20 Easy Crochet Granny Square Flower Patterns

Are you seeking a fun, colorful way to liven up your spring and summer projects? Crochet granny square flower patterns are a perfect choice. These fun flowers can be used as appliques for crochet bags, shawls, pillows, and even crochet bookmarks.

Not only can you choose from various colors and stitch variations available throughout the design process, but there are also several possibilities for creating unique creations.

So put on some music, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and dive into some gorgeous crochet granny squares.

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1. African Flower Square

African Flower Square

The African flower square is a classic pattern with eight petals and a round center. Its bright colors and attractive texture make it an excellent applique for various projects. Get the pattern for the African Flower Square.

2. Cozy Days Daisy Blanket

Cozy Days Daisy Blanket

Perfect for a lap blanket, bedspread, or afghan. This blanket uses a fun granny square flower pattern to create a beautiful gradient blanket that is sure to delight. Get the pattern for the Cozy Days Daisy Blanket.

3. Sunburst Granny Square

Sunburst Granny Square

The sunburst granny square is a great way to make an impressive statement piece. This pattern uses four crochet rounds with bright colors and intricate stitches to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind design. Get the pattern for the Sunburst Granny Square.

4. Buttercup Square

Buttercup Square

The buttercup square pattern is a simple, classic design that uses simple crochet stitches to create an elegant granny square. This pattern is perfect for crocheters looking to make something beautiful. Get the pattern for this Buttercup Square.

5. Purple Rose Square

Purple Rose Square

The purple rose square is a more advanced pattern that uses several types of stitches to create an intricate flower motif. This charming pattern is perfect for adding texture and interest to any crochet project. Get the pattern for Purple Rose Square.

6. Retro Granny Square Flower

Retro Granny Square Flower

This fun and playful pattern is excellent for adding a bit of vintage charm to any project. With its bright colors and unique shapes, this granny square pattern is a great way to give your projects some retro flair. Get the design for the Retro Granny Square Flower.

7. Granny Square African Flower

Granny Square African Flower

Here’s a pattern that has a stunning combination of traditional motifs and modern techniques. This crochet flower design will add a special touch to any project. Get the pattern for the Granny Square African Flower.

8. Lavender Bunch Granny Square

Lavender Bunch Granny Square

The lavender granny square is a delicate design with a romantic, vintage style. This pattern makes an elegant addition to any project and can be used for both garments and home decor items. Get the pattern for the Lavender Bunch Granny Square.

9. Pretty 8 Petal Flower Granny Square

Pretty 8 Petal Flower Granny Square

Once you get the hang of it, this beautiful pattern works quickly and is perfect for adding a touch of beauty to a crochet cardigan or blanket. Get the pattern for the Pretty 8 Petal Flower Granny Square.

10. Daisy Granny Square

Daisy Granny Square

The daisy granny square is a classic pattern with a modern twist. This crochet pattern features a bubble-like center and petals that extend outward in a starburst shape. This flower makes an eye-catching applique. Get the pattern for the Daisy Granny Square.

11. Posy Square

Posy Square

The posy square is a fun pattern that will look great as part of a granny square afghan. Combine it with other floral-themed squares to create a spring-themed blanket. Get the pattern for the Posy Square.

12. Sunflower Sunburst Granny Square

Sunflower Sunburst Granny Square

The sunflower granny square is a bright and cheerful pattern that uses basic stitches to create a lovely flower motif. You can use your squares to create a beautiful sunflower granny square cardigan. Get the pattern for the Sunflower Sunburst Granny Square.

13. 3D Flower Square

3D Flower Square

This pattern is a more detailed pattern that uses various stitches to create a three-dimensional flower. This gorgeous crochet flower adds a pop of creativity to any project. Get the pattern for 3D Flower Square.

14. Daisy Motif Pattern

Daisy Motif Pattern

From changing colors to working in rounds, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hone your skills and create something wonderful. Plus, this pattern uses the popcorn stitch – a special technique that will take this pattern up a notch. Get the Daisy Motif Pattern.

15. Flower Power Square Crochet Pattern

Flower Power Square Crochet Pattern

These flower squares would make a great tote bag for the spring and summer seasons. Make one for yourself as well as one for a friend. Get the Flower Power Square Crochet Pattern.

16. Primavera Flowers Granny Square

Primavera Flowers Granny Square

Create stunning floral granny squares with ease, perfect for adding a touch of beauty and charm to your projects. Use them to make pillows, baby blankets, or cozy throws. Get the pattern for the Primavera Flowers Granny Square.

17. Walled Garden Square

Walled Garden Square

If you’re looking for a stunning addition to your next Afghan project, this beautiful crochet granny square pattern is the perfect starting point. Get the pattern for the Walled Garden Square.

18. Baroque Triumph Floral Square

Baroque Triumph Floral Square

Create beautiful blankets, pillowcases, and more with the Baroque Triumph Floral Square. It’s perfect for Afghan projects, pillows, and more. Get the pattern for the Baroque Triumph Floral Square.

19. Abagail Square

Abagail Square

I find this square to be absolutely stunning. This is an intermediate pattern, but once you get familiar with the pattern, it becomes so easy to make. Get the pattern for the Abagail Square.

20. African Flower Hexagon

African Flower Hexagon

Here’s another African Flower square, but this one is in the shape of a hexagon. The free pattern includes step-by-step photos that make creating this square a breeze. Get the pattern for the African Flower Hexagon.

These granny square flower patterns are sure to add a bit of beauty and charm to your projects. With so many designs to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect pattern for whatever you’re making.

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