spring and summer.