12 Free and Easy Crochet Sock Patterns

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I’m loving these free crochet sock patterns that are easy to make and make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

I know you’ve seen countless knit sock patterns online, but did you know that there are also beautiful crochet sock patterns out there?

You may have also noticed that there aren’t nearly as many crochet sock patterns available when compared to knit sock patterns.

The reason you don’t see very many crochet sock patterns is that crochet socks are bulkier than knit socks, and you can’t do as much with them design-wise. I actually consider crochet socks to be more along the line of slippers because they are thicker than the average pair of socks.

For that reason, they’re perfect to wear around the house and keep your feet warm on those chilly days. In this post, I’m sharing 11 free crochet sock patterns.

Gather Your Crochet Supplies

  • Crochet Hook: These Clover Amour crochet hooks are the most comfortable ergonomic crochet hooks!
  • Stitch Markers: I love using these colorful stitch markers to mark my stitches.
  • Row Counter: With this tally counter, I never lose track of what row I’m on when I crochet.

1. Rainbow Slipper Socks

I love the rainbow color palette used for these socks. They look so comfy and fun to wear. Get the pattern from Oomanoot.

crochet rainbow socks

2. Rainbow Heart Socks

If you’re looking for a cute pair of crochet socks, these are perfect. The heart design used in this crochet sock pattern is so cute. Get the pattern from Si Nanay Madel.

crochet heart socks

3. Basic Crochet Socks

Here’s a simple pair of socks by Hooked on Homemade Happiness. This pattern is perfect for beginners. You can get the printable ad-free PDF here. Get the free pattern from Hooked on Homemade Happiness.

crochet sock pattern

4. Crochet Snowball Slipper Socks

If you’re looking for a pair of ankle socks, you should definitely make these “Snowball Slipper Socks.” You can get the printable ad-free PDF here. Get the free pattern from Left in Knots.

cute crochet slipper socks

5. Walking on Clouds Crochet Socks

These “Walking on Clouds Crochet Socks” have the look of a classic pair of socks but feel so much more comfortable. Get the pattern from Stitches n’ Scraps.

walking on clouds crochet sock pattern

6. Slouchy Crochet Socks

These slouchy socks are so easy to make and will feel so comfortable wearing around the house. Get the pattern from Yarnspirations.

simple crochet socks

7. Crochet Mustache Slipper Socks for Men

Although these are labeled as socks for men, anyone would enjoy receiving these “Mustache Slipper Socks.” Get the pattern from Repeat Crafter Me.

Mustache crochet socks pattern

8. Overknee Crochet Socks

These elegant “Overknee Crochet Socks” include a PDF pattern that can be downloaded here, so you can print the pattern at your convenience. Get the pattern from SWE Craft Corner.

Knee high crochet socks pattern

9. Sunday Ballet Crochet Slippers

I’m a big fan of these ballet crochet slippers. They make a great gift, so have fun creating them in multiple colors. You can get the printable ad-free PDF here. Get the free pattern from Heart Hook Home.

crochet slippers pattern

10. Watson Waffle Crochet Socks

This pattern includes 11 different sizes so that you can make a pair for everyone in the family. You can get the printable ad-free PDF here. Get the free pattern from Lakeside Loops.

cute tall crochet socks pattern

11. Crochet Cotton Candy Slippers

Picking fun yarn colors make working on a crochet project even more exciting. Have fun choosing your yarn for these “Crochet Cotton Candy Slippers.” You can get the printable ad-free PDF here. Get the free pattern from Left in Knots.

easy crochet slipper socks

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