14 Cute Crochet Egg Patterns

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I’m excited to share these egg-cellent crochet egg patterns with you. You don’t have to be a fan of eggs to enjoy making these cute egg-themed amigurumis, pillows, and even berets.

So if you’re looking to make adorable and creative crochet items, keep reading to find some really cool egg patterns.

1. Egg Beret

Egg Beret

Use your favorite yarn to crochet this creative beret. The size is easily adjustable, and it’s a wonderful pattern for beginners. Get the Egg Beret Pattern.

2. Lazy Egg Gudetama

Lazy Egg Gudetama

This Sanrio character is an egg yolk whose main traits are laziness and sadness. You’ll love making and showing off this clever egg. Get the Lazy Egg Gudetama Pattern.

3. Egg Cozy

Egg Cozy

If you don’t want to dye eggs, you can always make colorful little egg cozies for them. These cozies are a great way to protect your eggs from cracking. Get the Egg Cozy Pattern.

4. Cheeky Egg

Cheeky Egg

If you love the look of this egg, you’ll be glad to know that it is a free version of the pattern available. Be sure to click the “visit the pattern website” link to get the Cheeky Egg Pattern.

5. Sunny-Side-Up Egg Coasters

Sunny-Side-Up Egg Coasters

Enjoy your morning coffee or tea with a unique breakfast coaster. These coasters are made using cotton yarn, which means they’re absorbent and durable. Get the Sunny-Side-Up Egg Coasters Pattern.

6. Fuzzy Fried Egg Amigurumi

Fuzzy Fried Egg Amigurumi

I know you’ll agree with me when I say that this plush crochet egg is absolutely adorable. You may not be able to tell from the photographs, but this is actually a jumbo-sized egg. Get the Fuzzy Fried Egg Pattern.

7. Eggo Froggo

Egg Frog Pattern

Eggo Froggo is part amphibian and part egg. Keep his little body warm and stylish in a cute bacon scarf. Get the Eggo Froggo Pattern.

8. Sunny The Egg

Sunny The Egg

Have fun making this wonderful beginner-friendly crochet egg. Choose your favorite pair of safety eyes to give your egg a unique look. Get the Sunny The Egg Pattern.

9. Egg Sunny Side Up Toy

Egg Sunny Side Up Toy

These eggs make a perfect toy for kids to play make-believe with. This food toy is easy to make and can be completed in just an hour. Get the Sunny Side Up Egg Pattern.

10. Fried Egg Pillow

Fried Egg Pillow

Spice up your space with a delightful and cozy egg throw pillow. Add this egg-traordinary accent piece to your home. Whether you’re snuggling in or just looking to make an eye-catching statement, you’ll love this Fried Egg Pillow Pattern.

11. Gudetama With Egg Bed

Gudetama With Egg Bed

Here’s another version of the Gudetama character. This one is sitting on an egg white bed! Get the Gudetama With Egg Bed Pattern.

12. Chinese Egg Tart

Chinese Egg Tart

Chinese egg tarts are made of a buttery, flaky pastry shell filled with sweet egg custard. They have a creamy texture similar to that of a custard tart. Get the Chinese Egg Tart Pattern.

13. Egg Basket

Egg Basket

Unlock your inner crochet crafting skills with this surprisingly simple egg basket. Despite its intricate appearance, it’s crafted from just three basic pieces. Get the Egg Basket Pattern.

14. Toast and Egg Pillow

Toast and Egg Crochet Pillow

I can’t get over how amazing this pillow is. It features crochet toast that’s been topped with an egg. This pillow would make a great housewarming gift. Get the Toast and Egg Pillow Pattern.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these egg crochet patterns. Whether you’re a fan of eggs or not, I’m sure you can appreciate the cuteness of these eggy creations.

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