25 Easy Watercolor Bird Painting Ideas

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Nature has always been an inspiration for artists and one favorite subject to paint is birds. Painting birds in watercolor is fun, relaxing, and rewarding.

If you’re in need of bird paintings to inspire you, these watercolor color bird painting ideas to help you create your own beautiful art. I’m showcasing penguin paintings, chicken paintings, cardinal paintings, sparrow paintings, and more.

Worksheets I Use to Practice Watercolor

1. Flying Blue Bird

Blue Flying Bird

Create a stunning painting of a small blue bird flying through the sky. Use a blue and green gradient for its wings to help emphasize the feeling of movement in the painting.

2. Rooster Side View

Rooster Side Profile
iStock/Stefaniia Shkliarova

Showcase the beauty of a rooster with a side-view painting. If you’re looking for a creative and colorful painting, this one is sure to fit the bill.

3. Simple Robin Painting

Simple Robin Painting
iStock/Mayia Aynazarova

If you’re new to watercolor, you can create a simple painting of a robin. Using just three colors, you can make a detailed painting that you will be impressed by.

4. Bird Standing on a Rose Bush

Bird Standing on a Rose Bush
iStock/Elena Bragina

Paint a bird standing on a lush rose bush. You can paint a combination of fully bloomed, and unbloomed rose hips. This will give your bush a realistic appearance.

5. Owl Wearing Winter Clothes

Owl Wearing Winter Clothes

Capture the spirit of the winter season with a painting of an owl wearing a scarf and winter hat. The artist has chosen fun and vibrant colors that help this painting stand out.

6. Bullfinch on a Branch

Bullfinch on a Branch

Paint a charming scene of a bullfinch perched on a branch. For a winter scene, you can add snow to the branch, and for a summer scene, you can paint a fully bloomed branch.

7. Blue and Orange Robin

Blue and Orange Robin

This colorful bird is a beautiful subject for a watercolor piece. Try experimenting with different shades of blue and orange to capture the robin’s unique coloring.

8. Four Colorful Birds

cute birds painting
iStock/Anastasia Chubenko

Some great bird painting ideas include the bullfinch, nightingale, sparrow, robin, and more. Create birds that carry their own charm and personality.

9. Cute Purple and Blue Bird

Cute Purple and Blue Bird

I love this adorable purple and blue bird with its tiny wings. If you use this painting as a reference, choose a few of your favorite colors to create a bird that you’ll love.

10. Robin with Blue Background

Robin with Blue Background

The robin is a beloved bird known for its bright orange-red breast. You can paint this delightful creature with a simple background that will help your bird stand out on paper.

11. Bird Wearing a Top Hat

Bird Wearing a Top Hat

It doesn’t get any cooler than this. Paint a bird watching over its nest while sporting a top hat. If you showcase your art in your home, this one is sure to be a conversation starter.

12. Hummingbird in Flight

Hummingbird in Flight

I have a hummingbird feeder in my backyard and can tell you that this bird is a beautiful sight to behold. Capture the beauty of movement with this painting of a hummingbird soaring through the sky.

13. Cardinal on a Branch

Cardinal on a Branch

This bright red bird is a favorite subject among watercolorists. Start by painting a rough sketch of the shape of the bird remembering to add branches and berries to complete the painting.

14. Flamingo Watercolor Painting

Flamingo Watercolor Painting
iStock/Mariia Tarutina

Flamingos are beautiful birds that are so fun to paint. With their pink feathers, long legs, and curved beaks, you’ll have a blast painting this bird.

15. Birds on Branch with Red Berries

Birds on Branch with Red Berries

This painting of two birds perched atop a branch with bright red berries is amazing. The soft and delicate brushstrokes and hues of watercolors work together to enhance the delicate features of these birds.

16. Three Cardinals on Pine Tree

Three Cardinals on Pine Tree
iStock/Daria Ustiugova

Paint a stunning scene of three cardinals perched on a pine tree. Use different shades of red, brown, and green to create an eye-catching painting.

17. Barn Owl Painting

Barn Owl Painting

With their piercing eyes and gorgeous feathers, these birds have captured the hearts of bird enthusiasts and artists.

If you’re looking for a lovely watercolor bird painting idea, try painting a barn owl. These majestic birds can be painted with beautiful shades of brown, white, and gray.

18. Seagull Watercolor Painting

Seagull Painting
iStock/Daria Ustiugova

If you’re looking for painting ideas to add to your home decor, a seagull is the perfect subject. Seagull paintings look great in any room of the home, but especially in the bathroom if you have ocean-themed decor.

19. Small Robin Painting

Small Robin Painting
iStock/Inna Sinano

With careful attention to detail and strategic use of light and shadow, a small robin painting can be transformed into a work of art that is visually stunning and inspiring.

20. Penguin Wearing a Hat and Scarf

Penguin Wearing a Hat and Scarf
iStock/Anastasia Pechnikova

Your bird painting doesn’t have to take itself too seriously. Here’s a painting of a penguin wearing a hat and scarf. This one is perfect for adding some cuteness to art.

21. Cardinal Eating Berries

Cardinal Eating Berries
iStock/Evgeniya Ivanova

There’s something so charming about a cardinal, especially this one that’s perched on a branch, happily munching on berries. This is a timeless painting that feels like it belongs in a rustic cabin or on a cozy winter greeting card.

22. Duck Painting

Duck Painting
iStock/Nadezhda Shoshina

The duck is the perfect subject for a watercolor painting as they have beautiful colors and textures that make them a joy to paint. Whether you want to create a realistic depiction of a duck or go for a more abstract approach, you’ll enjoy painting this bird.

23. Brown Chicken Standing on Grass

Brown Chicken Standing on Grass
iStock/Svetlana Kuzmina

Here’s a brown chicken standing on a small patch of green grass. For a more complete painting, you can paint more grass, add flowers, and even include a blue sky.

24. Regal Rooster Painting

Regal Rooster Painting
iStock/Stefaniia Shkliarova

These colorful birds are the perfect subject for a watercolor painting, with their bright plumage and stylized features. Use bright colors to draw attention to its feathers.

25. Robin on a Fir Branch

Robin on Fir Branch
iStock/Irina Zemskova

This painting is perfect for the winter season. Recreate the beauty of a robin perched on an evergreen fir branch covered in pinecones, leaves, pines, and berries.

You can use a variety of techniques, colors, and shapes to create a gorgeous watercolor bird painting. These easy watercolor bird references are sure to provide plenty of inspiration so that you can create art you’ll be proud of.

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