Fall Watercolor Painting Ideas

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to change color, it’s time to think about all the things you want to paint this fall. I’m sharing painting ideas for the fall season that will help inspire you.

From warm and cozy painting ideas to woodland paintings and more; you’re sure to find the perfect autumn-themed art reference.

Lit Candles

Lit Candles Painting

Whether you’re painting a still life of one candle or you’re creating a group of candles, this is a great way to add some warmth and soft light to your art.

Corn in the Husk

Corn in the Husk
iStock/Anna Konchits

Corn in the husk is a great painting idea for the fall. You can pay attention to details like texture, color, and light to create a beautiful piece of art.

Cute Fox

Cute Fox Painting
iStock/Lisa Lebedeva

A cute fox in the woods is always a popular painting idea for the fall. You can create a painting of a fox surrounded by fall leaves or in its natural habitat.

Simple Pumpkin

Simple Pumpkin Painting
iStock/Julia Ustugova

A pumpkin is a classic fall painting subject. You can create an interesting composition with the shape of the pumpkin and how it reflects light.

Rainboot Filled with Foliage

Rainboot Filled with Foliage

A rainboot filled with foliage and fallen leaves is a fun painting idea that will add a unique twist to your art. You can also add some greens and purples to your fall-themed art.


Mushroom painting
iStock/Alfiia Ismagilova

Mushrooms can be a great addition to any painting that features an autumnal theme. Some of my favorite mushrooms to paint are the amanita muscaria and the wrinkled peach mushroom.

Apples and a Glass of Apple Cider

Apples and a Glass of Apple Cider
iStock/Daria Ustiugova

This painting is cozy and perfect for the fall. You can focus on details such as the color and texture of the apples and the shading of the beverage.

Cute Squirrel

Cute Squirrel Painting

A cute squirrel in the woods is a great reference for any fall art enthusiast. For more detail, you can surround your skill with trees, or paint him eating a peanut.

Woman Reading a Book Under a Mushroom

Woman Reading a Book Under a Mushroom
iStock/Yeliz Oskay

This peaceful painting showcases a woman reading her book underneath a mushroom. This painting idea is perfect for those who want to capture the beauty of autumn.

Woman Drinking Tea

Woman Drinking Tea Painting

Here’s a reference that’s great for anyone who wants to capture how cozy and inviting the fall can be. The warm blanket and cuddling cat really bring out the comfy vibes.

Coffee with a Cinnamon Stick

Coffee with a Cinnamon Stick Painting

Capture the warmth of an autumn morning. You paint the steam rising from the cup, the different layers of coffee and cream, and a few cinnamon sticks.

Cozy Bookshop

Cozy Bookshop
iStock/Katerina Koniukhova

Any book lover can appreciate the warmth of a cozy bookshop. Remember to add cozy additions like a table stacked with books and a cup of coffee, flowers, and more.

Lantern Surrounded by Pumpkins

Pumpkins and a Lantern

You can’t go wrong with painting a lantern that’s surrounded by pumpinks. You can paint your pumpkins different shades of green, orange, and even white.

Fall Essentials

Cozy Doodles
iStock/Yuliia Orlova

Here’s a collection of cozy doodles for you to choose from. There is a sweater, pillow, cup of coffee, and a candle. These are all fall essentials in my opinion.

Warm and Cozy Owl

Warm and Cozy Owl
iStock/Julia August

This owl is nice and cozy in his yellow sweater. If you want to paint something fun and creative, I think you’ll like using this for your reference.

Wooden Crate Filled with Pumpkins

Wooden Crate Filled with Pumpkins
iStock/Mayia Aynazarova

Capture the essence of fall with a painting of a wooden crate filled to the brim with pumpkins. The warm colors of orange, yellow, and brown will be perfect for this autumn-themed piece.

Green Scarf

Green Scarf
iStock/Sofya Ivanova

Paint a cozy scarf gently blowing in the autumn breeze. You can use colors like olive green, light yellow, and brown to capture the feeling of fall.

Mushroom House

Mushroom House Painting

Create a whimsical painting of a mushroom house in the woods. The addition of the vibrant fall colors is what makes this the perfect painting for this time of year.

These painting ideas for the fall season are sure to give you plenty of inspiration. Whether you’re looking for something cozy and warm or a woodland-themed piece, there’s something here that will spark joy in your heart.

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