15 Patchwork Cardigan Crochet Patterns

Crochet patchwork cardigans are super cute and trendy. If you’re looking to add an eye-catching item to your wardrobe, these cardigans are perfect.

Patchwork involves sewing together pieces of fabric to make something new. It’s often used in quilting but is also used by crocheters to make garments, blankets, and other items. Granny squares are perfect for patchwork cardigans.

Patchwork is a great way to reduce textile waste, as you can use up all those leftover scraps of yarn that you don’t know what to do with.

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1. JW Anderson Cardi

JW Anderson Crochet Cardi

This is one of my favorite patchwork cardigans. It’s bright, colorful, and fun to wear. The pattern includes a chart for laying out the squares. There is also a video tutorial for the more difficult parts. Get the JW Anderson Cardi Pattern.

2. Chunky Patchwork Cardigan

Chunky Patchwork Cardigan

Here’s a free pattern for a warm and cozy cardigan. If you enjoy bulky crochet wearables, this is the sweater for you. Get the Chunky Patchwork Cardigan Pattern.

3. Patchwork Cardigan

Patchwork Cardigan

Get ready to whip up an adorable oversized cardigan in no time. This beginner/intermediate-friendly crochet pattern is perfect for your first project, as you’ll only need to know a basic single stitch. Get the Patchwork Cardigan Pattern.

4. Patchwork Cardigan with a Collar

Patchwork Cardigan with Collar

The beautiful mix of colors is totally on-trend and will add a pop to your wardrobe. Whether you’re chilling at home or out and about, this relaxed cardigan is perfect. Get the pattern for the Patchwork Cardigan with a Collar.

5. Patchwork Hoodie

Patchwork Hoodie

No need to break a sweat over complicated crochet stitches. This chic and cozy hooded cardigan is the perfect way for any beginner crocheter to create a trendy, boho-inspired garment. Get the Patchwork Hoodie Pattern.

6. Cute Patchwork Cardigan

Cute Patchwork Cardigan

Here’s a cardigan that’s perfect for wearing around the house on a chilly day. This cardigan is made with affordable yarn and looks great with your favorite color palette. Get the Cute Patchwork Cardigan Pattern.

7. Patchwork Cardi

Patchwork Cardi

This color-blocked crochet layering piece is perfect for adding some flair to your closet staples. Just grab 5 coordinating shades of worsted weight yarn, pair it with jeans, a long-sleeved tee, and your favorite shoes, and you’re good to go. Get the pattern for the Patchwork Cardi.

8. Pastel Patchwork Cardigan

Pastel Patchwork Cardigan

If you like pastel colors, let this beginner-friendly pattern be your guide. It’s a lightweight cardigan that uses DK yarn. If you’ve never worked with DK yarn, I think you’ll really like it. Get the Pastel Patchwork Cardigan Pattern.

9. Moon Phases Oversized Cardigan

Moon Phases Oversized Cardigan

After finishing this easy one-size pattern, you’ll have a beautiful oversized cardigan. You can get creative and use your favorite color palette to make your design stand out. Get the Moon Phases Cardigan Pattern.

10. Jilly Cardigan

Jilly Cardigan

This one-of-a-kind cardi has everything you need to stay warm and stylish. It reaches down to hip length for extra coverage, plus has patchwork granny squares in bold color blocks. The “join as you go” technique means you don’t have to worry about joining a bunch of squares at once. Get the Jilly Cardigan Pattern.

11. Luna Cardigan

Luna Cardigan

This beautiful cardigan features oversized sleeves that will allow your work to stand out in a fun and creative way. The pattern is written in a way that will allow you to adjust the size for the perfect fit. Get the Luna Cardigan Pattern.

12. Cheerful Patchwork Cardigan

Cheerful Patchwork Cardigan

Stand out with the one-of-a-kind patchwork cardigan. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, because this cardigan is super easy to make. Get the pattern for the Cheerful Patchwork Cardigan.

13. Cozy Alpaca Cardigan

Cozy Alpaca Cardigan

If you’re looking for a delightful crochet project that combines both cozy comfort and chic style, look no further than this cuddly alpaca cardigan. Featuring an easy-to-follow pattern, even beginners can achieve the ultimate modern look. Get the Cozy Alpaca Cardigan Pattern.

14. Checkered Cardigan

Checkered Cardigan

Checkered crochet bags and clothing have become popular in recent years. If you love this new trend, you will adore wearing this cardigan. Get the Checkered Cardigan Pattern.

15. This or That Cardigan

This or That Cardigan

Put together your favorite color combination and make this gorgeous patchwork cardigan. The pattern is written for a wide range of sizes; however, it can also be altered to fit you perfectly. Get the This or That Cardigan Pattern.

Coming up with fresh and fashion-forward ideas for your wardrobe can be a tricky task. But when you’ve got something that looks as timeless, trendy, and cute as these crochet patchwork cardigans, your problems are solved.

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