15 Cute Crochet Chicken Patterns

These adorable crochet chicken patterns are perfect for adding a touch of cuteness to your home decor or for gifting to someone special.

As someone who has crocheted more than their fair share of amigurumi patterns, I can say that chickens are among the most enjoyable characters to bring to life.

From their fluffy feathers to their sweet little faces, there’s something heartwarming about recreating nature’s happiest harvest helpers.

Over the years, I’ve amassed quite the collection, and I’m always looking for new designs to add to my coop. I’m sharing fifteen chicken patterns that will make you smile.

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1. Mabel Chicken

Mabel Chicken

Crochet animals are always so much fun to make, and this chicken pattern is an excellent gift for any chicken lover. You can make a whole farmyard of little chickens for your loved ones. Get the pattern for the Mabel Chicken.

2. Chicken Mini Plush

Chicken Mini Plush

These mini plush chickens are the cutest little things. Grab some soft yarn, and whip up a few of these amigurumi. They make excellent kitchen decor, Easter gifts, keychains, and more. Get the pattern for the Chicken Mini Plush.

3. Chicken Coasters

Chicken Coasters

These cute and quirky coasters are perfect for any farmhouse-style kitchen or dining room. Plus, they make great conversation starters when friends come over for coffee or tea. Get the pattern for the Chicken Coasters.

4. Amigurumi Chick

baby chicks amigurumi

If you love adorable animals, this baby chick should be on your list. It’s super easy to make and too cute to resist. Get the pattern for the Amigurumi Chick.

5. Chicken Rooster

Chicken Rooster

With its vibrant colors, this majestic rooster will brighten up any space in your house. The crochet pattern for this rooster is detailed and easy to follow, so you can make it in various colors to suit your taste. Get the pattern for the Chicken Rooster.

6. Henny Penny Chicken Basket

Henny Penny Chicken Basket

The Henny Penny basket pattern is the perfect crochet project for when you need a cute way to store your belongings. Get the pattern for the Henny Penny Chicken Basket.

7. Mama and Mini Mabel Chicken

Mama and Mini Mabel Chicken

Create this plush hen and her little chick with this adorable crochet pattern. The two pieces make a set perfect for those who want to decorate their homes with cute designs. Get the pattern for the Mama and Mini Mabel Chicken.

8. Chicken Amigurumi

Chicken Amigurumi

Get creative and make a bunch of these chicken amigurumi toys. They would look great in a basket or even as a part of a larger farm-themed toy set. Get the pattern for the Chicken Amigurumi.

9. Chicken Ornament

Chicken Ornaments

You’ll love this chicken ornament crochet pattern if you’re looking for a unique way to decorate. It’s a quick and easy project that can be hung in your kitchen or office. Get the pattern for the Chicken Ornament.

10. Amigurumi Chick

Amigurumi Chick

Amigurumi is a style of crocheting that creates adorable stuffed animals. This amigurumi chicken is perfect for anyone who loves collecting cute and cuddly animals. Get the pattern for the Amigurumi Chick.

11. Chicken Leg

Chicken Leg

If you enjoy crocheting food items, you’ll adore adding this crochet chicken leg to your collection. Create a few of these, and you’ll have yourself a complete bucket of chicken. Get the pattern for the Chicken Leg.

12. Crochet Nest

Nest pattern

This pattern features a simple nest that you can fill with adorable crocheted eggs or your favorite chicken. The nest is perfect for display and can be used as a centerpiece on your shelf. Get the pattern for the Crochet Nest.

13. Small Chicken Amigurumi

Small Chicken Amigurumi

This small chicken would make a great gift or a simple project that can be completed in an afternoon. The pattern is easy to follow and great for beginners. Get the pattern for the Small Chicken Amigurumi.

14. Chicken Family

Chicken Family

The pattern for these chickens includes instructions for making two chickens and their cuddly offspring. You can make them all and customize them to fit the personalities of your own family. Get the pattern for the Chicken Family.

15. Cocca the Hen

Cocca the Hen

This cute chicken is named Cocca. She would make a great desk accessory and would also look delightful sitting on your bookshelf. Get the pattern for Cocca the Hen.

I hope you have enjoyed this roundup of fifteen cute crochet chicken patterns. These patterns are perfect for anyone looking to create an adorable addition to their home decor collection.

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